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Blog log from R1 of 2021: Essendon vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Essendon vs Hawthorn, R1 of 2021

Worpel feeds it out to Shiels who sends it to the goal square from the middle. Ceglar stands strong and tall over Francis before splitting the middle. Hawks on the board! (Q1 1:02)
Draper lays a heavy tackle on Impey then follows up his own work, snapping from 40 but pulling it to the left. (Q1 6:32)
Front-on contact against Burgoyne gifts Hooker a look at goal from 25. On a minimal angle, he misses badly to the left. (Q1 7:45)
Breust crumbs in the hot spot and links up with Mitchell by hand, the latter feeding Morrison who snaps truly on his right boot from 30! (Q1 10:32)
Jiath falls in the back of McDonald-Tipungwuti after a solid tackle, allowing the Bomber goalsneak to kick his team’s first of the night from 35m out! (Q1 12:42)
McGrath explodes out of the centre bounce, feeding the first-gamer Jones who turns on a dime and pinpoints Caldwell in space. From 30, Jye slides it into the post. (Q1 14:51)
Cox grabs the loose ball and offloads by hand to McDonald-Tipungwuti whose pass to Sheil is barely 15m. Still, he nails the set shot from 40, putting Essendon in front! (Q1 18:52)
Jiath gallops down the wing with two bounces, sending it inside 50 where Brockman marks strongly in front of Redman… The youngster kicks his first AFL goal from 35! (Q1 21:53)
An out-positioned Hanrahan manages to reel in the mark over Heppel in the pocket. On the wrong side for a right-footer, he hits the post. (Q1 25:53)
Parish’s inside-50 kick results in Day infringing on Harrison Jones in the marketing contest. Lining up for his first in league footy, from 35, right in front, he misses. (Q1 27:33)
Wright’s backpass to McGrath from the pocket is called not 15, forcing the former #1 draft pick to wheel around on his right… and the snap bends straight through the middle! (Q2 4:01)
A coast-to-coast play from the Bombers involving a huge left-foot Cox kick results with Parish marking in the pocket, lining up, and hitting the right-hand goalpost. (Q2 6:17)
Jiath goes one-two with Breust at half forward but his running left-foot shot from 40 is wobbly, missing to the left. (Q2 6:45)
For back-to-back goals for the Bombers, Snelling crumbs the Hooker contest in the pocket and snaps truly on his right! (Q2 9:00)
Ham and Jones combine by hand before Shiel sends it goalbound from 55. Hooker’s best to react, clutching the mark and snapping truly on his left from the tightest of angles. (Q2 13:15)
A fast centre break for Essendon sees Langford pinpoint Jones within scoring range. From 45m on a 45-degree angle, he sprays it OOTF. (Q2 14:58)
Jones’ pass to McDonald-Tipungwuti is called play-on, so the latter swings around and hits Merrett in space who has no trouble converting from 40m out. (Q2 18:11)
A couple involvements from Heppell on the flank sees Shiel cruise inside 50 and snag the Bomber’s 5th on the trot — this time on the run from a rather tight angle. (Q2 22:02)
Devon Smith sends it forward with intent, launching from behind centre into Wright’s mitts at the 45. The ex-Sun has no trouble splitting the middle! (Q2 23:42)
The Bombers get the clearance, and then for 7 in a row, Smith goes BANG from outside 50. (Q2 26:01)
Burgoyne’s phenomenal smother ricochets to McGrath who snaps on his right boot from 25 but misses… (Q2 26:54)
After Cox gets reported for a high bump on Hanrahan at half back, a 50m penalty takes him within scoring range. From 45m, directly in front, Ollie splits the middle. (Q2 29:40)
Just four seconds before HT, Langford centers the footy to the hot spot where McDonald-Tipungwuti marks unopposed. After the siren, he extends the lead to 39. (Half Time)
With good vision, Shiels cuts inboard from the boundary line to hit O’Brien lace-out on the lead. From 45, Tim delivers! (Q3 2:31)
