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Blog log from R1 of 2022: Western Sydney vs Sydney

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Sydney, R1 of 2022

Rowbottom chases a crumb in the pocket from a scramble at half forward but it’s Gulden who sums up a messy play with a skidding kick to the square favouring Heeney who goals. (Q1 1:52)
Hill gets a contact free at true CHF, he gives wide to Lloyd who lets fly from just outside the paint and kicks a big goal! (Q1 6:32)
Green dumps a kick blind from the last line and Parker marks it 40m out on a slight angle, but the set shot is OOTF. (Q1 8:50)
McLean takes a contested grab in a four-man pack 30m out on a slight angle for his first goal. (Q1 11:45)
Florent zooms away from the next centre bounce, cross the painted grass and launches from 45m for an impressive goal! (Q1 11:45)
Kelly to Brander from the next centre bounce, kick from the HFF lands in the opposite pocket where Himmelberg takes a big mark over the pack and goals from 15m. (Q1 14:49)
Hayward misses a target going inboard on the wing and the Giants counter with numbers, Riccardi passes short to Hill 45m out in the corridor who doesn’t score. (Q1 20:36)
Rampe kicks blind from the back pocket but straight to Green 45m out on the flank, who has been red hot in Q1. His set shot is a pearler, his first goal. (Q1 21:20)
Tom McCartin gets a bad bounce on the HFF, Himmelberg pounces and kicks to the behind line from 45m where Brander marks then hits the post. (Q1 25:00)
Perryman passes short to Lloyd 40m out on the flank after a slow but careful set up by GWS. Lloyd boots his second goal. (Q1 27:46)
Coniglio runs away from the next centre bounce and goes long and quick to the pocket where Himmelberg keeps his feet after contesting against Tom McCartin to snap the goal from 20m (Q1 29:33)
Lloyd marks in front of Blakey 50m out on a slight angle but hooks that set shot left. (Q1 30:36)
Wicks marks a Blakey floater just inside 50m in the corridor, his set shot is short but Whitfield is pinged for HTB on Gulden near the behind post, he goals. (Q2 1:23)
Brander passes to Hill 30m out on a slight angle, he converts from a distance that is more within his skill set. (Q2 3:35)
Gulden goes long towards Franklin in the pocket, bounces but Buddy gathers and pokes a kick to the square where McLean draws a contact free on Ward for his second goal. (Q2 5:50)
Hayward roves a smothered Stephens attempt at the hotspot and tries a checkside under pressure that doesn’t bend enough. Needed a left foot there. (Q2 7:35)
Stephens passes to Franklin in the pocket who draws a holding free on Davis, that one has been coming for a while as Davis has been all over him. Buddy converts from 20m. (Q2 9:24)
Kelly marks at half forward and delivers a sensational pass to Brander who drops a pud, the crumb falls for Himmelberg who goals from 20m. (Q2 11:20)
FLorent kicks inside 50 not once but twice after the next centre bounce, the second is contested by McLean and it’s Hayward who is front and centre to grubber it home from 20m. (Q2 12:35)
Paddy McCartin receives from Blakey and tries a short pass from the last line but it’s straight to Hill at the hotspot, a bit too ambitious there and Hill makes him pay. (Q2 15:38)
Rowbottom passes to Franklin leading to the boundary 30m out, Taylor pushes him late but no penalty. Franklin plays on and doesn’t score, eventually rushed. (Q2 18:22)
Mills sends a very high inside 50 kick to the hotspot, 30 blokes milling about at the fall but somehow Parker marks unopposed and goals. (Q2 19:34)
Florent gathers a loose ball at half forward, fends off Ash, baulks clear and snaps a lovely goal from 40m in front! (Q2 22:01)
O’Halloran goes long from the wing to the corridor 20m out where Green flies and uses his height to pluck a mark over a big pack, very impressive for the goal to regain the lead. (Q2 24:21)
Gulden misses a golden chance from half forward after the next centre bounce. (Q2 26:36)
Whitfield’s rebound kick is turned over, Blakey passes to Hayward 45m out on a slight angle who misses. (Q2 26:36)
