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Blog log from R3 of 2022: St Kilda vs Richmond

Blog log for St Kilda vs Richmond, R3 of 2022

Richmond handballs its way through traffic at half forward from the first centre bounce, Baker is on the end of it for the snap for the first goal from 20m! (Q1 0:26)
Tigers come out the front of the next centre bounce as well, Bolton runs to CHF and bombs long, pitches behind the contest in the square and bounces through! (Q1 1:47)
Grimes intercepts on the last line in a battle with Marshall but his rebound kick to the HBF is in turn picked off by Wilkie, who shoots from 40m… starts right, swings in! (Q1 5:27)
Marshall marks a Steele long kick to 20m in front to level the scores with his first goal. (Q1 7:57)
King roves and snaps high off his left from the pocket 20m out but it wobbles across the face for a point. (Q1 9:47)
Wood rises high to spoil a long speculator, the crumb falls to the packet where Parker gleefully accepts and snaps a nice goal from 25m. (Q1 10:42)
Membrey converts a set shot from 20m in front. (Q1 13:07)
Sinclair bounces twice on a scoot up the guts on the rebound, he passes to Higgins 35m out in front who kicks straight. (Q1 15:12)
Howard spoils on the HBF but goes to ground and the crumb falls back for Lynch who kept his feet, Lynch kicks to the square from 35m, Soldo throws a boot but it’s Lynch’s goal. (Q1 18:42)
Pickett misses a flying snap from half forward. (Q1 19:44)
Butler snaps a goal from a stoppage 20m out in front. (Q1 20:41)
Parker beats Lienert to mark a Rioli kick to the square, wearing a whack but holding on. He puts Richmond in front with his second goal. (Q1 25:05)
Bolton passes low and hard to Balta 45m out on a slight angle who kicks his first goal. (Q1 27:05)
Parker runs back with the flight into a pack to mark 35m out in the corridor, but misses. (Q1 28:43)
Butler snaps his second goal of the quarter after a stoppage 40m out on the flank. (Q1 32:05)
Grimes roves 20m out from his defensive goal but runs into the tackle of Long, who wins the HTB free and boots the goal. (Q2 0:35)
King gets a blocking free on Tarrant 45m out on the flank, his set shot starts left and fails to swing, behind. (Q2 3:34)
Balta takes a contested grab 20m out in the pocket and screws through the set shot to give Richmond back the lead. It’s a shoot out on the docks. (Q2 4:24)
McIntosh chips in front of a lazy Sinclair to mark a Hill rebound kick and sends it back to the hotspot, Ryder spoils down to Parker who snaps the goal. (Q2 10:29)
Bolton marks at the hotspot and boots his second goal. (Q2 16:05)
Membrey marks 30m out on the flank and strokes through his second goal. (Q2 18:20)
Graham hits the lead of Castagna 40m out on a slight angle, he has his kicking boots on and sends that one through. (Q2 20:20)
Nankervis rides a bump and gives to Lynch for a snap from 25m on a slight angle that flies wide. (Q3 4:12)
Hill is stripped of the ball in defensive goalsquare by Jack Ross after a stoppage, Nankervis is Johnny on the spot to volley home an opportunist goal. (Q3 7:27)
Hill receives outside congestion at CHF, he snaps from 45m on a slight angle and it’s a very ugly grubber, did it wobble inside the goalpost? No, snicked the goalpost, point. (Q3 11:07)
Ralphsmith roves a fumble at half forward and bursts clear of the pack to ram home a big goal from 40m! (Q3 12:37)
After a turnover on members wing forced by a Sinclair spoil, Hill gives to Crouch who snaps on the spin from 35m on the flank… falls in for an important goal! (Q3 16:22)
Hayes is involved three times in a passage of play on members wing including a score assist handball to Butler but the snap screws wide from 25m in the pocket. (Q3 18:46)
Hayes marks a Paton pass near the hotspot after another turnover forced by Saints pressure in midfield. He misses, disappointingly. (Q3 19:18)
Hayes gives outside a stoppage on the HFF to a flat-footed Wood, he snaps off a step and it falls over the goal line for a big goal! (Q3 22:44)
Long catches Nankervis HTB 45m out on the flank, Butler sucks Pickett into dropping him off the ball, Long takes the 50m penalty and charity goal, Tiger wheels wobbling! (Q3 25:35)
Gresham gets the next centre clearance, Membrey does a one-two with Long in the pocket and tries a running checkside from 20m out… narrow. (Q3 27:28)
King ends up marking between his legs 40m out on a slight angle after dropping it with his hands, he goals to put the Saints in the lead to start Q4! (Q4 0:41)
Slow rebound around outer wing works as the Tigers are all defending from behind, King marks the long ball to the pocket and keeps his feet to waltz into the open goal! (Q4 4:41)
Broad is pinged for an arm chop on Membrey 30m out near the boundary. Skunk’s set shot smells like roses, the Saints are marching in! (Q4 8:01)
Aarts marks over Seb Ross deep in the pocket 30m out. He tries a set up kick that the Saints rebound easily. (Q4 11:43)
St Kilda rebound around outer wing, Membrey passes to King 30m out on a slight angle who misses. (Q4 13:02)
Repeat inside 50s for the Saints as the Tigers can’t crest the wall on rebound, Paton passes to King 45m out on the flank who booms a big goal! (Q4 14:21)
Time enough for the Tigers but they seem powerless to stop the Saints at the moment, the resistance is almost over. (Q4 15:22)
Edwards roves a Lienert fumble for a snap from CHF after a stoppage but that flies wide right and OOTF. (Q4 16:56)
King draws a holding free on Tarrant deep in the pocket, obvious jumper tugs there. He lines up for the sealer from 35m… and slots it! (Q4 17:48)
Balta pushes Marshall in ruck 25m out on a slight angle, Marshall adds to the Tiger pain. (Q4 20:17)
After Edwards coughs the ball up by hand in attack, quick rebound up the guts and Steele passes to King 45m out in front, who misses everything. (Q4 22:48)
Membrey passes to Hayes 40m out on the flank, we are in junk time and Hayes pleases his fantasy owners with some garbage. (Q4 26:47)
Howard accidentally kicks OOTF 20m out in a ground battle with Bolton, who takes the free for a junk time special in the last minute. (Q4 29:57)

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