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Blog log from R1 of 2021: Brisbane vs Sydney

Blog log for Brisbane vs Sydney, R1 of 2021

Swans turns it over behind centre after the first bounce, Bailey runs to 50m on a slight angle and bangs through the opening goal! (Q1 1:09)
Fullarton gets a lucky bounce at half forward and feeds Bailey streaming towards goal again, he kicks a second from 45m! (Q1 2:49)
Daniher gets a lucky bounce on the HFF with Rampe misjudging, he turns and mongrels a snap home from 35m. (Q1 5:19)
Gulden hits the lead of Heeney 45m out on the flank, who misses near side. (Q1 9:19)
Warner feeds McDonald who has time to steady over a snap from 50m on a slight angle, he rams that one home! (Q1 10:56)
Reid marks a Rampe ball from the wing to 25m out on the flank in front of Payne, but misses badly. (Q1 15:12)
Mills passes short to Kennedy standing on his own 30m out on a slight angle, who also sprays it poorly. (Q1 17:49)
Cameron gives to Daniher who snaps from 55m on a slight angle, Florent gets to the line to touch it through. (Q1 21:47)
Papley’s lightning hands make quick work of a handball chain through heavy traffic on the HFF, his second give is to Heeney who does the rest off the left from the hotspot. (Q1 23:25)
McInerney turns rover for a Daniher contest but his off-balance snap goes wide from 20m. (Q1 24:27)
McDonald takes a contested grab in front of Andrews leaping 40m out on the flank for a Florent ball from midfield. He shaves the outside of the right goalpost. (Q1 26:55)
Gulden marks at half forward, wheels and hits Mills running forward to 40m on a slight angle who converts. After a fast Lion start, Sydney is in front. (Q2 0:15)
Gulden is involved twice in a slow build up then runs to mark a Heeney pass 40m out near the boundary… then threads the needle for an impressive first goal in senior footy! (Q2 3:55)
Gulden passes low to a diving Heeney 35m out on the flank to mark in front of Lester. That’s Heeney’s first goal of the season, Swans in control. (Q2 8:36)
Kennedy marks a Warner ball 45m out, turns and finds Gulden leading up to the hotspot. Gulden kicks truly, Sydney kicking away! (Q2 10:09)
Hickey wins the next centre clearance as he has often tonight, Parker gives outside to Wicks who screws home another one for the rampaging Swans! (Q2 12:36)
Coleman taps a high handball by Zorko to Lyons who snaps a rare Brisbane goal from the hotspot. (Q2 14:41)
Daniher draws a holding free on Rampe at the hotspot, fairly obvious that one. He makes no mistake with the set shot. (Q2 16:06)
Coleman roves a Birchall speculator to the hotspot for a nice crumbing goal. (Q2 21:16)
McCarthy sails through another one for the Lions from near CHF after Lyons feeds Neale for the next centre clearance. (Q2 22:41)
Cameron marks just inside 50m on the flank despite the best efforts of Cunningham. He hits the square where McInerney marks and goals. (Q2 25:57)
McLean passes short to Reid 45m out on a slight angle. Reid set shot sneaks inside the left goalpost for a nice finish. (Q2 31:02)
Daniher gathers a bouncing Zorko ball and wheels onto his left 40m out on the flank but bounces his snap wide. (Q2 33:53)
Gulden marks on the HFF, wheels and kicks to the fat side for Blakey to mark over Robinson 45m out on a slight angle for the first score of Q3, which is a goal. (Q3 1:00)
Berry gathers at half forward and feeds Bailey who scoots to 45m on a slight angle and bangs through the levelling goal. (Q3 1:55)
Heeney drops a mark at half forward but keeps his feet to regather, bounce off a challenger and hit McDonald at the hotspot, who goals. (Q3 7:35)
Bailey falls into the back of Papley at true CHF for Sydney, his set shot nicks the inside of the goalpost on the way through. (Q3 10:40)
Heeney leaps over Payne to mark a Florent ball up the guts to the hotspot, he pops that one through with no problem. (Q3 13:20)
Zorko volleys a centre clearance to the HFF where Coleman beats Campbell and lets fly from 50m… just wide. (Q3 14:36)
Pappley runs away from Sharp from a stoppage on the wing and hits Mills 40m out in front for another one for Sydney. (Q3 16:36)
Sydney gets an attack going with the loose man, ending with a Joe the Goose special by McLean to McDonald. (Q3 20:20)
Reid marks on the lead 40m out on the boundary and delivers a lovely set shot, Sydney is streeting away! (Q3 24:16)
Zorko tries a grubber from the pocket 20m out after roving but he can’t get the ball to turn, it skids across the face. (Q3 26:00)
The rebound from the kick in doesn’t go past the HBF for Sydney, Berry kicks a much-needed goal from 50m. (Q3 26:41)
Parker gives to Wicks who snaps on the turn off a step from 45m on a slight angle… that one curls in! (Q3 27:06)
Warner shows some toe speeding away from a pack on the wing, long to McLean who doesn’t mark but butters up and feeds Gulden for his third goal from 20m! (Q3 30:01)
Zorko clears from the next bounce, Hipwood marks on the flank 40m out but misses badly. (Q3 31:41)
Heeney marks at CHF and goes quickly to Papley 20m out on a slight angle. The 3QT siren sounds… Papley converts. (Q3 34:21)
The showers that have threatened all evening are finally here. (Q4 4:49)
McCarthy converts a set shot from the top of the square to kick off Q4 garbage time scoring, bit of a red hot free against Rampe. (Q4 7:12)
Parker marks a Heeney pass near the boundary 50m out, cribs a few yards then roosts home some cherries. (Q4 10:24)
Wicks gets a free in the pocket and gives off to Gulden for a miss from 25m. (Q4 13:58)
Heeney misses a left-foot snap from near the hotspot. (Q4 14:45)
Parker boots his second goal from the hotspot to pile on the pain. (Q4 15:58)
Neale passes to McCluggage 30m out on the flank who kicks a junk time goal. (Q4 20:28)
Kennedy snaps high from outside a pack at the hotspot, the ball bounces in the square, does Payne touch it? Ruled a behind, not overturned, it’s a point. (Q4 22:43)
Hipwood has had a dirty night, even he is disgusted after he kicks a stinky garbage goal from the HFF. (Q4 25:43)
Zorko gets some junk as well, and he is not impressed. (Q4 30:58)

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