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Blog log from R22 of 2020: Richmond vs Geelong

Blog log for Richmond vs Geelong, R22 of 2020

A lull as Vlastuin is stretchered off, with Ablett also extremely unlikely to return with what looked a dislocation in the shoulder or elbow. (Q1 9:21)
Duncan hits the lead of Hawkins 40m out on the flank after a flowing move from half back by the Cats, the Tomahawk just misses left. (Q1 16:03)
Dangerfield drops the knees in a Graham tackle 45m out on a slight angle, ump pays the free for in the back, Danger misses. (Q1 18:01)
Bolton forces a contest on a wayward inside 50 kick that Stewart had covered, Tigers everywhere at the fall and Graham feeds Prestia to snap the first goal from the hotspot! (Q1 20:16)
Geelong overpossess the footy by hand in traffic on the wing, ball is coughed up to Martin who immediately kicks inboard, Short gives to McIntosh who bangs it through from 50m! (Q1 22:06)
Martin screws a kick to the square where Menegola spoils McIntosh for a Tiger behind. (Q1 23:36)
Guthrie marks 45m out on a slight angle and kicks the first goal for Geelong. (Q1 24:36)
Menegola passes long to the pocket where Duncan wins a raffle to mark 25m out, his set shot is a peach to give Geelong the lead. (Q1 32:37)
Rohan catches Prestia HTB on the wing and goes to the pocket where Dangerfield draws a rather soft holding free on Cotchin, Danger’s set shot is fabulous from 35m. (Q2 3:19)
Martin turns the ball over by foot on the wing, Miers pokes a pass to Dangerfield 50m out on the flank. Dangerfield hits the pocket, no direct score results. (Q2 9:36)
Dangerfield’s chase forces Broad to kick from the BP straight to Miers 30m out on a slight angle, but Miers plays on and misses, disappointingly. (Q2 11:20)
Duncan scuff a kick from a stoppage on the HFF inside, it lands in the arms of Tuohy who snaps across the body from 45m on a slight angle… also just wide right. (Q2 12:18)
Balta turns the ball over by foot off half back, Miers pokes a pass to Menegola 40m out on a slight angle, that one finally sails through. (Q2 15:35)
Ablett roves a stoppage on the wing and gives to Selwood who hits Hawkins 40m out on a slight angle, Cats stars shining on a wet Gabba night. Hawkins goals! (Q2 18:05)
Bolton marks a Short kick 45m out on the flank. Big kick this one… wide right. (Q2 21:19)
Henry kicks OOTF on the HBF, Baker hits the square, Martin roves and snaps a fantastic goal over his shoulder under a tackle, Dusty is standing up! (Q2 23:54)
Martin catches Blicavs HTB after a stoppage in the pocket, he lines up from 30m near the boundary, but shanks a checkside for no score. (Q2 26:05)
The Tigers win the first centre clearance of Q3, long ball to the corridor 20m out where Riewoldt is held by Henderson and boots his first goal with his second touch of the night. (Q3 1:13)
Selwood turns the ball over in the centre after a free, Martin passes to Graham who gets a contact free on Blicavs 45m out on a slight angle but doesn’t score with a shank. (Q3 3:29)
Kolodjashnij turns the ball over centring from half back, Tigers everywhere and it’s Castagna who marks unopposed 45m out on a slight angle and kicks a sack of a goal! (Q3 4:14)
Geelong was the team applying by far the most pressure in the first half but the tables have well and truly turned and several Cats are panicking. (Q3 7:17)
Geelong gets its game going with a rebound by hand up the wing, Miers is on the end of the chain to shoot on the run from 45m on a slight angle… skids through! (Q3 7:55)
Castagna roves a Nankervis contest to the next centre clearance by Martin, three Cats pressuring and it bounces well wide left from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 9:27)
Stanley turns rover for a long ball to the hotspot but he snaps wide off a step. (Q3 10:35)
Bolton intercepts a Bews kick to the BP and centres to Lambert 20m out on the flank, who converts. (Q3 12:00)
Speculator from a scrimmage on the wing to CHF for Richmond, Martin has two to beat but keeps his feet to rove his own contest and checkside a grubbing gem of a goal from 40m! (Q3 16:45)
Selwood runs from the next centre bounce, Baker gives him an elbow across the chops, no advantage paid so the free kick comes back to 50m, kick short and rebounded. (Q3 18:00)
Miers catches Broad HTB on the HFF, gives off to Guthrie who blazes wide. (Q3 20:00)
Ablett passes to Hawkins on the boundary 30m out, who plays on and misses. (Q3 22:03)
Blicavs is last man in defence but coughs it up at half back, Edwards gets the running snap from 30m on the flank but skids it wide. (Q3 26:03)
Lambert feeds Prestia to run into the open goal for the first of Q4 after the Tigers surge around the outer wing. (Q4 1:46)
Bolton intercepts on the wing, plays on and baulks free then goes long over the Geelong defence to Lynch in the square for a massive goal! (Q4 8:17)
Pickett grubbers an inside 50 kick after the next Martin centre clearance kick, Taylor catches Cotchin high 40m out on the flank whose set shot is short and rushed. (Q4 10:47)
Lambert roves at half forward and gives to Martin who snaps on the turn from 50m on a slight angle to an empty square… skids through! That’s just about it folks. (Q4 13:32)
A lull as Simpson is on his back after being KOed, likely stretchered off. (Q4 15:32)
The clash that KOed Simpson was actually a brave pack mark to Menegola 50m out on a slight angle, the resumption is his set shot… (Q4 16:47)
which is a big goal! (Q4 22:58)
7:04 to go and three kicks in it. Momentum is nil. It would be a miracle from here for Geelong. (Q4 23:17)
Graham sharks a smothered rebound kick by Henry and lets fly from 40m on the flank… OOTF. (Q4 25:16)
Quick repeat inside 50 goes straight to Riewoldt 45m out on the flank, who just misses left. (Q4 26:17)
Repeat inside 50s for Geelong but Richmond have numbers in defence and the Cats can’t get a clean shot off as yet, clock under 4:00. (Q4 27:33)
Edwards starts a rebound but Stewart cuts if off at half back, Cats attack rather slowly, Richmond rebounds again, Bolton sharks a Taylor handball and bounces a kick OOB in the FP. (Q4 27:33)
2:58 to go, stoppage in Tigers FP, Lynch snaps wide to make it three straight kicks the difference, 2:48 to go. (Q4 27:33)
Baker passes to the lead of Riewoldt in front of Stewart 40m out near the boundary. Riewoldt takes his full allotted time, and slots the sealer! (Q4 27:33)
Martin pickpocklets Stanley in the pocket and performs an outrageous party trick goal from the boundary 25m out off a step, the celebrations begin in Tigerland! (Q4 27:33)
That goal came from a broken tackle by Dangerfield, just to rub it in. (Q4 27:33)
Riewoldt misses a set shot from 45m on a slight angle. (Q4 27:33)

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