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Blog log from R17 of 2022: Geelong vs Naarm

Blog log for Geelong vs Naarm, R17 of 2022

Gawn down to Dangerfield for the first centre clearance, Hawkins gathers and gives outside to Stengle who misses from the pocket 25m out. (Q1 0:25)
Dangerfield misses a handball on the wing and the Demons stream forward, Viney runs inboard and goes to Fritsch 45m out in the corridor for the first score… a goal. (Q1 6:40)
Neal-Bullen feeds Petracca to run to true CHF ahead of Selwood and slam through the second goal not long after the first. (Q1 8:25)
Bowey hesitates in possession at defensive hotspot and is claimed HTB by Rohan in a classic athletic effort. The ranga runner pops through the first goal for Geelong. (Q1 10:53)
Duncan runs forward on a rebound in front of Bedford to mark a lovely Hawkins touch pass to 20m on a slight angle, he kicks the Cats in front with a goal. (Q1 15:56)
Brown contests against two Cats 40m out on the flank, Sparrow roves and gives back to Brown who goes himself from near the boundary 35m out… and nails it! (Q1 17:41)
Cam Guthrie marks on the end of a flowing rebound by Geelong, he lines up 45m out on the flank and kicks to the square, Dees rebound. (Q1 21:26)
Viney gets in trouble as the Demons try to run out of defence, Hawkins taps his clanger handball to Miers who hits the post from 45m on the flank. (Q1 22:11)
It’s Melbourne’s turn to rebound up the guts, Spargo has time and space to find a target and chooses a short one to Fritsch 45m out in the corridor. Fritsch misses, however. (Q1 23:30)
Holmes picks the pocket of Harmes at a stoppage in the pocket, Cam Guthrie tries an outrageous checkside off a step from 25m on the boundary… curls it in for a ripper! (Q1 26:16)
Tuohy beats Bedford with strength to mark a dump kick by Gawn to 45m out in front, but he misses left. (Q1 28:36)
Selwood intercepts Harmes on the wing and switches to the corridor on the counter, Zach Guthrie gets the chance off the left from 30m on the flank but shoots wide. (Q2 4:06)
Hibberd intercepts Cameron in the centre and goes quickly on the counter, Brown marks a Spargo pass 40m out near the boundary… kick falls into the post off Gawn’s hands. (Q2 6:23)
Rohan handballs over a pack to grass in the pocket for Blicavs to run onto, he gives to Dangerfield who snaps across the face from 10m out with Petty chasing hard. (Q2 11:43)
Hawkins wears a tackle from Lever on the HFF and kicks inside to Holmes 40m out on a slight angle, who converts. (Q2 12:48)
Kicking in the final third has been execrable tonight, partly due to direct pressure but sometimes just poor skill execution. Whichever team settles first should win. (Q2 13:49)
Brayshaw starts a counter at half back to Brown, who chooses a nice option with a kick across half forward to Oliver 40m out on a slight angle. Clarry kicks truly. (Q2 15:56)
After a quick rebound by Geelong, Miers feeds Close who has time to measure a checkside from the pocket 15m out and threads it. (Q2 21:39)
Gawn starts the next centre clearance by hand sitting on his bum, Oliver to Viney to Petracca, loping to CHF and banging through the quick reply! (Q2 23:04)
Close feeds Dangerfield for a running shot from 45m in front that skews wide left. (Q2 24:08)
Fritsch gets a professional free on an outpositioned De Koning on the HFF, tries a set up kick towards the square but it’s off hands for a behind. (Q2 27:34)
Another long ball from the HFF by Oliver, also spoiled for a point. (Q2 27:59)
Smith breaks a Sparrow tackle and lets fly from 55m on a slight angle after running his full measure… floats across the face. (Q2 29:22)
Close’s tackle on Viney forces a kick clanger, Selwood passes short to Dangerfield 45m out on the flank just before the HT siren… Danger misses. (Q2 30:20)
