Blog log from R1 of 2022: Geelong vs Essendon

Hawkins marks a Parfitt short pass near the boundary 40m out, nothing Stewart could do there. The set shot starts left and draws right, quality finishing from the Tomahawk! (Q1 2:21)
Perkins passes short to Guelfi 45m out on a slight angle after a turnover in midfield, but Guelfi misses. (Q1 6:41)
Dangerfield booms a long goal from 50m after the Cats go coast to coast from the Stewart kick in. (Q1 7:03)
Selwood to Dangerfield for the next centre clearance, long to the behind line where Cameron marks and goals. Simple game, footy! (Q1 9:17)
Tuohy passes to Cameron to mark in front of Stewart 45m out on the boundary, whose set shot is wide and rushed by Draper. (Q1 10:16)
Long hopeful ball to the Essendon goalsquare, the crumb falls for Devon Smith who jinks clear and goals over his right shoulder. (Q1 14:51)
The Cats are getting full value for inside 50s, Essendon are facing a defensive flood. Pattern for the game has been set early, it’s going to be a long afternoon. (Q1 15:27)
Cameron roves Hawkins at a ball in to 20m and runs ahead of two Bombers to the top of the square for an easy goal. (Q1 17:11)
The Geelong mids swarm to force another centre clearance, this one ends with Dahlhaus who slots the snap from 45m on a slight angle. (Q1 18:26)
Selwood it was with the goal assist handball. (Q1 18:41)
Hawkins marks on the boundary 25m out and hits the post. (Q1 20:41)
Merrett receives from Draper and passes short with nice touch to Caldwell 45m out on a slight angle. The ex-Giant kicks truly. (Q1 22:17)
Stanley to Parfitt to Dangerfield for the next centre clearance kick, Danger goes for broke and the kick flies wide left. (Q1 23:56)
Hawkins marks 45m out on the flank, Cameron takes out his man Laverde on the way through, then Tomahawk compounds the damage with his second goal. (Q1 27:57)
Hawkins marks in the pocket and tries a centring ball to Higgins that doesn’t hit, eventually Stengle gets a snap off from 25m but that’s wide. (Q1 29:16)
Redman roves at defensive hotspot and panics a bit with a left-foot rebound kick that goes straight to Tuohy but he drops it, has enough time to butter up and goal from 45m. (Q1 31:37)
Dangerfield runs away from a secondary bounce in the centre to start Q1, he goes long to Hawkins who beats Stewart to mark and boot his third goal. (Q2 0:59)
Blicavs receives from Stanley, baulks around Guelfi and misses from 45m on a slight angle. (Q2 3:21)
Dangerfield roves Draper at a stoppage on the HFF and punches it long and low up the flank to Hawkins who again beats Stewart to mark 20m out for goal number four. (Q2 4:29)
Henry flubs a kick across half back to Shiel and the Bombers finally have a front half turnover to exploit, Shiel sets up Martin for his first senior AFL goal from 20m. (Q2 8:34)
Laverde spoils Ratugolea at half forward but the Cats lock the ball in on the ground as Tuohy hits the square, Stengle roves and goals from 15m. (Q2 10:19)
Ham marks 45m out then goes further to Devon Smith 30m out on a slight angle, a rare Bomber attack where Geelong hadn’t flooded back. Smith wastes the set shot. (Q2 14:04)
Stewart is pinged for contact on Cox 45m out on a slight angle, the set shot is wide and rushed. (Q2 15:26)
Dangerfield misses a target by foot at half forward and the Dons rebound up the guts, Perkins passes to Baldwin who marks strongly over Stewart 45m out on a slight angle, no score. (Q2 23:39)
Terrible skills in this game all of a sudden, turnovers galore, but Hawkins delivers a lovely touch pass to Close 30m out on a slight angle for a goal. (Q2 26:30)
Essendon is breaking even in general play now but the scoreboard is a mountain they don’t look like climbing. (Q2 26:54)
Evans taps down Merrett’s handball at the Cats hotspot following yet another Geelong centre clearance, Stengle roves and snaps wide. (Q2 28:17)
Dangerfield roves a Stengle contest 35m out in front and gives off to Higgins who does the rest off the left. (Q2 29:39)
Isaac Smith snaps well wide from a pack 20m out. (Half Time)
Close snaps wide from 20m under pressure. (Q3 0:56)
Wright had a quiet first half but he takes a big pack mark at the top of the square for his first goal. (Q3 2:30)
Isaac Smith is pinged for encroachment to bring Cutler from half forward to the square for an easy one. (Q3 5:16)
Dahlhaus passes to Close sliding on his knees to 40m on a slight angle, who kicks truly. (Q3 9:52)
After Martin gives away a 50m penalty for gobbing off, Higgins marks 45m out on the flank and has his set shot rushed. (Q3 13:31)
Stengle has space to run on the wing after a releasing kick by Hawkins from defence, he bounces a pass towards Dangerfield who dribbles wide from 15m in the pocket. (Q3 14:49)
Hawkins monsters Hind with a tackle at the hotspot, Higgins roves and misses. (Q3 16:48)
Stewart turns the ball over by foot on the HBF, Parish mops up, long ball to the hotspot where Guelfi roves and feeds Martin for his second goal. (Q3 19:47)
Selwood scoots away from a stoppage on the wing, Hawkins drops the pass but Dahlhaus roves and feeds Stengle for a goal from the hotspot. (Q3 23:32)
Holmes bounces twice on a gallop through the centre, he tries his luck from 65m but the ball dribbles wide. (Q3 26:17)
Hawkins in ruck down to Stengle for his second goal from 15m, easy game when you play under the Tomahawk. (Q3 27:05)
Selwood bounces up the outer wing and passes to Stengle 40m out on a slight angle. Geelong in full purring mode now. Stengle boots his fourth major. (Q3 29:43)
Geelong playing some Harlem Globetrotters footy now, Cam Guthrie is on the end of a pretty play around the outer wing and goals from 30m on the flank. (Q3 31:47)
Wright kicks off Q4 garbage time with a set shot from near CHF that lands on the line and is rushed. (Q4 1:14)
Martin has space and time to settle over a running snap from 30m on a slight angle after a pass by Wright, that one sails through for his third goal. (Q4 6:17)
Again it’s Martin at much the same spot with a snap for his fourth after the Dons boss the next centre bounce, that’s a big return for the first-gamer! (Q4 7:32)
Hawkins marks on the lead 45m out on the flank and misses. (Q4 10:49)
Martin receives from Wright and waltzes into the square for his fifth goal, set up by Baldwin stripping Henry in a tackle at half forward. (Q4 12:33)
Holmes roves 45m out on a slight angle and bounces through an opportunist goal. (Q4 14:28)
Close marks an Isaac Smith pass in front of Heppell 30m out on a slight angle, he shoots for goal number three… hits the post. (Q4 17:33)
Holmes gets a 50m penalty to bring him to the hotspot for another one. (Q4 20:59)
Caldwell misses with a set shot from 45m on a slight angle. (Q4 23:33)
Selwood plays on to advantage to set up Evans for a running goal from 40m in front. (Q4 24:55)
Caldwell gives the remaining Don fans something to cheer limply as he converts a set shot from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 26:49)
Baldwin marks just inside 50m on a slight angle, he has had a dirty day and this one flies wide. (Q4 29:29)
Wright marks 50m out on a slight angle for a junk time special. (Q4 31:13)

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