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Blog log from R10 of 2022: Carlton vs Sydney

Blog log for Carlton vs Sydney, R10 of 2022

Silvagni marks a De Koning pass near CHF, wheels and passes to the lead of Curnow 35m out on the flank who hits the right goalpost.
Owies marks a Hewett repeat inside 50 pass on the HFF, plays on and misses from just inside 50m. (Q1 1:44)
Paddy McCartin storms onto a loose ball on the wing and goes long to Parker to mark behind Fisher 30m out on the flank for the first goal of the evening. (Q1 5:57)
Wicks hits the lead of McDonald to mark in front of Plowman 40m out on the flank, he goals as well. (Q1 11:32)
Cottrell bombs long to the hotspot from the HFF, Durdin roves and gives to Cripps who does the rest off the left boot. (Q1 13:33)
Credit to Silvagni on that play for providing a crumb against two Swan talls. (Q1 14:32)
Fisher roves in the pocket and centres, touched on the way through so Docherty has to play on for a snap from 35m on the flank… screws into the post. (Q1 15:46)
Motlop plays onto advantage from a contact free against Silvagni on the HFF, he misses from 35m. (Q1 17:15)
Franklin draws two defenders at half forward but McDonald flies across the front to mark 45m out and boot goal number two. (Q1 19:57)
Durdin roves a Curnow contest and snaps his first goal from near the top of the square. (Q1 21:57)
Ah, but a review shows Blakey got a finger to it, just a behind to Durdin. (Q1 22:33)
Durdin dodges away from Blakey on the wing and passes to Curnow on the HFF, he plays on and bangs a beauty through from 55m! (Q1 24:24)
Fisher fumbles under pressure at half back, Papley marks 30m out on the flank and converts with a screwing set shot. (Q1 26:58)
Carroll kicks long from a stoppage at half forward, Curnow is one out with Mills and gets a holding free 20m out on a slight angle, he goals after the QT siren. (Q1 29:27)
Durdin rolls through a sensational finish from 25m in the pocket after Curnow is forced to spoil, he has two! (Q2 2:02)
Curnow takes a contested grab 15m out on a slight angle for his third goal, beating Tom McCartin again. (Q2 4:09)
Parker is pinged for HTB in a pack 35m out on the flank, Matthew Kennedy takes the free and steers it through for another one for the Blues. (Q2 6:38)
Sydney is the better team structurally but the Blues are playing at home and are more than capable of stringing together a stack of scores, like they are now. (Q2 7:08)
Warner is pinged for running too far in the middle, Cerra plays on, Curnow draws a holding free on Tom McCartin near the hotspot for his fourth goal! (Q2 9:53)
Ladahms coughs the ball up by hand at a stoppage in defence, Hewett feeds Motlop who is tackled but gets a checkside away from 20m for another one for the rampaging Blues! (Q2 11:53)
McDonald snaps his third goal from the top of the square under a tackle by Plowman after roving a Franklin contest. (Q2 14:08)
Motlop roves an Owies contest in the square and snaps off his left over his shoulder, it’s high but just wide. (Q2 15:32)
Motlop roves again near the hotspot but blazes wide again. (Q2 15:55)
Plowman passes to Motlop just inside CHF, he gives off to Newman, kick lands in the square, Curnow roves and boots his fifth goal! (Q2 17:42)
Young burns the footy by foot to Papley on the Swans HFF, he passes to Hayward at the hotspot who converts. (Q2 20:23)
Carroll gets a contact free on Lloyd 45m out on a slight angle, but his kick is short and rebounded. (Q2 22:08)
Saad intercepts the kick in on the HFF and passes to De Koning on the boundary 30m out, who threads the needle to extend the Carlton lead! (Q2 23:06)
Florent is stripped in possession near the Blues hotspot, the ball flips out to Fisher who does the rest off the left. Carlton can just about do no wrong in Q2! (Q2 25:33)
