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Blog log from R20 of 2020: Richmond vs St Kilda

Blog log for Richmond vs St Kilda, R20 of 2020

Cotchin gets the first centre clearance kick, Lynch is one out with Howard 30m out on the flank and takes a strong contested grab for the first goal of the night. (Q1 0:31)
King roves a Membrey contest 15m out but his snap is smothered and ricochets for a point. (Q1 5:42)
Edwards is front and centre for a long ball to a four-man pack 35m out on a slight angle, he grubbers home the goal from long range. (Q1 7:29)
Howard is pinged for stepping OOB in possession 20m out, Lynch hits the far goalpost off his left boot. (Q1 11:00)
King volleys the crumb from a Nankervis dropped mark 20m out but it sails wide. (Q1 14:18)
Butler marks 55m out on a slight angle and gives off to Savage who loads up for bear Derek Kickett style and kicks the cover off it for a massive goal! (Q1 14:50)
Bolton roves a Lynch contest at half forward, gets corralled by Sinclair on the HFF, sends a speculator towards the square… it pitches and rolls left for a lucky goal! (Q1 18:17)
Another speculator to half forward by Martin, Bolton zips onto the crumb, four Saints converge so he throws the ball on the boot, bounces through from the square again! (Q1 20:32)
Martin with the next centre clearance, crumb to Richmond and it’s McIntosh who bounces through another snap to the square from 45m! (Q1 21:32)
Geary drops a sitter from a Marsh inside 50 kick in the pocket but King mops up and gives to Butler who snaps truly just before the QT siren sounds. (Q1 26:09)
Billings is caught high by Lambert after a stoppage 45m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q2 1:36)
King’s tackle forces Balta to kick OOTF 20m out, Marsh takes the free and checksides across the face. (Q2 3:08)
Membrey marks on the wing, wheels onto his right and hits King leading up the channel to 40m in the corridor. King misses. (Q2 5:36)
Edwards snaps a goal from a stoppage on the HFF with a quality finish, as is often the case when the opposition miss a few shots in a row. (Q2 13:07)
Steele catches Balta HTB on the boundary 15m after a Houli hospital handpass, he’s had a quiet night so far but that’s a big contribution, six points. (Q2 15:07)
Martin with a long centre clearance, the ball clears the pack in the pocket and bounces nicely for Riewoldt who gives Rioli a Joe the Goose special. (Q2 16:24)
Nankervis bosses a stoppage on the HFF and Richmond works it around the arc, Houli passes to Lynch 40m out on the opposite flank, the set shot falls in. (Q2 19:47)
Martin with yet another centre clearance kick and it falls into the arms of Bolton 35m out on a slight angle, who sails through his third goal. Tigers taking control. (Q2 21:37)
Vlastuin leaps to touch a long snap from a stoppage by Sinclair 45m out on a slight angle, goal umpire calls point but it’s reviewed… inconclusive, a behind ruled. (Q2 27:22)
Broad is pinged for running OOB on the wing, Ross bombs to the hotspot where Battle, who has been off the ground for half an hour, clunks it in a big pack and… misses. (Q3 6:19)
Marshall intercept marks on the wing, Lynch gives away 50 for scragging Howard to put him near the hotspot for another disappointing miss. (Q3 7:47)
Ross passes to Battle in the pocket 30m out, this set shot is much better for his first goal. (Q3 10:40)
Houli passes to Lynch 50m out on a slight angle after the Tigers again win the next centre bounce, Lynch’s set shot drifts across the face. (Q3 12:35)
Lonie kicks to green grass at the hotspot on a fast break, Billings can’t gather, Butler soccers but it ricochets off Battle’s shin into the goalpost, unluckily. (Q3 13:25)
Billings marks on the HFF, his set shot is wide and rushed. (Q3 14:24)
Richmond rebounds around the outer wing, slick handball chain through traffic at half forward ending with Prestia who turns and shoots from 40m in front… big goal. (Q3 15:25)
Cotchin is caught in possession at half back, Coffield hits the lead of King 35m out on a slight angle who hits the post. Just not St Kilda’s night. (Q3 18:25)
Again the Tigers can’t clear half back from the kick in, another nice chain of handballs ending with King giving a Joe the Goose special to Kent. (Q3 19:01)
Prestia sets Graham off on a run from a stoppage behind centre, long ball to Lynch who draws a contact free on Howard 45m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q3 22:38)
Jones catches Baker around the neck just before the 3QT siren, Baker misses from the HFF. (3 Qtr Time)
Clark baulks through traffic on the HFF and hits a target inside 50 in Membrey who has Ross over the top for the Joe the Goose special. (Q4 2:18)
Edwards roves a Bolton contest in the pocket, jinks and finds Castagna on his own near the hotspot for a big goal. (Q4 5:13)
Edwards marks a Martin pass at CHF and gives off to Short whose snap is off the hands of Lynch in the square for a point. (Q4 7:25)
Martin snaps very high from a pack 25m out on a slight angle, it falls behind the line just inside the right goalpost for the sealing goal. (Q4 10:52)
Lynch gets a free for Geary touching him on the shoulder next to the behind post, he screws through a behind. (Q4 12:54)
Sinclair kicks to the top of the square, Marsh leads Grimes to the race but the Tiger dives to skew the volley wide. (Q4 18:42)
Lynch draws a free for a forearm across the chest by Howard, but misses from 25m on the flank. (Q4 22:13)

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