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Blog log from R10 of 2022: Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast, R10 of 2022

The Bulldogs scramble the ball inside 50 through Dale and Dunkley, with McNeil on the end of it all and drawing a high free kick 30m out on an angle. He misses to the left however (Q1 2:05)
Powell turns it over after a grubber of a kick in the middle of the ground, and Treloar gets on the end of it jogging inside 50 and taking a shot but also misses left (Q1 5:16)
Holman gets it off to Weller from a throw-in but his quick shot misses to the left. (Q1 6:59)
Dale kicks a howler straight to Chol from the resulting kick-in who marks 35m out in front. He lines up and also misses left. Issue at both ends today it seems (Q1 7:28)
McNeil creates a stoppage on the far wing, and Smith glides through kicking long to Naughton who outmuscles Collins to mark 20m out. He makes no mistake for the first goal today! (Q1 10:11)
Khamis plows into Farrar’s back late as he takes an intercept mark and the resulting 50 brings Farrar to 20m out. He puts it through for a rare goal for the defender! (Q1 13:16)
The Dogs bring the ball out of defence quickly and get it to Smith who runs and carries and kicks to McNeil in the pocket who marks. He goes the drop punt and makes it look easy! (Q1 15:16)
The Suns move forward through Lemmens who dumps it to Swallow on the 50. He kicks to Jeffery in the pocket who marks and also goes for the drop punt, kicking a goal! (Q1 18:11)
Libba extracts the ball from the centre bounce and kicks it long to the pack forming inside 50. Naughton drags it in 30m out on a slight angle, but kicks to the left (Q1 19:34)
West flicks it up to McComb who tries a running snap but it flies wide for a minor score (Q1 20:16)
Anderson kicks a shocker trying to pass it around the defence, which allows Williams to spoil and gather, running on and snapping a goal! (Q1 23:01)
Treloar attempts a running snap from a stoppage but it fans left once again (Q1 24:15)
Casboult gets a free against Gardner for high contact in the pocket. He attempts the drop punt from the same spot as Jeffery but his kick glides across the face for a behind (Q1 25:31)
Scott dumps the ball high from a throw-in and Naughton is able to take another big contested mark in the pack 25m out. He kicks it straight this time for goal number 2! (Q1 26:59)
Swallow navigates the traffic inside 50, kicking to Jeffery again who marks 25m out in front. The siren blares but Jeffery holds his nerve and ends the term with a goal! (Qtr Time)
Naughton is able to maintain control of the ball in the pack and is able to throw it onto the boot to send through a dribble kick goal! (Q2 1:51)
The Dogs win another stoppage with West passing outside to Smith who loads up to Naughton who marks with Thompson hanging all over him. He sours the play with a bad miss (Q2 3:40)
Dunkley gets it to Bontempelli from a stoppage but his quick snap misses (Q2 6:04)
Williams marks a kick that may or may not have gone the required, but he takes a shot from near 45m out which goes wide and is punched through (Q2 7:58)
Dunkley attempts a grubber from a forward stoppage but it bounces through for a behind (Q2 11:13)
Swallow is able to get a rare win at the coalface for Gold Coast and tumbles it forward. Ainsworth cleans up and dodges and weaves before taking a snap and kicking a big goal! (Q2 13:13)
Richards takes a strong intercept mark on the wing and enables Scott to run and kick to Bontempelli who takes a mark on top of Ballard. He runs around for the snap but misses (Q2 15:14)
West keeps up the pressure on Lemmens and forces a HTB 30m out on an angle. His kick is bending but looks good, until it bounces off the inside of the post (Q2 17:28)
Jeffery is taken out by Gardner in the square, but O’Brien keeps it alive and passes right back to him in sympathy perhaps. Jeffery kicks over his head to add a third goal! (Q2 20:16)
McComb gets a downfield free 60m out and kicks to the pocket to the advantage of McNeil who nails this kick for his second goal (Q2 24:44)
Swallow blasts it out from the centre bounce and it tumbles to Ainsworth who opens the arc and shoots from 45m. The ball bounces through for a quick response! (Q2 26:29)
The Suns get forward again with Swallow and Ainsworth combining, Ainsworth dishes off to Powell who tries a snap but it flies high and wide for a behind (Q2 29:15)
