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Blog log from R3 of 2022: Adelaide vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Adelaide vs Port Adelaide, R3 of 2022

Motlop snaps the first goal from the pocket 25m out after receiving outside a pack from Mayes. (Q1 1:24)
Henry catches Boak HTB on the wing and goes long to the corridor 20m out where McHenry is caught high by Byrne-Jones and converts. (Q1 5:25)
Schoenberg is dropped after disposal, Gollant gets the free 30m out but starts a fight with McKenzie, play on advantage and a wasteful miss by Schoenberg. (Q1 7:06)
Amon snaps around the corner from 50m on a slight angle but it’s wide right. (Q1 10:46)
Rachele snaps a goal from a stoppage 20m out on a slight angle and revs up the crowd with some showboating! (Q1 15:15)
O’Brien wins the tap in ruck 20m out from Port’s goal but straight down the throat of Drew who goals off the left. (Q1 20:26)
Boak gets the next centre clearance, Georgiades gets a contact free on Butts 40m out on a slight angle for his first goal. (Q1 22:05)
Houston keeps his feet after contesting with Cook on the wing to rove and sees Mayes over the back, long kick to grass for Mayes to run onto and into the open goal! (Q1 26:46)
Marshall marks a Rozee high ball to the hotspot and sneaks the set shot inside the right goalpost. (Q1 30:31)
Mayes roves a Lycett kick to the hotspot, his snap bounces on the behind line and almost performs a Monfries miracle, but is just touched through on the goal line. (Q2 0:55)
Dawson passes to Sholl to mark in a phonebox 35m out in the corridor just before two spoilers arrive. Sholl misses, disappointingly. (Q2 1:32)
O’Brien intercepts a McKenzie rebound kick and feeds Smith to pump it back to the teeth of goal where Himmelberg marks over Skinner 15m out and converts. (Q2 2:57)
Dawson bounces off a Wines challenge on the wing in space, bounces his way to 55m in front and kicks long… shepherded through by Fogarty for a huge goal! (Q2 4:33)
Butters feeds McEntee for a running snap from 40m in the corridor that swerves wide left. (Q2 5:54)
Schoenberg runs through the centre and passes to Himmelberg to mark easily over Bonner 40m out on the flank, he kicks truly. (Q2 8:32)
Marshall marks in the centre but gets a 50m penalty for encroachment by Cook to gift him a goal from the square. (Q2 11:58)
After a Hinge fumble leads to Smith getting caught HTB on the wing, Mead passes to Georgiades 40m out wide on the flank who misses. (Q2 14:13)
Powell-Pepper evades a chase by Keays to kick to the hotspot where Frampton is pinged for contact on Georgiades, who doesn’t miss this one. (Q2 15:33)
Schoenberg gives away another cheap 50m penalty to bring Lycett from the centre to the hotspot, Lychat also makes the Crows pay. (Q2 17:58)
Amon passes to Wines 35m out in front after both sides put a lot of pressure on the ballcarrier causing a fair few turnovers. The Brownlow Medallist misses. (Q2 22:10)
Crouch clears from a stoppage on the wing to the HFF where Gollant dives to mark 45m out. Gollant runs in straight and kicks very straight, beautiful set shot for a goal. (Q2 24:33)
Skinner is pinged for a high tackle on Gollant 20m out on a slight angle. Gollant’s run up is of Ben Brown proportions, and he kicks just as straight, his second. (Q2 27:33)
Crouch stands up in a tackle at half forward and gives off to Dawson who snaps from 50m on a slight angle, lands on the goal line, did McKenzie or the post touch it? Ruled a point. (Q2 29:58)
Houston keeps his feet after contesting 20m out to gather and give to Marshall for a hardfought goal. (Q2 32:38)
Mayes flies in a big pack to clunk an unlikely mark 30m out on a slight angle, no Crow going the punch there. He goals to give the Crow fans something to boo. (Q3 0:54)
