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Blog log from R16 of 2022: Western Sydney vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Hawthorn, R16 of 2022

Whitfield and Coniglio combine to get a kick to Bruhn who marks 35m out next to the boundary. He doesn’t let the angle or the weather put him off though, Giants with the first! (Q1 3:52)
Brown keeps his cool in the slippery conditions to set up O’Halloran who takes a shot from 40m out on the run, but sprays it to the right for a behind (Q1 8:02)
It was a throw-in actually and Ash is able to crumb neatly to flash a handball to Hogan who snaps and goals! (Q1 9:22)
Greene catches Newcombe holding the ball and the umpire denies Hogan the advantage so Greene takes a set shot but shanks it badly and misses the lot for a throw-in (Q1 13:20)
Macdonald is clean off hands from a forward contest and snaps the Hawks first goal of the game! (Q1 14:17)
It’s scrappy play in the Giants forward 50 and Kelly eventually finds space for a snap, but sprays it OOTF (Q1 15:39)
Taranto and Ward combine, with Ward letting loose from the 50. It’s long, and strong, and it’s a brilliant goal! (Q1 16:33)
The Hawks get repeat entries inside 50 and eventually it sticks with Morrison cleaning up after a contest and snapping a goal! (Q1 21:03)
Newcombe tries his luck from a forward throw-in but misses to the left for the first minor score of the afternoon (Q1 22:38)
Hogan takes a strong mark near enough on the 50 and spots space out the back, Greene lunges for the mark but can’t reach, as the ball rolls over for a behind (Q1 23:55)
Day moves smoothly through traffic and manufactures a spicy goal to level the scores! (Q1 29:18)
It’s messy play as the Hawks surge forward with taps and soccers, as Taylor is unable to gather cleanly. Koschitzke is able to steam in soccer through another goal! (Q1 31:20)
Breust flicks a pass out to Mitchell who takes a shot but misses to the left (Q2 3:32)
Bramble takes a running shot but Idun is there to smash it through for a point (Q2 4:17)
Haynes kicks a ball out the back of the Hawthorn defence and Brown applies the speed to hunt it down and dribble through an easy goal! (Q2 5:18)
Davis is able to usher a hacked ball over the line for a minor score (Q2 7:57)
Moore takes a tumbling mark on the 50, but dishes it off to the lurking Sicily who drives it long, but just to the right (Q2 12:12)
Green intercepts a rushed rebound 50 and sends back to the square, where Hogan is waiting with the sticky mitts to mark 20m out in front, but his set shot is a howler! (Q2 15:03)
Sicily coughs up a free against Hogan in a marking contest and he lines up from 45m out on an angle, but smashes the ball into Sicily on the mark! Good heavens (Q2 16:59)
Macdonald gets a rare shot on goal after minutes of scrappy back and forth, but can only manage a behind (Q2 23:09)
Giants take advantage through Kelly and Greene who kicks into space where Wehr shakes off the Hawks defenders to sneak through a goal from the square! (Q2 27:39)
Sicily spoils an Ash inside 50 but hits it into space where the crafty Lloyd has enough time to snap and find the big sticks! Two big goals for GWS! (Q2 29:00)
Brown’s ferocious tackling pressure is rewarded with a set shot from 25m out on a slight angle. He splits the middle for his second goal of the game! (Q3 8:13)
Gunston marks a hacked entry inside 50 40m out on an angle, but his kick soars to the left for a behind (Q3 10:13)
Ward shovels a neat little kick into Haynes who marks on his knees 30m out. He still kicks like a defender though, spraying it OOTF (Q3 17:09)
Himmelberg intercepts and quickly spears it back inside 50, where Brown is waiting out the back to mark 20m out on an angle. He guides it home for goal number 3! (Q3 19:33)
Breust gets a free for high contact, spotting no one in the square he quickly chips over everyone and Davis isn’t able to chase it down. Much needed goal for the Hawks! (Q3 22:14)
It’s a mess as Cumming launches a ball to the top of the square, in the resulting scramble Wehr is able to get a kick off while on his back, and kick a goal! Incredible! (Q3 27:59)
Taranto catches Moore high as he goes after the ball, and he lines up from 45m out on a slight angle. The dynamic small forward gets it done for Hawthorn on the verge of 3QT! (Q3 30:39)
Greene takes a diving mark on the 50 with little angle and gives it everything, but it skews to the left as a result for a behind to start the final quarter (Q4 1:49)
Hogan kicks towards Brown and Impey takes him out of the contest, resulting in a free kick 35m out on an angle. The sharpshooter in the wet makes it four! (Q4 3:29)
Bramble drops it in the middle of the ground and in the resulting play Kelly takes us back to 2009 with a toe poke off the ground which finds its way to Hogan out the back. Goal! (Q4 7:31)
Brown kicks to Greene but it gets out the back and Haynes is unable to scoop it up as it rolls through for a behind (Q4 17:13)
Lloyd cleans up the loose ball and kicks backwards to Ash who marks on the 50. He soaks up some time and kicks long and high, but ultimately off target (Q4 19:26)
Haynes lines up for a late sniff at goal, but kicks across the face and it’s rushed through (Q4 25:41)
Shiels slides in to take a good mark 35m out in front. He puts it through for some late Hawthorn joy (Q4 26:53)
Lewis gets a free kick 30m out on the boundary and as the clock hits zero Lewis screws through a behind to make the margin 22 points. (Full Time)

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