Ainsworth attempts a snap around the body for goal number 3 in the quarter, but it bounces the wrong side of the post (Q2 30:36)
The Dogs are able to work out of defence with seconds remaining in the half, ending with a Khamis mark on the siren 45m out. His kick starts left but ends right for a behind. (Q2 33:29)
Macrae receives the ball from the stoppage on the half forward flank and dumps it goalward where it bounces around, but too much as Ballard knocks it over (Q3 8:04)
McNeil gets a free kick 50m out which is too far, so he kicks to the pack where Dunkley manages to juggle a mark! He opts for the run around kick and makes it stick! (Q3 12:06)
Treloar marks a Macrae dart on the flank and steadies. He opens the angle up and puts it through the middle to mark game 200 with a goal! (Q3 14:41)
Casboult tries a shot after ripping the ball from a throw-in but misses (Q3 17:08)
McComb marks a rushed Cordy kick from a throw-in 25m out on an angle. He keeps his head, and adds another Dogs goal for the quarter (Q3 17:39)
Chol takes too long to get rid and looses the ball, Bontempelli then launches from the centre square and it rolls through! Bont’s kicked a goal! Flower! (Q3 20:09)
Markov cannons a ball from centre wing to the square where Jeffery is waiting to crumb and snap around the body for goal #4! (Q3 22:15)
The Suns capitalise off of a good patch of form and get the ball forward through Weller, to Rankine, to Ainsworth in space, and through the big sticks for two in a row late! (Q3 28:37)
Rankine receives the ball from the wing and streams forward kicking to the red hot Jeffery who marks out the back 20m out. He runs around and kicks his 5th! (Q3 30:00)
Anderson sends a long one after a Swallow free kick, Casboult reels in the mark 20m out on an angle. This is a massive moment for the Suns and Levi, but he misses to the left… (Q3 31:52)
Williams sends a ball inside 50 with seconds left but it spills off the pack and over the line as the siren sounds. (Q3 33:44)
Bailey Williams gets another shot on goal, but it tumbles through for a behind (Q4 1:31)
Dunkley manages to fashion a handpass in congestion and gets it to McNeil out the back but he rushes the running shot and sends it OOTF (Q4 3:40)
Dale sends a low ball inside 50 where the Bont is lurking. The Suns defenders don’t shut him out and he takes an easy mark 20m out in the pocket. He runs around and kicks a goal! (Q4 7:16)
Chol is floating behind the pack and the ball spills out to him. He makes the space and kicks a snap that bounces over the Dogs defence for a crucial goal! (Q4 9:46)
Rosas appears and manages to get a kick to Rankine who marks 40m out with little angle. He hooks the kick though and can only manage a behind (Q4 10:46)
Scott sends a ball to the pack where Bontempelli is waiting and disposes of Ballard easily to take a mark. He plays on and the kick bends perfectly for a goal! (Q4 18:46)
Rankine ducks, dodges and weaves, dishing off to Ellis and gets it back before shaking off his opponent and kicking a brilliant goal! (Q4 18:46)
Chol stands well above the Dogs defence and takes a good mark 35m out. The kick looks good, but it fades very late and goes through for a behind (Q4 20:45)
The ball somehow stays in play on the wing and the Suns move it forward, Rosas spots Ellis who marks 20m out in front. He puts it through the middle and it’s back to 7 points! (Q4 24:47)
Treloar attempts a running snap after finding space but kicks it OOTF (Q4 25:12)
The Suns can’t get a clean mark and the ball spills to Naughton who handpasses to Williams who snaps quickly and goals to likely put the Suns to bed! (Q4 26:47)
The Suns burst from defence through Casboult and Swallow, the ball is kicked to the advantage of Rosas who runs on and kicks a goal! 90 seconds left and 7 points in it! (Q4 28:12)
Stoppage 60m out from the Suns goal. 1:24 left (Q4 29:02)
Rosas taps down to Ainsworth who tries to snap at goal but misses horribly! 70 seconds left and that might be it (Q4 29:58)
The Dogs get on top at another throw-in through Bontempelli and Smith, who tumbles it to the square. McComb manages to slide through and get a boot on it before it’s rushed over! (Q4 31:22)
Smith marks about 65m out on the flank and runs around with seconds remaining, sending a rocket through the middle for some elite junk (Full Time)

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