Fogarty sends a set shot from the HFF to the square, big pack is there but somehow Gollant gets the snap away for his third goal! (Q3 3:24)
Marshall slots a set shot for his fourth goal from 40m on a slight angle after beating Frampton to mark a Mayes pass. (Q3 5:54)
Murphy misses a snap from the HFF. (Q3 7:20)
Mayes marks a Powell-Pepper pass to 40m on a slight angle and flushes the right goalpost with his set shot. (Q3 8:32)
Keays catches Georgiades high in a tackle near true CHF. Georgiades tries to play on around the mark but nearly kicks OOTF, just a point. (Q3 12:53)
McHenry passes to the lead of Gollant 30m out on a slight angle after Rachele is involved twice on a rebound around outer wing. Gollant sneaks it inside the left goalpost. (Q3 16:48)
Cook roves a Gollant contest over the back of a pack near the hotspot and goals from 20m, Crows making a move now! (Q3 19:25)
Hinge is last man to close the door on a Rozee snap from 35m that lands on the goal line, SLAM it’s through for a point. (Q3 20:55)
McEntee roves in traffic 35m out on a slight angle, bobs through the waves like a cork in the ocean off Kangaroo Island but misses. (Q3 24:48)
Murphy tries a left-foot roller with a man on his ginger 35m out on the boundary… bobbles across the face as the crowd goes oh. (Q3 25:49)
Houston lines up from 45m on a slight angle and misses. (Q3 27:50)
McHenry gets a set shot after the 3QT siren from deep in the pocket 20m out, but shanks it for no score. (Q3 29:08)
Marshall strokes through his fifth goal from a set shot from 40m in front after marking an intelligent Motlop kick from the wing to space. (Q4 1:45)
Fogarty marks 45m out in front, runs in rightish and shoots to the right. (Q4 3:26)
Sholl goes short to Schoenberg 45m out near the boundary, tough angle but he kicks a beauty to give Adelaide a sniff! (Q4 5:09)
Boak passes to Frederick running forward from the wing to 30m out on a slight angle. Frederick slots the goal. (Q4 7:05)
Mayes roves and misses off the left from the hotspot. (Q4 12:51)
Hinge puts his body on the line at half forward to force a contest to a loose ball, the Crows work it forward ending with McHenry giving to Sholl for the goal from the square! (Q4 15:21)
5:00 to go, Himmelberg receives from Rowe outside a stoppage 45m out and kicks off a step… falls inside the right goalpost! Crows back within single figures. (Q4 23:51)
Keays kicks ugly but effectively inside 50 to Himmelberg 35m out in front after Houston is pinged for contact on Rachele in the centre. Himmelberg goals, a point in it! (Q4 25:21)
3:40 to go and now it’s mostly down to clearances, as it has been all night as that’s where the scores have come from. (Q4 25:38)
Stoppages in central midfield piling up, no move made yet, 2:15 to go. (Q4 28:23)
Boak wins a free on Laird on the wing and Rachele is pinged for encroachment, he chunters as Boak is brought near the hotspot, crowd boos, Boak misses! (Q4 29:21)
1:36 to go at the kick in, game is alive. (Q4 29:21)
Frampton free on the wing after the kick in, bomb to half forward, broken play, Keays inside 50 with a high ball but McKenzie marks in relief! (Q4 30:22)
50 seconds left as Port tries to play tempo in defensive 50, eventually Houston dumps long to the wing, stoppage, 25 seconds. (Q4 30:46)
Houston soccers the Laird clearance away but Frampton sends it back into the maelstrom, Mayes was supposed to be the hero but he gives away a high contact free to Murphy 45m out! (Q4 31:46)
Murphy goes off holding his neck, Dawson takes the free 45m out on the flank, after the final siren… (Q4 32:51)
Dawson starts it right, it swerves left and inside the goalpost, Crows pinch a famous Showdown victory! (Q4 33:14)

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