O’Halloran passes to Riccardi near the hotspot, too much leg rope given by Paddy McCartin on that play. Riccardi shanks it right for a behind. (Q2 29:47)
Green feeds Taranto to run to 50m on a slight angle and blaze away but it’s wide left. (Q2 30:35)
Riccardi draws a holding free on Rampe on the HFF and hits the square, Flynn provides the contest against two Swans and the crumb sits up for Taranto to volley home! (Q2 32:06)
Whitfield kicks inside 50, off hands at the hotspot and dribbles for a behind. (Q2 33:06)
Whitfield gets a repeat inside 50 on the Kennedy kick in, his kick is a bit ugly but very effective as it swerves towards Brander at the hotspot, who shanks as well for a point. (Q2 33:49)
Hill bounces a snap from a stoppage 30m out on the flank into the near goalpost. (Q3 3:15)
Rowbottom goes long to the square, ball hits turd and it’s a mad scramble, Parker blocks a Cumming handball and volleys the crumb home! (Q3 4:45)
Coniglio receives wide of a pack at CHF from Lloyd, Rampe challenges but goes to ground allowing Cogs to keep his feet, straighten up and goal from 40m! (Q3 7:01)
Heeney gets the next centre clearance kick and McDonald marks in front of Keeffe near the hotspot. McDonald’s first disposal is a behind. (Q3 8:31)
Cumming goes long on a slow rebound by GWS, Brander can’t mark but he keeps his feet to soccer home the crumb from 20m! (Q3 12:31)
Campbell has space to run his full measure up the wing and then some to reach 55m on the flank, he lets fly with the left boot and sails it home! (Q3 13:41)
Cumming passes to Taranto 40m out wide on the flank on a repeat inside 50. Taranto misses across the face. (Q3 18:10)
Florent is involved twice on a rebound around members wing that ends with Wicks who misses from 25m on a slight angle. (Q3 19:15)
Franklin drops a chest mark in a pack at the hotspot, Parker is there for the crumb and snaps the goal on the turn. (Q3 23:31)
Florent goes long to the square after a turnover on the wing, but Idun is the only man there to touch it through for a point. (Q3 24:46)
Franklin passes low and hard from the centre to Parker to mark over Perryman 30m out on the flank, the set shot is hung right to level the scores. (Q3 29:24)
McLean contest a Rowbottom kick to half forward, Parker is again the man who knows where the crumb is going and he bounces through another rover’s goal from 45m! (Q3 30:46)
SHeldrick has a snap smothered but the crumb falls for McInerney who gives to Parker, he snaps on the left, it’s high and just straight enough for goal number five! (Q4 3:04)
Gulden takes two bounces on a scoot up the guts on a rebound started by Kennedy, waves his arms then kicks long, Parker roves and sends Heeney into the open goal! (Q4 5:34)
Flynn roves on his knees on the HFF and gives wide to Taranto who runs to 40m on the boundary and snaps OOTF. (Q4 7:52)
Hickey taps a ground ball wide of a stoppage in the pocket towards the corridor, Heeney is first there to gather and snap over his left shoulder for another one for Sydney! (Q4 9:34)
Coniglio set Hill away to run to 45m on a slight angle and shoot… just wide right. (Q4 10:36)
Flynn gets a rather soft holding free on Tom McCartin in a marking contest 45m out on a slight angle. The Swans fans cheer as the set shot flies OOTF. (Q4 11:12)
Hopper holds Florent at a stoppage 30m out near the boundary, the free kick is straight through for the third goal for Florent, Sydney in control now. (Q4 15:30)
Brander rolls a snap wide from mid-range. (Q4 17:01)
Kennedy turns the ball over by hand in the centre, Taranto marks a Brander pass at the hotspot and misses. That was probably the last chance. (Q4 18:50)
Ward bounces through a goal from a stoppage 30m out on the flank, despite a lunge on the line by Campbell. (Q4 22:35)
Florent runs from the next centre bounce and gives to Gulden who passes to the man of the moment, Franklin. Buddy lines up from 45m on a slight angle but hooks it right. (Q4 24:39)
BLakey kicks high and blind from a stoppage to 45m on the flank where O’Halloran marks and misses. Less than two minutes to go, game over. (Q4 29:31)

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