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Blog log from R3 of 2022: West Coast vs Fremantle

Blog log for West Coast vs Fremantle, R3 of 2022

Langdon roves a Darling contest in the pocket and has Kennedy leading to 15m with Pearce slipping over behind him. Kennedy screws through the first goal. (Q1 5:40)
Acres passes to Walters 45m out on the flank, his set shot drops and is rushed. (Q1 8:45)
Long Acres ball inside 50 towards the hotspot from a stoppage on the wing, ball pitches behind the pack and it’s Taberner who keeps his feet to rove and goal off his left! (Q1 12:45)
Switkowski kicks long from the wing to the pocket for Taberner to dive and mark 25m out, Tabs misses. (Q1 17:05)
Clark has Frederick on his own on the HFF for a long ball to grass, Frederick mops up and slots the goal from 40m under not much pressure. (Q1 18:12)
Switkowski gives to Brayshaw who swerves and shoots from 35m on the flank… screws away from goals for a point. (Q1 21:00)
Hurn kicks long to the pocket, Meek intercepts but the ump spots a hold by Cox on Dixon, who misses from 25m. (Q1 23:19)
Brayshaw feeds O’Driscoll for a snap after a stoppage from 40m on a slight angle, but it wobbles wide. (Q1 25:01)
Ryan monsters Darling from behind as the Eagle goes for a Gaff kick to 50m on the flank, easy free to pay. Darling gets up gingerly, but no score results. (Q1 27:16)
Walters snaps OOTF from 30m on the flank after receiving outside a stoppage. (Q2 6:24)
Ryan roves a Chapman handball clanger on the HFF and has a lash from 45m near the boundary… OOTF. (Q2 7:53)
Taberner passes short to Lobb on the end of a quick attack around outer wing engineered by Brayshaw. Lobb misses from 35m on the flank. (Q2 8:51)
Clark starts a rebound with Chapman providing the key diagonal kick to the corridor, Schultz marks in the pocket and centres for Frederick at the hotspot to goal. (Q2 10:03)
Freo getting bulk repeat inside 50s, eventually Frederick passes to Colyer 40m out in front who kicks another goal for the Dockers. (Q2 12:53)
Frederick flies in at full pace to claim Harry Edwards HTB in the pocket 15m out. This for his third goal… nup. (Q2 16:37)
Walters passes to Schultz in the pocket 25m out to mark behind Rotham and screw through the set shot. (Q2 22:51)
Walters roves an errant Hurn handball at half forward, he handballs from his knees over Hurn to Schultz who does the rest off the right from the hotspot. (Q2 25:22)
Petruccelle roves a Darling contest after Naitanui engineers the first centre clearance of Q3, Jack wobbles through his first goal from 30m on a slight angle. (Q3 0:25)
Naitanui gets the footy himself after the next bounce and runs to CHF, he bombs long for a big goal to rev up the Eagle fans! (Q3 1:30)
A lull as Tucker is stretchered off. (Q3 1:56)
Brayshaw kicks inside 50 for Frederick then runs to mark Frederick’s pass 40m out on the flank, but misses left. (Q3 5:45)
Brayshaw handballs inside 50 on the HFF to Erasmus who turns and shoots from 40m but it’s also narrow. (Q3 7:02)
Pearce slips to allow Kennedy to mark a Nelson pass 35m out on the flank. JJK misses near side. (Q3 10:00)
Fremantle go coast to coast with Lobb matched up on Hurn for a long Banfield kick to the pocket, he converts from 20m. (Q3 11:26)
Walters roves a Taberner contest to a Brayshaw kick to 20m in front, two Eagles up and they watch as Sonny spins and hits the post. (Q3 15:45)
Taberner has position on McGovern to mark a long Brayshaw kick to 20m on the flank, after Chapman rides a tackle to start an attack on the wing. Tabs kicks truly. (Q3 17:00)
Acres intercepts a Nelson kick across the backline to 30m on the flank, he goals. (Q3 21:45)
Luke Ryan is pinged for deliberate rushing, Nelson takes the charity goal. (Q3 28:01)
Liam Ryan leaps in front of Luke Ryan to mark a long Petruccelle kick from half back to half forward. His set shot from 50m drops on the line for Cox to mark in relief. (Q3 30:01)
Frederick leaps impressively in front of Hurn to mark on the boundary 40m out, but misses across the face. (Q3 33:31)
Walters roves in the pocket, does a one-two with O’Driscoll and misses from 15m. (Q4 2:40)
Harry Edwards is pinged for deliberate rushing, Freo fans cheer, Lobb shanks the free kick for no score. (Q4 4:05)
Lobb snaps a goal after a stoppage from close range. (Q4 5:39)
Walters roves a McGovern spoil and snaps a goal from 20m off his left boot. (Q4 10:25)
Colyer passes short to Banfield 45m out on a slight angle, whose set shot starts left but swings right and through. (Q4 12:34)
Banfield marks a Schultz pass 40m out on the flank, this set shot starts left and stays there. (Q4 14:24)
Nelson kicks OOTF 45m out, Switkowski takes the free and sits it up, Schultz roves and gives to O’Driscoll for the snap goal from 20m in the pocket. (Q4 16:25)
Acres intercepts a Foley kick to Naish on the HFF and goes to the square for Taberner to mark and goal with ease. (Q4 19:41)
Liam Ryan tries to volley a loose ball for a goal from the square, Cox dive ends up being a Harbour Bridge special, ruled a goal. (Q4 23:06)
Credit for the stripping tackle by Petruccelle on Clark to set up that goal. (Q4 23:41)
Switkowski roves a pack near the hotspot and goals, deep in junk time now. (Q4 26:24)
Darling marks a long Petruccelle ball to the square for some smelly garbage. (Q4 27:40)
Darling marks at half forward within range and passes on for Kennedy to mark 30m out on a slight angle, he converts. (Q4 29:41)
Petruccelle with another centre clearance, Chapman catches Darling high at the hotspot for some more junk, this one a miss. (Q4 31:41)

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