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Blog log from R2 of 2022: North Melbourne vs West Coast

Blog log for North Melbourne vs West Coast, R2 of 2022

Petrevski-Seton spoils a McDonald kick across half back, butters up and pokes a pressured kick to Ryan 40m out on the flank. Ryan is called to play on, and misses everything. (Q1 5:08)
Simpkin marks 45m out on the flank and punches a low set shot for a behind. (Q1 6:38)
Ryan keeps a ground ball alive on the HFF and goes towards the hotspot, Hall prevents Rioli from marking but Rioli roves and grubbers it home from 20m in the pocket, first goal! (Q1 8:11)
Larkey marks 30m out on the flank for his first goal. (Q1 11:13)
Larkey gets a contact free on Jamieson and boots his second goal from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 15:53)
Rioli runs from the next centre bounce and passes to Petruccelle to mark in the pocket 35m out, the set shot is short and rushed. (Q1 17:19)
Petruccelle marks again on the boundary 40m out, he tries a drop punt and just misses. (Q1 19:14)
Thomas marks the kick in up the guts, runs through the centre and has no one to aim at so goes himself from fully 70m out, it dribbles over the goal line! (Q1 20:13)
Greenwood tries a left-foot snap from the pocket after a stoppage 25m out but it curls too much and is rushed on the behind line. (Q1 25:19)
Rioli snaps around the corner for his second goal after sharking a pressured Hall handball 20m out in a pack. (Q1 26:44)
Mountford roves on the HFF and passes to Ryan 20m out in the pocket, leading ten yards ahead of Corr. He misses just before the QT siren. (Q1 28:42)
Polec roves a Larkey contest and tries a low-percentage snap from the boundary 20m out that goes OOTF. (Q2 2:23)
Mahony draws a contact free on O’Neill in a pack 35m out in front but hits the post. (Q2 7:18)
Greenwood passes to Mahony just inside CHF, Witherden is just a little late to bring him to ground and the umpire punishes him with a 50m penalty and easy goal. (Q2 10:19)
Turner drops an easy mark in the pocket, receives back and snaps wide from 25m. (Q2 13:03)
Witherden goes short from the kick in, Foley goes up with one arm but gets spoiled, Larkey marks 15m out for the turnover goal. (Q2 14:04)
North waxes the footy out of the next bounce, Powell’s third touch is a pass to Zurhaar 40m out on a slight angle whose set shot is short and rushed. (Q2 15:44)
Hall passes to Larkey on the boundary 30m out after Thomas takes a big pack grab on the wing, Larkey misses across the face. (Q2 16:49)
Ryan shows lovely vision to pass inboard from the HFF to Duggan 40m out in the corridor, who saunters in and goals. (Q2 19:04)
Turner marks 50m out on a slight angle and gives off to Polec who blazes wide. (Q2 20:09)
Horne-Francis wins a pack footy on the wing to start another counter-attack, Larkey marks over Jamieson 40m out in the corridor and chips through his fourth goal. (Q2 21:19)
Witherden goes short from the back pocket and again is picked off, this time by Larkey 30m out on the flank who misses. (Q2 24:14)
The Eagles get a few repeat inside 50s, ending up with Bailey Williams roving a six-man pack and snapping a goal from 20m. (Q2 30:14)
Shuey roves on the boundary 20m out, settles and tries a checkside that doesn’t curl enough, across the face for a point. (Q3 1:24)
Simpkin gives a classic Joe the Goose special to Turner after a quick rebound started by Scott. (Q3 6:08)
Rioli beats Bonar to mark a Shuey pass near the hotspot, using strength to bump shoulders and keep his feet. Willie boots his third goal. (Q3 12:38)
Powell feeds Horne-Francis for a running snap from 45m on a slight angle, crowd goes up then down as he just misses. (Q3 17:10)
McGovern arrives late to fail to spoil Turner 45m out on the flank, ump says come with me, easy goal from the line. (Q3 21:25)
Young catches Rioli high at a ball-in 25m out on a slight angle, right across the chops with an arm. Willie shoots for goal number four… it’s good. (Q3 24:46)
Turner hits the post with a snap to kick off Q4 scoring. (Q4 0:35)
Ryan misses a snap on the run from 55m. West Coast still a sneaky chance in this one, many players lacking fitness but North full of kids and carrying some injuries too. (Q4 1:54)
Larkey does a one-two with Turner and boots his fifth goal. That makes it tough for West Coast. (Q4 2:18)
Petruccelle misses a flying snap. (Q4 3:34)
Zurhaar plays for and gets a free but misses. (Q4 5:17)
Larkey gets a contact free on Edwards in a one-on-two marking contest and shoots for his sixth major… nup. (Q4 9:37)
Ziebell gives away a front-on contact free to Ryan, who misses from 40m. (Q4 12:20)
Ryan intercepts as North stuffs around in defence, but misses again from a tough angle. (Q4 13:24)
Powell misses Young by foot, Eagles swarm but Naish misses another snap. (Q4 14:02)
Darling has done bugger all today but he marks behind a contest in the pocket, his set shot is wide. (Q4 18:20)
Larkey marks over Hurn 20m out on the flank and goals, his sixth and the sealer with 2:40 to go. (Q4 23:43)
Mountford scores a junk time special. (Q4 27:28)

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