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Blog log from R21 of 2020: Brisbane vs Geelong

Blog log for Brisbane vs Geelong, R21 of 2020

Menegola spoils Robinson on the wing, Robinson goes down holding his eye, Menegola butters up and hits Hawkins on the lead 45m out on the flank, who misses. (Q1 5:29)
Brisbane rebounds coast to coast from the kick in, McCluggage passes to Cameron 45m out on the flank, his set shot is a peach for the first goal of the evening. (Q1 5:29)
Duncan passes to Ablett 45m out on the flank after the Cats win the next centre clearance, the set shot falls in the square and is rushed. (Q1 6:54)
Andrews rebounds to the HBF but the Cats have two on one, long Simpson ball to the square where the Cats again have two on one, Parfitt marks and goals. (Q1 11:40)
Ablett releases Dangerfield for a run around the wing, his pass is very short to Hawkins but paid, Hawkins goals from 40m on the flank. (Q1 15:40)
Hawkins feeds Ablett from ruck to snap from 40m on the flank, but the snap curls too far right. (Q1 20:10)
Stanley marks 50m out on the flank and hooks his set shot left. (Q1 21:19)
Rayner bombs long to Cameron one out, can’t mark and Henry roves but Cameron pounces to catch him HTB 15m out on a slight angle for his second goal! (Q1 23:55)
Menegola gets a kick away from a scrum at half forward, Ablett marks and finds Hawkins on his own 30m out on the flank for the first score of Q2: his second goal. (Q2 1:22)
Starcevich spoils a Dangerfield kick to the Cats HFF but the crumb falls for his opponent Rohan who bounces through a quality snap from 45m. (Q2 5:52)
Brisbane wins the next centre clearance, inside 50 kick to the hotspot goes to ground, Ah Chee gives outside to Hipwood who snaps the goal. (Q2 7:03)
Ablett dives to tackle Zorko as he shoots from 25m on the flank, he is pinged for a push and is horrified, Zorko misses anyway. (Q2 11:04)
Rayner gives to Rich who launches from 60m near the boundary, the ball pitches behind the contest in the square and skids the wrong side of the goalpost. (Q2 15:15)
Rohan crumbs his own contest at half forward and gives inside to Menegola who sprays a running snap from near the hotspot. (Q2 16:47)
Selwood goes long to the square, Andrews beats Hawkins to punch it through for a rushed behind. (Q2 18:03)
Rich burns the footy in midfield but Miers gets the chance and fluffs it, dropping an easy mark 40m out then missing the subsequent snap. (Q2 21:35)
Neale runs away from congestion on the wing, only Cameron to aim at but he kicks it over Charlie’s head from 70m and it rolls through for a huge goal! (Q2 22:50)
Guthrie catches Bailey high in a pack 45m out on the flank just before the HT siren, Bailey tries a checkside that goes wide. (Q2 27:12)
Dangerfield wobbles a left-foot kick from the wing to half forward, Henry flies in from the side to mark 40m out on a slight angle, the set shot wobbles in! (Q3 2:05)
McCarthy roves on the HFF and kicks to the pocket where McStay takes a contested grab with Blicavs draped all over him 20m out. The set shot screws into the post. (Q3 4:54)
McInerney drops a defensive mark at the hotspot, Blicavs roves and gives to Miers who snaps OOTF. (Q3 8:47)
Parfitt has a running snap from 40m on the flank but that’s also OOTF under not much pressure. (Q3 8:47)
Menegola centres to the square, Dangerfield can’t mark but he fights on at ground level to feed Ablett for the goal from 15m. (Q3 11:36)
Neale has space and time on the wing and measures a pass to Rayner in front of Stewart 45m out on a slight angle. Time for Rayner to deliver… and he does! (Q3 13:07)
Duncan feeds Ablett to run from the next centre bounce and let fly from 55m on a slight angle… Hawkins shepherds it through! (Q3 15:53)
Birchall sends a high speculator to the hotspot on a repeat inside 50, Hipwood busts the pack to mark on his chest but misses. (Q3 18:21)
Duncan draws a high tackle free on Lyon and goes to Ablett in the pocket 30m out. This for three for the quarter… hooks left. (Q3 21:36)
Hawkins rolls a snap wide from a stoppage in the pocket. (Q3 24:05)
Blicavs roves, breaks a tackle and shoots from 40m on the flank… just across the face. (Q3 25:46)
Miers marks a Stewart inside 50 kick next to the hotspot. This for the game, just about… it’s home, and so are Geelong. (Full Time)
Neale gets a set shot from 50m on a slight angle, he loads up and clears the pack on the line! (Q4 2:48)
Tuohy picks off a Neale kick to the flank 40m out, he sits the kick up but no score results. (Q4 5:18)
Lester intercepts a rebound kick on the wing, Dahlhaus is pinged for timewasting to bring the mark to 20m on a slight angle, Lester misses. (Q4 7:33)
Tuohy marks a Dangerfield pass in front of Robinson 35m out on the flank, this time he aims at the goalface and kicks truly. (Q4 9:49)
Menegola passes to Hawkins leading to 30m on the flank, nothing Andrews could do there. The Tomahawk misses, but it’s too late for the Lions now. (Q4 15:49)
Menegola intercepts the Birchall kick in 50m out on a slight angle and hooks it right for a point. (Q4 15:49)
Hawkins marks again ins front of Andrews 40m out near the boundary, this one a short pass from Rohan. That one is narrow as well. (Q4 18:04)
Rohan gathers a bouncing Hawkins ball, breaks a tackle and gets some junk from the hotspot. (Q4 19:33)
Rohan marks 40m out on the flank and misses. (Q4 22:59)
McInerney touches through a Tuohy snap from the pocket for a point. (Q4 22:59)
Rohan gets a holding free on Ah Chee in the pocket just before the final siren, he kicks truly. (Q4 22:59)

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