Smith goes long to the square from the HFF, the crumb falls nicely for Stengle but he doesn’t have a left foot and manages to snap wide from 10m off his right. (Q3 1:37)
Repeat inside 50s for Geelong early in Q3, Cam Guthrie kicks to the boundary 30m out over Petty for Rohan to mark and goal. (Q3 2:22)
Melbourne gets a bit of forward 50 territory but Harmes rolls a kick wide from 30m on the boundary trying an unlikely Daicos special. (Q3 5:52)
Petracca wobbles a set shot into the far goalpost from 45m on the boundary. (Q3 8:02)
Miers baulks past Brayshaw at half forward and passes to Duncan 35m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q3 8:53)
Miers roves a long Menegola ball to the hotspot and gives outside to Holmes to snap the goal. (Q3 11:52)
Neither side is looking potent at all but the Cats have managed to manufacture a lead that looks imposing given the flow (or lack of) in the game. (Q3 12:38)
Dangerfield misses from a ball up at the hotspot. (Q3 15:33)
Dangerfield roves a stoppage on the HFF and gives outside to Smith who rolls the clock back with a classic running goal from 50m on a slight angle! (Q3 19:13)
All indicators going Geelong’s way this quarter, Melbourne looking out of ideas. (Q3 19:48)
Sparrow reefs a handball out of a pack at half forward to Neal-Bullen cheating out the front, he turns and skids through a snap from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 22:38)
Bedford intercepts a Holmes rebound kick, plays on and tries to pass to Fritsch but the ball clears him and bounces through for a huge goal! (Q3 25:49)
ON a switch around the 50m arc, De Koning marks in space and passes short to the lead of Cameron 30m out on a slight angle, who sprays the set shot badly. (Q3 29:07)
Hawkins receives from Rohan and wobbles a snap wide from half forward. (Q4 0:16)
Hawkins snaps a big goal from a stoppage 35m out on the flank. Melbourne trying Jackson in ruck to counter the Cats’ clearance dominance but they are in trouble now. (Q4 5:21)
Stengle misses a snap across the body from 35m on the flank. (Q4 6:07)
Fritsch gathers a volley to the pocket by Pickett but grubbers across the face from 15m. The Demons looking every bit the loser in this contest. (Q4 7:03)
Pickett has had a dirty night but he gets a chance off the left from 30m on a slight angle and screws it through. (Q4 7:32)
Petracca catches a baulking Menegola HTB at a ball up 40m out on the flank. Trac’s set shot is careful, a bit ugly… and straight! (Q4 11:53)
Bedford roves a Brown contest to a Viney kick to 20m and gives to Fritsch who snaps wide off the left. (Q4 13:21)
Pickett marks over Bews on the boundary 20m out but screws his set shot into the near left goalpost. (Q4 14:07)
Stanley catches the ball out of ruck 20m out on a slight angle and tries a grubber but it takes an off break the wrong side of the post. (Q4 17:59)
Selwood releases Cam Guthrie to scoot away from a stoppage at half forward, he reaches 40m on a slight angle and chips a big goal! (Q4 19:06)
May’s dump kick from a stoppage in the pocket lands in the arms of Menegola 50m out on a slight angle. Menegola goes back for the set shot… short and touched through by Gawn. (Q4 21:26)
Atkins roves a loose ball and pokes a nice kick to Blicavs 30m out on the flank, who sprays for a behind. (Q4 22:33)
Hawkins taps a loose ball at half forward to Cameron who shows good vision to find Close in space 40m out in front. Close gives off to Duncan who kicks the sealer! (Q4 25:30)
Lever tries a kick across the backline that doesn’t work, Stengle roves and kicks off junk time with his first goal. (Q4 28:04)
Selwood passes to Hawkins who misses from 45m near the boundary. (Q4 30:06)
Rohan flies for a long Selwood pass to 20m on a slight angle and gets a contact free on an outpositioned and undersized Salem, but misses. (Q4 31:22)

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