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Blog log from R15 of 2022: West Coast vs Essendon

Blog log for West Coast vs Essendon, R15 of 2022

Hurn pumps a ball forward and Darling out-marks Laverde 45m out near the boundary. His set shot misses to the right though (Q1 2:02)
Heppell fashions a kick to Martin who marks close to 50m out next to the boundary. He opens the angle but the kick swings to the left late for a minor score (Q1 3:32)
Heppell chips it short to Stringer who marks just outside 50 on an angle. He backs himself in and gives it everything to kick the first goal of the game! (Q1 6:01)
Draper explodes from the centre bounce linking up with Martin who hits up the Wright lead 35m out on a slight angle. Wright can’t convert however (Q1 7:00)
The Eagles transition quickly from the resulting kick-in finishing with a Cripps pass to Kennedy who marks 35m out on a slight angle and converts! (Q1 8:11)
Martin wins the ball from a forward stoppage and is able to flash a quick handpass to Guelfi who snaps around and kicks a nice goal (Q1 11:01)
Gaff turns the ball over in the middle of the ground and the Bombers pounce, quickly getting it to Shiel who chips it up to Stringer 40m out in front. The package delivers early! (Q1 14:01)
The Eagles turn it over again, with Langford sending it forward this time to Wright who marks 45m out on an angle. His set shot hooks to the right (Q1 17:18)
Hobbs and Barrass stream after a loose ball heading goalward but it’s rushed through for a behind (Q1 18:43)
The Eagles turn it over once again but Perkins is unable to properly punish the error kicking a minor score (Q1 19:16)
Essendon are given free reign through the middle of the ground and work it forward to Wright who marks 35m out in front. This time he makes no mistake kicking a goal! (Q1 20:26)
Cripps thumps a ball forward from outside 50 after a throw-in but Kelly is there to rush it over (Q1 22:44)
Hough tumbles a ball forward to the square where Darling is waiting to take a one-handed mark on his knees! He rewards the mark with a goal to breathe some life into the Eagles (Q1 24:59)
Williams tries a snap after finding a bit of space but it flies high and wide for a behind (Q1 25:42)
The Bombers go end to end quickly and Wright takes a strong pack mark 30m out on a slight angle. He kicks his second of the quarter! (Q1 27:02)
Essendon cough up the ball and Hough pounces slicing a kick forward to Kennedy who marks in space 30m out in front. Kennedy has 2! (Q1 28:22)
The Eagles work it forward and get it to Cripps who snaps and goals to start Q2! (Q2 1:31)
Wright fumbles a mark but his hit illegally by Shuey in the process rewarding him with a set shot 35m out on an angle, but he kicks way out right for a behind (Q2 5:26)
Caldwell pumps it long and the ball hits the deck as a scramble ensues, but it’s eventually rushed through (Q2 6:44)
Duggan wobbles a ball forward and Rioli is able to deal with Heppell and mark 30m out on a slight angle. He kicks low and true to get the margin back to single figures! (Q2 9:31)
Hind coughs up the ball as Cripps intercepts 35m out in front, as he kicks a goal to put the Eagles in front! (Q2 11:51)
Langford kicks it long to the square and it’s big Two Metre Peter who pulls it in on top of the square and kicks goal number three! (Q2 14:51)
Shiel and Guelfi combine but Guelfi’s snap bounces off the point post (Q2 18:09)
The Eagles break off half back and move quickly to get it down to Darling 40m out. He kicks from a slight angle and splits the middle! (Q2 19:41)
Merrett kicks long to the pack where Bazzo knocks it down directly into Guelfi’s lap. He runs around and goals! (Q2 21:47)
Merrett falls over and can’t stop Rioli from pouncing on the ball and rolling through a goal! (Q2 24:12)
Kelly coughs up a downfield free allowing Wright another set shot, but he can’t punish the mistake as the ball ricochets off the post (Q2 25:15)
The Eagles spread wide and find Kennedy 35m out on the boundary. He runs around and puts it through! (Q2 28:37)
Martin finds space to take a running snap at goal, but he kicks a behind (Q2 30:29)
Caldwell kicks into an empty goalsquare but misses to the left (Q2 31:30)
Merrett spies a Wright lead and hits him up, marking 40m out on an angle. He splits the middle to kick off the second half! (Q3 3:07)
West Coast get out the back quickly allowing Rioli to kick to Waterman in space. He kicks from 35m out in front and kicks a goal to get the lead back (Q3 6:07)
Redman intercepts and kicks quickly to Martin who juggles a chest mark 35m out in front. He kicks truly and lets the Eagles know about it! (Q3 9:37)
Cripps chips it short to a Ryan lead which barely gets to him but he holds on and slots a goal for another lead change! (Q3 11:37)
Redden cuts a kick back inside to Cripps who rolls and marks 30m out in front. He converts simply and the Eagles lengthen the lead (Q3 15:07)
Shiel soccers inside 50 to Wright but it falls down to Perkins instead who runs on and finishes cleanly (Q3 16:42)
Perkins shrugs one then two Eagles defenders and snaps at goal, but can’t convert this time (Q3 18:26)
Durham is caught in the middle of the ground and the Eagles move forward to Cripps who marks and kicks from 35m out but misses (Q3 21:27)
Ryan tries to get away from Redman but he’s caught and as he’s falling Ryan gets boot to ball and kicks a miraculous goal! (Q3 22:07)
Perkins lines up a set shot from 35m out on the boundary, but he can’t squeeze it through (Q3 23:53)
Hind gets the give and dashes inside 50 kicking as he goes, but the kick slides to the left (Q3 26:07)
Hurn ignores the long punt and instead drills it to Rioli 40m out on a slight angle. He can’t convert however missing to the left (Q3 28:08)
Kennedy gets away with one as the Eagles get it inside 50 quickly, Darling has time to snap around the body burning Waterman, but he misses (Q3 29:36)
Williams marks 40m out on the boundary but opts to centre it and it’s rushed over as a result (Q4 2:52)
Kennedy marks in the same spot and goes for goal, it starts right and swings back, but is rushed through (Q4 4:52)
Essendon turn it over and the Eagles have a big outnumber inside forward 50, Rioli marks and is able to run into an open goal to push the advantage (Q4 7:08)
Petruccelle turns it over on a wing and the Dons move quick, getting it to Stringer 40m out on an angle. It’s a big moment and the package delivers to get Essendon back in it! (Q4 10:39)
Kennedy slides across the pack to take a big mark 35m out on an angle. He makes no mistake to get more breathing space for the Eagles. Kennedy has 4! (Q4 14:50)
Cripps has space to take a shot near the boundary, but he misses to the near side (Q4 16:01)
Wright kicks to Jones in a 2 on 1, Jones holds out to take a juggling mark and converts to just keep Essendon in the game! (Q4 17:45)
The ball gets out the back to Kennedy on the run, he kicks a checkside on the goal line and it’s party time now for the Eagles! (Q4 22:25)
Bazzo marks on the 50 and he lines up to try and snag his first goal, but he hooks it to the left for a behind (Q4 25:53)
Essendon get out the back and Martin is able to slot through some junk (Q4 27:05)
Shiel walks out of the centre square and pumps it long to the square, it spills and Wright flicks it to Jones who snaps and goals! Not over just yet? (Q4 28:00)

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