Moore crumbs at the hot spot, running head-first straight into a high and errant Francis arm. From dead in front, Dylan makes it two in a row for the Hawks. (Q3 5:58)
A galloping Draper goes with the outside of the boot from 40m out, but with pressure hot on his heels he sprays it through for a minor score. (Q3 6:32)
Breust crumbs on the flank before hitting Brockman lace-out in the pocket. With the right-foot banana, the first-gamer curls it through the big sticks! (Q3 7:39)
A turnover at half-back allows Parish to combine with Draper and McDonald-Tipungwuti but the latter’s left-foot snap trickles wide. (Q3 9:56)
From one end to the other, the Hawks make it four in a row as Moore effortlessly roves the O’Brien contest at the hot spot and snaps the goal! (Q3 10:32)
Hartigan drops the defensive mark and — despite an arguable push-in-the-back call — is penalised for holding the ball. Jones, the benefactor, misses badly from 35m. (Q3 13:33)
Phillips sends it to the goalsquare from the forward flank where Morrison flies high to mark over Ridley, making it five in a row for Hawthorn… game on! (Q3 13:57)
The Hawks go end to end where Ceglar spots Hanrahan in space out the back. His shot is a shocker, landing with O’Brien who plays on, finally finding Phillips who snaps truly. (Q3 22:33)
Parish heads long to Hooker one-on-one in the goalsquare but Frost arrives to land a crucial fist and punch it over the line for a minor score. (Q3 23:30)
Breust marks in front of Francis on the 50. Despite falling short, the Bombers can’t kill the footy and Moore is first to react, putting the Hawks within a point! (Q3 25:56)
A running Merrett takes a bounce on the wing, kicking across his body to Parish who marks at the 45. With no major angle, Darcy slots a much-needed Bomber goal. (Q3 26:53)
Hanrahan and Mitchell combine at half forward, the latter finding Koschitzke 20m out who unselfishly offloads to Breust for the easiest of goals. (Q3 29:03)
To start Q4 McDonald-Tipungwuti crumbs the pack with calss, allowing Smith to snap on his left, but the shot from 35 bounces to the near side. (Q4 0:54)
Straddling the boundary line, Merrett sends it inside 50 where Jones flies high to mark amongst the pack. Eyeing his first major of the evening, he pulls this one to the left. (Q4 2:52)
A 50m penalty is paid against Brockman for running over the mark, bringing Redman within striking distance. From just inside 50, he misses narrowly. (Q4 4:20)
Draper falls in the back of Breust, pleading his case. With a chance to put the Hawks in front, Luke misses to the far side from 35. (Q4 7:34)
Ceglar passes short to Breust who marks just inside 50. He opens up the angle but misses to the nearside this time. (Q4 9:13)
Howe marks with space on the wing, sending it to the hotspot in Moore’s direction but Ridley gets back with a crucial spoil just in time. (Q4 12:18)
The Hawks switch direction across half back, ending with McEvoy mismatched against Hind in the goalsquare. Big Ben has no trouble, putting Hawthorn in front with 7 mins to play! (Q4 14:35)
Mitchell’s second effort following a strong tackle sets up Jacob Koschitzke for a quick snap… but it’s offline. (Q4 15:55)
The Dons go end to end where Draper drifts across the pack to clunk the mark at the 35. To level the scores, from 35m out, he squeezes it in! (Q4 17:35)
Mitchell gets a quick kick away from 45, punched over the line for a point. It’s 1 point the margin with 3 minutes on the clock! (Q4 21:47)
A scoop-throw is paid against Hardwick, gifting Smith a look at the big sticks. From 45, he sneaks it in for a critical goal! (Q4 22:55)
O’Brien marks in the pocket. He lines up side-on and splits the middle with the snap — Hawks back in front! (Q4 24:42)

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