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Blog log from R16 of 2022: Fremantle vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Fremantle vs Port Adelaide, R16 of 2022

Georgiades marks in front of Ryan near the goalsquare for the first goal of the evening.
Burton marks over Fyfe near true CHF and kicks a rare goal. (Q1 5:10)
Jones runs free around outer wing on a rebound and goes to Georgiades to mark in front of Ryan again 30m out on the flank. Port has the jump, Goergiades with his second! (Q1 7:25)
Brayshaw kicks from the next centre bounce, McKenzie slips to let Taberner mark untouched on the lead 45m out on a slight angle. Tabs swings the set shot right to left and home. (Q1 9:55)
Burton has a flying snap from the HFF go wide left. (Q1 13:42)
Aish marks a Logue pass 45m out on the flank, is called to play on and shoots… called touched off the boot but overturned on review, ends up a goal! (Q1 16:14)
Logue has Lobb 20m out in the pocket on the end of a fast rebound, he converts to level the scores. (Q1 19:26)
Powell-Pepper gives to a flat-footed Marshall on the boundary 25m out, no one on inside so he goes himself off the right… curls in! (Q1 22:31)
Dixon misses a set shot from 45m on a slight angle. (Q1 23:26)
Aish picks out Lobb in a forest of bodies 40m out on a slight angle, not hard as he’s the tallest. Lobb goals again… or does he? Review on whether it nicked the post… goal. (Q1 29:06)
After Fyfe gets the centre clearance, Lobb marks a Mundy kick from the centre in front of Aliir at the hotspot but misses. (Q1 31:15)
Darcy kicks across the face from a set shot near the boundary 40m out. (Q2 3:32)
Serong passes to Fyfe 30m out on a slight angle. Fyfe hasn’t really hit form since his return from LTI, but he converts this one to raptures from the purple horde. (Q2 5:32)
Logue roves a Frederick kick to the pocket and gives inside to Brayshaw for another quick one! (Q2 6:58)
Three talls fly for Port against Taberner 20m out in front but the ball evades them all to land in the arms of the Docker spearhead, who goals! (Q2 9:32)
Clark runs freely to half forward and kicks long, Schultz marks behind Wines deep in the pocket 20m out and screws through another one. (Q2 11:47)
Powell-Pepper marks a Mead pass over Walker 30m out on the flank and squeezes the set shot inside the right goalpost. (Q2 13:50)
Logue takes a nice mark from a Frederick pass leading in front of Aliir to 45m on the flank, but misses. (Q2 15:33)
Farrell strokes through a lovely finish from 50m on a slight angle after a handball by Amon. (Q2 18:33)
Aliir roves a stoppage deep in defence but his dump kick is smothered, the crumb falls for Aish who goals from 15m. (Q2 24:18)
Gray kicks from the next centre bounce to Wines 45m out in front, he gives to Houston who shoots wide left. (Q2 25:05)
Serong has goal of the year on his resume and he sends the league another nomination with an outrageous snap from the boundary 35m out! (Q2 31:30)
Brodie passes to Lobb for the first goal of Q3 from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 1:24)
Walters bounces a snap wide after roving a ruck tap from Darcy 30m out on the flank. (Q3 3:22)
Rozee baulks away from traffic in midfield and delivers a superb long pass to Gray near the hotspot, who gives a Joe the Goose special to Boak. (Q3 6:09)
Brodie kicks to the HFF after the next bounce, Frederick gathers and kicks to the top of the square, Fyfe roves and sets Lobb into the open goal! (Q3 7:24)
Lobb draws a contact free on Aliir going for a Brayshaw ball to the pocket 15m out. He shoots for goal number five… curls it in! (Q3 8:56)
Bergman snaps a nice goal from a stoppage 40m out across his body. (Q3 11:34)
Frederick volleys a point from 15m. (Q3 12:53)
Serong tries another party trick goal from a stoppage deep in the pocket 25m out but Houston touches it through. (Q3 18:25)
Frederick slots a set shot 30m out on the flank, capping off a good quarter from him. (Q3 21:59)
Gray has been moved to mids after HT and he feeds Rozee to grubber a goal from 15m out. (Q3 23:52)
Darcy tumbles a point from ruck near the hotspot. (Q3 26:25)
Georgiades flies on the back of Cox to take a massive screamer from a Finlayson speculator to 15m on a slight angle. He misses on the 3QT siren, disappointingly. (Q3 31:07)
Farrell strips Aish in the centre to start a counter attack through Rozee, Marshall passes to Dixon at the hotspot who misses. (Q4 1:11)
Dixon roves on the boundary 25m out, looks inside and decides stuff this I’ll go myself… and nails a checkside off a step! (Q4 5:12)
Dixon rucks in the centre and then receives from Boak to kick long to an empty square from 60m… skids through for back to back goals! (Q4 6:36)
Dixon engineers the next kick from the centre to Drew, Mead flies in front of the pack to mark 40m out on a slight angle, he goals as well! Port storming back! (Q4 7:51)
Three goals in four minutes and suddenly Port is three kicks behind with 15 minutes to play. (Q4 8:06)
Aliir drops a defensive mark at half back, Logue roves and it’s Banfield who gets the chance from the pocket 20m out… bounces up for Farrell to rush. (Q4 9:52)
Rozee marks a Finlayson pass at the hotspot on the end of a rebound around outer wing, he pops that one through to bring Port within two kicks! (Q4 11:11)
Rozee stands up in a tackle at the hotspot after roving and gives wide to Marshall who snaps wide. (Q4 13:04)
Frederick marks a Wilson kick over Burgoyne near the hotspot and plays on to feed a Joe the Goose special to Schultz for a steadying goal. (Q4 16:54)
Farrell’s chase on Walker forces a turnover at half forward, Amon baulks for a snap from just inside 50m on a slight angle… sails through! (Q4 19:14)
8:44 to go and it’s anyone’s game with two kicks in it and Port lifting its ratings considerably in Q4. (Q4 19:52)
Aliir starts a rebound through the centre, Motlop passes to Gray 30m out on a slight angle who misses, disappointingly. (Q4 27:07)
Port switches with long kicks and it’s Marshall who marks the Drew speculator to the hotspot. Marshall the best set shot in the side, if not the comp… but he misses! (Q4 28:58)
1:25 left, all hands on deck for Port. (Q4 29:07)
Dixon marks the kick in and sends it back to the hotspot, ball up, 1:08. (Q4 29:07)
Hughes dumps a rebound kick and Banfield takes the mark, that’s the ball game you’d think. (Q4 29:54)

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