Durdin it was with the goal assist tackle on that play. (Q2 26:08)
Ladhams strips Fisher in a tackle, Franklin marks a Hayward pass 40m out on a slight angle for his first goal. (Q2 32:10)
Walsh roves in the pocket and handballs under a tackle to grass at the hotspot, Durdin is first to it and gets caught high by Blakey, he goals again. (Q2 35:12)
Warner kicks high from a stoppage on the HFF, it lands on the goal line to be touched through. (Q3 1:11)
Campbell picks up a loose ball on the wing and tumbles a pass to the corridor where Papley marks 45m out and shoots for his second goal… wide left. (Q3 3:11)
Mills gets a holding free on Cripps at a stoppage at half forward, he kicks across CHF to the fat side for McInerney to mark over O’Brien 45m out on a slight angle, he goals. (Q3 5:00)
Hayward catches a baulking Cripps HTB in the pocket 20m out, he checksides the goal. Sydney has come out much better after the HT break. (Q3 8:26)
Cripps forces Rampe to cough up a handball on the wing, Fisher kicks to the HFF where Curnow marks 45m out and boots goal number six. (Q3 13:00)
Paddy McCartin intercepts on the wing and goes long to a pack at the hotspot, McDonald flies to mark over O’Brien but his set shot snicks the inside of the right goalpost. (Q3 15:25)
McInerney spoils Durdin at the hotspot going for a Fisher inside 50 kick but Owies is there for the crumb, he goals. (Q3 16:22)
McDonald roves a Tom McCartin kick to a pack 20m out and feeds Gulden who snaps the goal. (Q3 20:09)
Sydney has lifted in Q2 but Carlton are so far keeping up with them on the scoreboard, largely defending their big lead. (Q3 20:09)
Blakey speeds up the guts on a rebound in trademark style and kicks to 40m where Papley takes a fine mark over Stocker and goals. (Q3 23:45)
Saad overcommits at half back, Wicks marks and plays on, reaches 50m on a slight angle, plenty of options but goes himself, falls on the line, Young is there… ruled a point. (Q3 25:46)
Hickey intercepts on the wing and starts a switch, Franklin receives in the centre and launches a signature howitzer from 55m for a big goal, Swans are on the march! (Q3 28:16)
Saad tries to fend but gets caught HTB by Blakey 45m out in front, following a stoppage. The Lizard runs in leftish and shoots right. (Q4 1:44)
Papley snaps wide from 50m on a slight angle after roving his own contest. (Q4 6:41)
Halfway through Q4, Carlton is doing a lot of defending and can’t get any space on rebound, bit of a stalemate. (Q4 11:44)
McInerney intercepts a Durdin floater in the centre and goes long to Papley on his own 30m out on a slight angle, he goals. Two kicks in it, 8:34 to go. (Q4 13:20)
Saad bobbles a ground ball at half back, Franklin strips him, ball flipped out to Bell who screws wide from 30m on the flank. (Q4 15:09)
Matthew Kennedy feeds Fisher who runs to 45m on a slight angle and snaps just wide right. Five minute warning, two kicks in it. (Q4 18:44)
Cerra roves a Silvagni contest to an Owies ball to the top of the square but he snaps wide under heavy pressure. (Q4 19:56)
Heeney is spoiled on the rebound at half back, ball flipped to Fisher who bounces through what should be the sealer from 40m on a slight angle! (Q4 20:21)
Cerra it was with the key spoil on that play. (Q4 21:11)
Blues playing a bit of tempo on outer wing, they are home. (Q4 22:42)
Motlop snaps from the pocket but Campbell rushes. (Q4 23:13)
The Swans rebound at pace from the Campbell kick in, Hayward passes to McDonald 30m out on the flank but misses a rushed set shot. (Q4 23:45)
Gulden passes to McDonald in the pocket 25m out, he rushes the set shot again and misses once more. (Q4 24:24)

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