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Blog log from R3 of 2022: Melbourne vs Essendon

Blog log for Melbourne vs Essendon, R3 of 2022

Caldwell marks a hacked Wright kick inside 50 45 meters out on a slight angle, the kick bends wide for a minor score (Q1 2:32)
Oliver picks Perkins’ pocket and streams inside 50, but the kick is wide (Q1 4:22)
Weideman marks a Langdon kick about 30 meters out, the kick bends back, but too late for another minor score (Q1 5:27)
Weideman takes a strong pack mark 25 meters out on an angle, can he convert for Melbourne’s first? He can! (Q1 6:16)
Laverde is the beneficiary of Tom McDonald 50 meter penalty. He lines up 45m out on a slight angle, but the kick bends left (Q1 8:35)
Gawn receives a free kick just outside the 50, he kicks quickly to Petracca who takes the mark 25m on an angle, the kick is straight, but ends with a minor score (Q1 12:28)
Cutler bombs a kick inside 50, but the ball spills and is taken over the line by Tomlinson (Q1 14:15)
Oliver runs through the middle of the ground and sends a kick forward, Weideman takes the mark, but he can only kick a behind (Q1 16:48)
Kelly is called for holding onto Harmes, the kick is 30m out on an angle, but once again the result is a behind (Q1 19:28)
Kozzy Pickett sends a kick in the McDonald direction, the ball spills but Stewart is pinged for interference. McDonald snaps the ball around for Melbourne’s second! (Q1 22:57)
Guelfi unloads from 50, but like so many others tonight it’s a minor score (Q1 24:15)
Viney and Petracca juggle the ball around after a throw in 30m out from goal, but it’s Viney who ends up snapping a quick goal! (Q1 26:52)
Stringer kicks around the body and Tex Wanganeen marks about 30m out on a slight angle. The kick is low… But hits the post (Q2 1:05)
Viney spots Jackson and kicks that direction. Jackson marks 25m out on a slight angle, but it’s another behind. (Q2 3:12)
McDonald marks 50m out on the boundary, thinks about a quick kick but walks back, kicks, and it’s yet another miss. Something in the water perhaps? (Q2 7:37)
Wright sends a neat kick over to Cutler who marks 40m out. He takes his time… and the kick is good! Essendon on the board (Q2 9:56)
Shiel bursts out of the centre square and hits up Wright about 30m directly in front. He goes back and slots it easy as you like! (Q2 12:08)
Weideman skies a kick after picking up a loose ball 15m out from goal. Another behind. (Q2 12:58)
Gawn takes a pack mark 25m out on an angle as the ball comes back quickly, but he shanks the kick and misses the lot (Q2 14:12)
Fritsch takes the advantage and pops a short one up for Sparrow 40m out on a considerable angle. It starts right, but comes back left for a goal! (Q2 17:34)
Stoppage 30m out in the Dees forward 50, Pickett crumbs the ball, but it bounces wide missing everything (Q2 22:13)
Cutler bombs it high inside 50, it spills and Durham flicks it out to McGrath who snaps a late goal in the half for Essendon! (Q2 24:39)
Wanganeen picks up his own dropped mark and runs into open space 30m out, slotting his first goal! (Q3 2:28)
Cutler pops a ball up and it’s Wright who extends for the mark 40m out in front. Straight through the middle for the lead! (Q3 3:41)
Gawn dumps the ball to the top of the square, the ball spills and Hind rushes it through (Q3 5:06)
Wright leaves May behind and takes an uncontested mark 45m out on an angle. The kick is good, and Wright has 3! (Q3 5:58)
McDonald and Kelly tumble, but McDonald holds onto the mark, 30m out on the boundary. He runs around, but it’s a minor score (Q3 8:42)
Oliver poaches a suspect Redman kick and chips it up to Harmes 45m out directly in front. It’s good! (Q3 9:42)
Bowey catches Caldwell HTB just outside 50, he dishes off to Harmes who runs forward and kicks his third! (Q3 14:23)
Weideman takes an easy mark 25m out on the boundary, he lines up for a drop punt like Dom Sheed before him, surely not… YES! (Q3 17:03)
Martin marks on the 50, he kicks quickly to the goalsquare and Stringer takes a strong mark, and converts! (Q3 21:23)
Bombers play some possession footy just outside the 50, but eventually the ball goes inside and it’s Stringer who marks. He goes back… and it’s good! Dons retake the lead! (Q3 24:03)
Oliver takes advantage and dumps it to the square. Weideman pulls down the mark 20m out, and slots his third! (Q3 25:51)
Petracca gets the ball 50m out on the boundary, he takes a single step, kicks, and the ball slices through the middle! (Q3 27:59)
Sparrow mongrels a kick forward, Gawn reaches down, snaps, and… it’s in the post (Q3 28:49)
Hunt hits up Fritsch on a lead about 35m out on a big angle. He sends the ball to the right (Q3 29:53)
Gawn runs through a picks up a spilled ball 45m out on a harsh angle, he sprays it OOTF (Q4 0:42)
Guelfi marks 40m out in front, but the kick was always going left. Minor score (Q4 3:17)
Hunt shanks a high ball OOTF 30m out from the Bombers goal. Wright has the kick, but it’s wide and punched through (Q4 5:17)
Brayshaw picks up a loose ball and smoothly kicks to Langdon 45m out on the boundary. He opens the angle, but it’s not enough and it bounces off the post (Q4 7:19)
The ball rolls around the edge of the Essendon 50, it’s Ham who runs through, picks the ball up, and kicks… a behind (Q4 8:57)
Neal-Bullen marks 40m out, but dishes the ball off quickly to Spargo who takes another 10m and kicks truly (Q4 11:17)
Petracca ends up 1 on 1 inside 50, picks up the ball and fancies a dribble kick from 35m out on the boundary. Behind (Q4 13:42)
McDonald sends it long to Petracca, who has Kelly hanging all over him. The ball spills and Fritsch mops up the mess with a neat finish (Q4 17:02)
Perkins scoops up a crumb about 25m out, snaps around and gives Essendon some hope! (Q4 17:54)
Hind spots Wright in space, and sends it in that direction. He goes back, the ball bends true, and the Dons aren’t out of this game yet! (Q4 20:22)
The ball is sent high and long by Cutler, Wright takes a massive mark 45m out on an angle, but this time he sends it to the right for a behind (Q4 22:16)
The ball pings around in the Dees forward 50, eventually it’s Langdon who takes the shot, 20m out right on the boundary and oh my goodness! What a goal! (Q4 24:18)
Viney pumps it long to Fritsch, who makes a meal of the mark. No matter though as he cleans up his mess and slots another. The Dees are home. (Q4 26:04)
The ball is sent into the square in the Wright direction, but May sends the ball over (Q4 27:58)
Weideman marks by himself in the square and slots his 4th in junk time (Q4 30:38)
Fritsch marks on a lead 40m out in front to put a cherry on top of this team performance, but perhaps fittingly, he misses (Q4 32:00)

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