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Blog log from R4 of 2022: Gold Coast vs Carlton

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Carlton, R4 of 2022

Powell comes in too hot to tackle Curnow 40m out on the flank and catches him high, Charlie play son and screws through the first goal of the evening. (Q1 0:22)
O’Brien passes to Cripps 40m out in front after Saad wins a second hard footy to start an attack. The Carlton captain kicks straight as a die. (Q1 2:15)
Witts taps down in ruck to Miller who scoots away from Hewett and misses on the run from 30m on the flank, disappointingly. (Q1 2:55)
Carlton nearly goes coast to coast, Curnow gathers a McKay kick to the square but Farrar gets a touch on it for a behind. (Q1 5:15)
Weitering fumbles a ground ball at half back, his man Casboult gets a chance on the lope from 40m on the flank on his left… across the face. (Q1 8:15)
Martin marks a Cripps kick to a pack 25m out in the pocket in front of Farrar, a ball that was intended for McKay. He misses near side. (Q1 10:35)
Lukosius passes to Davies next to the hotspot after a coast to coast rebound from the kick in, Davies kicks his first goal at senior level. (Q1 11:55)
Lukosius hits a crumb from a Swallow kick to the square at full pace and snaps over his shoulder but it’s wide. (Q1 15:42)
Ainsworth marks a Lukosius pass 50m out on a slight angle, plays on and just misses to the right. (Q1 16:10)
Lukosius spoils Docherty at half forward and handballs to Anderson who wobbles through a goal off a step from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 17:40)
Rankine feeds Rosas for a running snap from the pocket 20m out, that’s his first! (Q1 20:31)
Lemmens shanks a kick from the back pocket straight to Hewett who accepts the gift goal under no pressure from the hotspot. (Q1 22:14)
Chol leaps from the back of a big pack 40m out on the flank to clunk a long Ellis speculator from the wing. His set shot is hung left. (Q1 26:11)
Walsh is pinged for high contact on Weller 45m out on a slight angle as they go for an Anderson grubber, he kicks truly. (Q1 29:16)
Rowell kicks inside 50 after the next centre bounce, Holman roves 40m out but hooks his left-foot snap OOTF. (Q1 30:39)
Weitering burns the footy by foot rebounding from the HFF, Chol marks over Young in the pocket 20m out and converts off the left. (Q1 31:56)
Owies burns the footy on the rebound straight to Powell in the centre, who has manifold options for the repeat inside 50 and chooses Holman 40m out in front, who misses. (Q2 1:21)
Casboult beats Weitering in a wrestle to mark a Lukosius centring ball to the top of the square for his first goal. (Q2 3:41)
McKay roves a Martin contest 30m out on the flank and snaps his first goal off the left boot. (Q2 17:07)
Curnow kicks to the pocket, McKay marks but the ump calls it touched, all the Suns stand there and watch as McKay screws through the kick from 25m… except Collins who touched it. (Q2 21:22)
Fisher releases Cerra to run inboard from a stoppage in the pocket and snap across the body off the right, but the ball flies wide right. (Q2 24:48)
Fogarty passes to McKay 45m out on the flank after Saad forces the repeat inside 50, McKay plays on and boots goal number two. (Q2 25:22)
Hewett to Walsh for the next centre clearance kick, Curnow marks 40m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q2 26:42)
Witts catches the ball out of ruck in the pocket 20m out and gives to Rosas on the boundary who checksides a lovely finish! (Q2 29:02)
Hewett dives on the footy after a stoppage in the Blues FP 20m out and gets caught high by Rowell, but shoots OOTF. (Q2 30:46)
Witts taps down to Rankine at a stoppage in the pocket, he tries a checkside from near the behind post but hits the goalpost. (Q2 32:29)
Chol kicks the first goal of Q4 from 25m after Newman and Ainsworth have a wrestle and Newman gives away a free kick. (Q3 3:28)
Rowell contests near the hotspot to provide a crumb for Chol to rove and goal from the pocket, his third! (Q3 4:12)
Ainsworth leaps high in front of Saad to mark a Weller pass to 45m on a slight angle, then a 50m penalty for action off the ball ensures the goal. (Q3 6:45)
Corbett gives to Lukosius who blazes wide from 45m on a slight angle under not much pressure from a lagging Plowman. (Q3 11:26)
Weller passes to the lead of Corbett 45m out on a slight angle, whose set shot swerves left to right and wide. (Q3 12:25)
Weller kicks to one on three on the HBF, Carlton works it to Hewett who passes to Curnow to mark in front of Ballard 30m out on the flank, play on and miss. (Q3 14:49)
A few repeat inside 50s for the Blues, the next one ends in the arms of Owies 20m out in front who finally converts. (Q3 15:20)
McKay draws a rather soft contact free on Collins on the boundary 40m out going for a Boyd pass, but he misses. (Q3 17:28)
Walsh gives to O’Brien who snaps off a step from 40m on a slight angle but Ellis touches it through on the goal line. (Q3 18:20)
Silvagni breaks a tackle near CHF and gives wide to Newman who bounces a snap across the body for a behind from 40m. (Q3 19:46)
Powell kicks long over the last two Carlton defenders from the wing to the hotspot for Rankine to run onto and goal with ease. (Q3 25:41)
Rankine roves a Weller volleyed clearance to the centre, has a bounce then passes to Corbett 45m out in the corridor, who kicks truly. (Q3 27:37)
This is a winning lead right now, with Carlton missing their captain and lacking ideas as to how to win. (Q3 28:40)
Cerra gives away a high contact free tackling Anderson 45m out on the flank, the 3QT siren goes and Anderson shanks OOTF. (Q3 31:06)
McKay leaps in front of Collins to clunk a Fisher pass to the HFF, his set shot is a shank but lands in the arms of De Koning 15m out for a somewhat lucky goal. (Q4 0:52)
Chol snaps wide from the top of the square after roving a loose ball. (Q4 4:32)
Silvagni hits the post with a snap from the pocket under pressure after roving. (Q4 5:27)
Corbett marks a Weller pass 40m out on a slight angle and puts the result beyond all doubt, not that there was much at 3QT. (Q4 6:34)
Plowman turns the ball over by foot on the rebound, Atkins goes long to the pocket where Casboult takes a pack mark 20m out and misses. (Q4 8:57)
Collins is pinged for catching Owies high outside the hotspot in a tackle, who misses. (Q4 12:12)
Swallow passes short to Ellis 50m out on a slight angle, who shoots wide left. (Q4 14:12)
Walsh baulks past Weller on the HFF and misses from 45m. (Q4 15:32)
Martin wheels after marking on the HFF and blazes wide. (Q4 22:29)
Kennedy passes to Fisher 30m out on a slight angle for some junk. (Q4 23:33)
Martin passes to McKay 30m out on the flank who misses. (Q4 26:13)

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