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Blog log from R15 of 2022: Carlton vs Fremantle

Blog log for Carlton vs Fremantle, R15 of 2022

Taberner has position over Kemp to mark a bit too easily in the square from a Banfield snap from half forward that drops short, he boots the first goal of the day. (Q1 7:40)
The early template of the game is a Fremantle flood in Carlton’s forward 50 to nullify their tall forwards, then an occasional rebound to a more open purple patch. (Q1 9:40)
Darcy beats De Koning with bulk to mark a Colyer speculator to the flank 45m out, his shank does not score. (Q1 10:50)
Hayden Young intercepts a Silvagni kick to the centre and starts a quick switch on the counter, Colyer marks 40m out on the flank and converts. (Q1 14:00)
Kennedy snaps from the pocket after a stoppage, called a goal but Kennedy’s body language is poor and Serong’s says it was touched off the boot… ruled a point on review. (Q1 18:40)
Docherty intercepts Mundy on the wing, sprints his full measure and passes to McKay 45m out on a slight angle. Too far out for the screwing set shot… drop punt into the post. (Q1 21:46)
Brayshaw holds Cripps at a stoppage on the wing and the Blues are out the front, Hewett passes to McKay near the boundary 30m out who checksides wide. (Q1 23:39)
Loob is paid a mark from a wobbly left-foot ball to the hotspot by Aish, Plowman was there to spoil but the ump said he held it long enough. Lobb converts. (Q1 25:00)
Fisher baulks onto his right boot for a screwing snap from 30m on the flank but it lands weakly in the square for Cox to intercept for no score. (Q1 26:53)
Cox is pinged for a hold on McKay on the boundary 20m out, this is right in the wheelhouse for McKay’s snapping set shot style and he curls it through off the left. (Q1 27:41)
Saad is pinged for high contact after tackling Serong at a stoppage just inside CHF for Fremantle. Serong hangs the set shot right. (Q2 0:51)
Fisher roves in the pocket and feeds over the top for Newnes who fumbles and falls over, tries to kick the goal from his back but it’s rushed by Ryan. (Q2 2:28)
Repeat inside 50s are a huge pile for Carlton in this game, finally Fisher finds a target after roving on the HFF, it’s Cottrell diving to mark near the hotspot, he goals. (Q2 9:06)
Serong sharks and snaps from the hotspot but it flies wide. (Q2 11:03)
Curnow has had a quiet day so far but he is paid a free in front of Logue 20m out in front for his first goal, Blues hit the lead after dominating general play. (Q2 14:06)
McKay marks at half forward, wheels and goes long to the fat side flank for Newnes 25m out. The 200-gamer ex-Saint kicks the goal and gets swamped by teammates. (Q2 17:51)
Honey intercepts at half forward and feeds Newnes who misses on the run from 30m on the flank. (Q2 19:30)
Cottrell roves a Curnow contest on the HFF and sets O’Brien off to goal from 15m, five in a row for Carlton! (Q2 21:44)
Taberner takes a contested grab in front of Kemp on the boundary 20m out from a Lobb pass, and screws through his second goal. (Q2 23:44)
Walsh bursts away from the next centre bounce and feeds Newnes who is within range but decides to pass to Curnow who marks and plays on for his second goal from the hotspot. (Q2 25:03)
Brayshaw saves a goal with a tackle on Durdin just before the HT siren. (Q2 30:04)
Clark runs down Hewett at half back to win a HTB free, on the turnover Hayden Young passes to Banfield 45m out in front whose set shot is short for no score. (Q3 1:25)
Schultz catches Saad HTB in the pocket 35m out to cap off a fine period of frontal pressure by Fremantle. The set shot is a shocker however, OOTF. (Q3 3:34)
Cottrell runs up the wing ahead of Hayden Young after roving a Hughes clanger, does a one-two with Durdin and rams through a nice finish from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 6:32)
Walsh roves and shoots from a stoppage 35m out on the flank but it falls in the square for Logue to rush. (Q3 8:08)
Schultz catches Docherty HTB near the behind post and checksides a much-needed goal for the Dockers. (Q3 11:40)
Aish tumbles a rushed kick inside 50 but Banfield rises in front of Boyd to clunk the mark 40m out and kick truly. Dockers back in it all of a sudden! (Q3 14:27)
After being dominated everywhere except the scoreboard for the first half, the Dockers have kept it close enough to now be well within touch with a burst halfway through Q3. (Q3 15:07)
The stick insect-figured Henry beats Plowman for strength to mark on the boundary 35m out, but his set shot is across the face for no score. (Q3 16:48)
Serong goes long from the HFF, Taberner has too many numbers to get past and the ball bounces for a behind. (Q3 21:12)
Durdin gathers a quick clearance by De Koning on the bounce at half forward and passes to Silvagni 30m out on the flank, who converts to steady the Blues. (Q3 22:44)
Walsh bombs long from the wing, Silvagni goes up in a four man pack 30m out on a slight angle and Curnow stays down to rove and goal just before 3QT! (Q3 27:28)
Hewett roves De Koning at the next bounce ahead of a lumbering Mundy and passes to the hard lead of Curnow 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q3 28:28)
Cripps to Kennedy for the first centre clearance of Q4, Honey marks 40m out on the flank but kicks OOTF. (Q4 0:46)
Saad sends a long speculator to a pack at the hotspot, Cox flies in front but the crumb falls over the back where Curnow roves and goals. (Q4 5:11)
Another centre clearance out the front for Carlton, Walsh runs to CHF and shoots, ball falls on the behind line where Curnow grabs it… ruled a behind. (Q4 6:50)
Schultz flies in front of Saad to mark an Aish high ball near the boundary 40m out, the set shot is narrow. (Q4 8:35)
The Blues rebound at pace around members wing with Motlop roving at full tilt, switch inboard and Hewqett has O’Brien on the flank 40m out to snap the sealer. (Q4 10:35)
Silvagni takes a link mark at half forward after the next bounce and passes inboard to Cripps running from the centre to 40m out on a slight angle. Cripps hooks it right and OOTF. (Q4 11:45)
Saad passes to Curnow 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q4 20:10)
Colyer gives to Henry for a junk time goal from the hotspot, to general disgust from the Blue hordes who want to see some cherries on the cake. (Q4 21:30)
Lobb marks a Banfield pass 20m out in front on the end of a rebound, he misses a soda. (Q4 24:51)
McKay catches Logue HTB 20m out on the flank after a stoppage for some junk. (Q4 26:50)

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