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Blog log from R5 of 2022: Brisbane vs Collingwood

Blog log for Brisbane vs Collingwood, R5 of 2022

Charlie Cameron links up at half forward and goes long to the pocket, two tall Lions provide a crumb boundary side for Lyons to rove the first goal from 20m with a checkside. (Q1 2:48)
Ah Chee is pinged for encroachment to bring De Goey from the HFF to the pocket 15m out for the first goal for Collingwood. (Q1 4:02)
Five Lions fly for a long ball to the hotspot, Kreuger stays down over the back and the crumb falls nicely for him to snap on the turn for his first goal. (Q1 7:13)
Neale roves Grundy’s tap at a stoppage near the hotspot and delivers a lovely little left-foot snap for the goal, his tagger Pendlebury blocked off it. (Q1 9:22)
McCluggage passes long to the pocket for Fort 25m out, who misses everything. (Q1 11:28)
Daniher marks 45m out on a slight angle on the end of a fast break, has a few options inside but goes back for the set shot… bangs it through. (Q1 13:43)
De Goey breaks a Berry tackle and runs from the centre bounce to pass to McInnes 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q1 15:28)
Sidebottom hits the lead of McInnes 35m out on the flank who misses again. (Q1 17:48)
Pendlebury intercepts a dump rebound kick by Rich on the wing and goes low and hard for Hoskin-Elliott leading up the corridor to 40m, who converts. (Q1 23:58)
Darcy Cameron gets a rather soft free on Answerth for a push in the back on the side of a marking contest 35m out on a slight angle, he makes no mistake. (Q1 27:44)
McInnes passes to Josh Daicos 40m out on the flank, Gardiner arrives late for a big bump to his back that causes a report and a melee, plus 50m to ensure the goal. (Q1 31:39)
Bailey beats Quaynor to a high handball by Rayner 40m out on a slight angle but his tumbling snap bounces wide. (Q1 32:55)
Repeat inside 50 to Brisbane just before the QT siren, Lyons hits the lead of McStay in front of Moore 40m out on the flank. McStay misses across the face. (Q1 33:29)
Ah Chee follows Sidebottom from defence to attack and drifts into a pack 20m out in front for a long McCarthy speculator from the HFF. He kicks truly. (Q2 3:37)
Daniher marks and boots his second goal as Brisbane bosses the next centre bounce. (Q2 5:48)
Berry chases a loose footy in the pocket, it falls for him to gather and give to Rayner who puts Brisbane in front with a snap from 15m. (Q2 10:48)
Daniher marks on the lead 50m out near the boundary, points at the goals as he walks back to his mark but doesn’t score with a short kick, eventually rushed. (Q2 12:13)
Neale intercepts Roughead’s rebound kick and sends it back in, crumb goes to McCluggage thence to Berry who feeds Fort for the hoofing goal from 35m in front. (Q2 13:48)
McCarthy kicks from a pack in the centre to Bailey one out with Howe at the hotspot, Howe marks but the ump pings him for contact beforehand, Bailey goals. (Q2 15:13)
Neale gives to Lohmann who kicks a cheeky checkside under pressure from the HFF and finds Bailey 40m out on a slight angle for a team goal. (Q2 17:22)
Nick Daicos sharks a Lyons handball in midfield and gives to Wilson for a quick inside 50 kick to the hotspot, Kreuger contests and the crumb falls for McInnes to goal! (Q2 19:53)
Rich misses a long snap from near the centre square. (Q2 23:01)
Wilson screws through a nice left-foot snap after roving a big pack 50m out on a slight angle. GOOD ONE WILTHON! (Q2 27:12)
Daniher roves McStay’s contest to a Bailey kick to the hotspot, turns onto his left and hits the post from 20m. (Q3 0:53)
Zorko gets a repeat inside 50 kick after the kick in, Charlie Cameron marks 25m out on the flank and goals. (Q3 1:22)
Pendlebury passes to McInnes 45m out on a slight angle as Adams and Andrews confer as to whose fault it was for allowing him space. McInnes converts. (Q3 6:27)
De Goey snaps wide from the pocket, Collingwood getting some territory in the last five minutes. (Q3 9:10)
Daniher beats Roughead to mark and boots his third goal from his preferred long distance. (Q3 10:45)
Grundy is pinged for timewasting to bring Adams to 45m on a slight angle. A rare goalscorer is Adams, his set shot is a pearler! (Q3 20:57)
Kreuger marks on a sideways lead in front of Gardiner 35m out in front but shanks a behind, much to the joy of the home fans. (Q3 23:47)
Hoskin-Elliott centres from the HFF to Kreuger 40m out on a sligth angle, who kicks truly to make things interesting going into 3QT. (Q3 26:27)
Charlie Cameron beats Quaynor at half forward to give a lovely handball over the top to McStay who has Bailey over the back to mark in the square and boot his third goal. (Q4 2:31)
Moore, who has gone forward, draws a holding free near the hotspot on Andrews, plus a 50m penalty for Andrews gobbing off to ensure the goal. (Q4 6:12)
Brown feeds Adams for a snap off a step from 45m in front but it swerves wide left. (Q4 7:57)
McInnes catches Gardiner HTB with a chicken wing tackle at half forward, gives off to De Goey who launches from 55m for a big goal! (Q4 10:14)
Fort is pinged for a hold on Cox at a stoppage 30m out on the flank from Collingwood’s goal. The big American misses. The goggles they do nothing! (Q4 12:42)
The crowd cheers lustily for a deliberate OOB free on the HFF against Madgen, quick long ball to the square where Daniher flies attractively to mark and goal. (Q4 14:57)
Rayner gets consecutive score assists with a long kick to McStay who beats Madgen to mark 25m out on a slight angle and convert. (Q4 17:32)
Crisp has Adams over the back on a fast break to run to 45m ahead of chasing defenders but his snap is a shank for no score. (Q4 21:55)
From the resultant throw in to the pocket, De Goey snaps his third goal. 6:23 to go and three kicks in it. (Q4 22:07)
Neale pulls a set shot from 50m on a slight angle to the left. (Q4 23:58)
Madgen just touches a McCluggage snap from 40m on the line through for a behind. (Q4 24:13)
Answerth tries a left-foot kick off balance under pressure in the back pocket but kicks OOTF, De Goey checksides the goal from 30m! 2:46 to play and two kicks in it. (Q4 28:38)
Zorko misses a snap from a pack at the hotspot, three kicks in it now and less than a minute left. (Q4 32:14)
Moore marks a Sidebottom kick to the square and plays on into the open goal just before the final siren, Lions win. (Q4 33:10)

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