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Blog log from R2 of 2022: Richmond vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Richmond vs Western Sydney, R2 of 2022

Bolton bursts away from the opening centre bounce, runs through CHF and shoots from 35m but shanks it OOTF.
GWS goes coast to coast, Hill releases Bruhn to run to half forward and pass to Himmelberg 30m out on the flank who misses with a J-curve set shot.
Ward passes short to Kelly 45m out in front, he delivers the first goal of the afternoon with a lovely finish. (Q1 3:15)
Cotchin leads Cumming to a loose ball on the HFF, he passes to the lead of Balta diving in front of Taylor on the boundary 30m out, who misses. (Q1 5:50)
Edwards zooms onto a ground ball at the hotspot, has a man in the square but tumbles the snap wide left. (Q1 12:21)
Pickett leaps over Taranto to intercept a Whitfield rebound kick, he goes to the square but it’s rushed. (Q1 13:15)
Cumming goes long from the wing to Riccardi to mark 40m out near the boundary, nothing Tarrant could do there. Riccardi kicks across the face and OOTF. (Q1 15:01)
Nankervis has a set shot from the boundary touched through on the line. (Q1 16:58)
Whitfield gets bumped at half back by Pickett, his handball goes to ground and Ralphsmith pounces then runs to 45m for the big turnover goal! (Q1 21:16)
Lloyd snaps wide from half forward, Himmelberg tried to mark it on the behind line but over his head. (Q1 21:58)
Hogan passes to Coniglio just inside 50m near the boundary, he runs around Tarrant on the mark and roosts a lovely finish! (Q2 3:30)
Cotchin runs away from the next centre bounce and hits up Bolton 45m out in front, who slots the goal. (Q2 5:25)
Bolton has too much pace for a labouring Coniglio on the wing, he crosses half forward and swerves past Davis to snap the goal from 40m on a slight angle. (Q2 8:25)
Lynch gets a holding free on Davis 30m out on a slight angle, both were holding but only Lynch was going for the ball, he goals as well. (Q2 9:10)
Himmelberg flies on the goal line for a Hogan snap from 30m that falls short, but he fumbles it over for a point. (Q2 11:14)
Broad handballs under pressure to the pocket for Hill to pick off but Bobby grubbers wide from 20m. (Q2 14:47)
Nankervis taps down in ruck for a throw-in 20m out then throws a boot at it, lovely volley goal! (Q2 16:36)
Himmelberg marks at half forward and passes short to Green 45m out on a slight angle, who has contested the centre bounce in ruck. Green misses, just. (Q2 18:25)
A double 50m penalty gifts Bruhn a goal from the square. (Q2 20:08)
Coniglio threads a set shot from 40m near the boundary, he has got his kicking boots on today! (Q2 23:26)
Castagna runs to 50m on the flank after receiving from Balta, his snap lands on the goal line where Haynes marks on his chest to prevent a score. (Q2 25:41)
Flynn gives away a ruck free 40m out on a slight angle, Soldo kicks truly and the goal umpire stands stock still. (Q2 26:58)
Soldo marks 50m out on the flank, tells the ump he’s having a shot, lopes in and… shanks it OOTF. Come on Ivan. (Q2 28:44)
Davis dives to catch a loping Balta but gives away a free for legging and does his hamstring in the process. Balta lines up from 20m out in the pocket and steers it through. (Q2 31:46)
Castagna centres for Pickett 30m out on a slight angle who hangs his set shot right. (Q3 5:52)
Brander provides a crumb for Taranto in the pocket, he gives to Hill who checksides into the post from 20m. (Q3 7:23)
Taranto spins and snaps an unpopular goal, Tiger fans hoot as they are smelling a live kill here with GWS acting like deer in spotlights. (Q3 7:23)
Rioli intercepts a dump kick by Green playing ruckman to half forward for Richmond, he passes to Soldo who marks untouched as Green didn’t stay accountable. Soldo goals. (Q3 11:08)
Cotchin out of the front of the centre bounce, Lynch gathers and gives to Edwards who fumbles and has time ot regather and goal from the hotspot. (Q3 12:46)
Flynn to Coniglio to Kelly for the next centre clearance, Himmelberg leaps on the back of Gibcus to mark and goal from near the hotspot. Simple game, footy! (Q3 14:18)
Riccardi marks a long kick by Kelly in front of Miller 35m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q3 16:10)
Ralphsmith is involved twice in a coast to coast rebound around members wing, Lynch feeds Balta who baulks clear in the square for a goal. (Q3 16:10)
Cumming intercepts a fast break started by Cotchin and there are Giants everywhere on the counter, Hogan stands up in a tackle to feed Himmelberg for the goal from 15m. (Q3 21:08)
Ash gives away a downfield free to Lynch 30m out on the flank who makes him pay with a pretty set shot. (Q3 20:44)
Green gives to de Boer who snaps wide from 40m and gets pushed by Ross after kicking, he takes the free at the spot of the infringement and misses again. (Q3 24:08)
Lynch passes short to Balta 45m out on the flank who swerves a set shot into the post. (Q3 28:11)
Kelly roves a smothered Nankervis kick in a pack at the hotspot and snaps high… just wide. (Q3 28:51)
Cumming intercepts a rebound kick by Short and goes to Riccardi 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q4 1:09)
Bolton marks on the boundary 30m out but misses with the checkside set shot. (Q4 3:57)
Broad catches Haynes HTB at half forward and goes back to the pocket 25m out, big pack forms and Lynch gets a contact free in the middle of it… then hits the post. (Q4 4:29)
Hogan is monstered at half forward, no free and the Tigers whip the footy around outer wing, Baker roves a McIntosh ball to the pocket and rolls through another one. (Q4 6:29)
GWS have a poor record at the MCG and they have turned up today with a terrible mindset, not defending or attacking hard enough. Richmond have had a picnic. (Q4 7:28)
Taranto roves in a pack 40m out on a slight angle and snaps across the body, no one in the square and the ball takes a nice off break for a goal. (Q4 7:59)
Parker snaps around the corner from 45m on a slight angle but two Giants spoil Balta on the line for a behind. (Q4 9:26)
Kelly snaps a mid-range goal while resting forward from a crumb. GWS are good enough but haven’t played like it today. (Q4 10:09)
Perryman is pinged for contact from behind on Castagna going for a Bolton kick to 45m on a slight angle. George kicks his first goal. (Q4 11:56)
Cotchin passes to Lynch at the hotspot after roving a coughed up handball by Coniglio after the next centre bounce. Lynch puts a full stop on the contest with his third goal. (Q4 11:56)
Edwards passes to Balta 40m out on the flank after a coast to coast rebound who pleases the crowd with a long goal. (Q4 18:09)
Cumming roves on the HFF and goes inboard to Green 5om out, who tries to go inside 50 to Cumming again but it doesn’t work. (Q4 21:51)
Brander intercepts a high rebound kick by Rioli over a pack 45m out on the flank, he misses. (Q4 23:10)
Miller passes to the lead of Bolton 45m out on a slight angle, who misses. Five minutes of junk time left. (Q4 24:30)
Brander gathers in the pocket, has a man on him but baulks and delivers a lovely Daicos special from 25m. (Q4 29:30)
Pickett bombs to the square, Balta gets a free for a hold by Idun for his fourth goal after the final siren. (Q4 30:50)

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