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Blog log from R19 of 2020: West Coast vs Collingwood

Blog log for West Coast vs Collingwood, R19 of 2020

Daicos turns the ball over by hand deep in defence, Naitanui gets a pressured snap off from 10m but it wobbles wide. (Q1 2:53)
Crisp burns the footy coming off half back straight to Duggan, who gives to Ainsworth for the pass over Crisp’s head to Darling 40m out in front for the first goal. (Q1 6:58)
McGovern is pinged for stepping out of bounds on the HBF, Pendlebury hits the hotspot where Cox’s height tells for a contested grab and goal despite loud booing. (Q1 10:08)
Hoskin-Elliott sends a long ball from the HFF to a four-man pack 15m out, Cox again is the tallest and clunks the mark and goal. (Q1 12:32)
Cox again beats Barrass to mark in front 35m out on a slight angle and bangs through his third goal in a row! (Q1 14:54)
Collingwood has its ginger up now, Adams intercepts a McGovern kick across half back and gets a 50m penalty on Allen for a smack across the chops to ensure the goal. (Q1 20:40)
Darling marks just inside 50m on the flank and misses. (Q1 22:09)
Kelly roves Grundy at the first centre bounce of Q2, his long ball is marked by Kennedy in front of Madgen 40m out on a slight angle, who goals. (Q2 0:35)
Noble roves on the HFF and is slung around the neck by Hurn, he slots the set shot from 45m belying his history as a defender! (Q2 4:49)
Kennedy beats Roughead to mark 15m out on a slight angle and goal. (Q2 6:07)
Ryan kicks high to the hotspot, Darling gives to Ainsworth who snaps another one, Eagle fans in full voice now! (Q2 8:38)
Maynard is pinged for a late push on Cripps after disposal on the Eagles HFF, downfield free to Ainsworth next to the behind post, he misses everything. (Q2 10:52)
Shuey roves a stoppage deep in defence for West Coast but his baulk doesn’t fool Elliott who catches him HTB and converts. (Q2 14:51)
Kennedy passes short to Cripps 40m out on the flank after Shuey soccers a clearance from midfield to Darling as link man. Cripps misses. (Q2 18:05)
Stephenson has time and space for a run and bounce across half forward, he shoots from 45m on a slight angle but the ball sails just wide right. (Q2 22:09)
Darling brings the Eagles home crowd to its feet with a contested clunk from a Gaff speculator to a pack 30m out on a slight angle, he kicks truly. (Q2 23:46)
Noble roves at half back but his spin doesn’t get past Kennedy who claims him HTB 45m out on a slight angle but misses as the HT siren sounds. (Q2 25:37)
Allen takes a contested grab at the top of the square to kick the Eagles into the lead at the start of Q3. (Q3 0:56)
Cox marks on the HFF and gives off to De Goey whose right foot step fools two chasing Eagles, he skids through the goal from 45m with a shepherd in the square by Mihocek. (Q3 4:28)
Ryan marks at CHF and gives off to Cripps who performs much the same sort of trick as De Goey, this one sailing through at goalpost height from 45m. (Q3 5:40)
Elliott gives to Hoskin-Elliott who fumbles, gathers and misses on the turn from 25m on the flank. (Q3 11:31)
After Elliott is nearly pinged for HTB on the wing, Hoskin-Elliott marks a De Goey pass at the hotspot and plays on to goal. (Q3 14:04)
Elliott receives from Thomas and just misses a flying snap from the HFF. (Q3 15:09)
Daicos delivers a lovely pass from half forward to the benefit of Mihocek to mark over Hurn 15m out in front for another one for the Maggies. (Q3 16:14)
Shuey passes from the wing to Kennedy who draws an arm chop free on Cameron 40m out on the flank and hits the post. (Q3 18:27)
Darling snaps wide from deep in the pocket 25m out. (Q3 19:22)
Treloar is in space to rove a McGovern spoil, he snaps across the body off the left but just misses. (Q3 22:13)
Naitanui gets the first kick of Q4 and it lands in the arms of Ryan to mark in front of Roughead 40m out on the flank, he steers the set shot inside the right goalpost. (Q4 0:44)
Cripps roves a throw in to the pocket 20m out and snaps off the left but it’s narrow. (Q4 3:04)
Cripps roves on the HFF and gives to Allen who snaps as he'[s tackled by Moore… he pounds the turf in triumph as he kicks the Eagles in front! (Q4 5:29)
Kennedy marks a Cole ball in the pocket 30m out but his set shot doesn’t screw enough off the left, across the face for a behind. (Q4 8:04)
Kennedy roves a Ryan contest to a Gaff ball at the hotspot but his left-boot snap is lame and bounces wide for another point. (Q4 9:32)
Thomas draws two Eagles on the HFF and gives to Mihocek who throws the ball on the left boot from 45m, it’s a mongrel off the boot but it wobbles through, Pies lead again! (Q4 10:29)
Ah Chee roves a Darling contest and snaps from the pocket but Crisp’s pressure skews it OOTF. (Q4 11:46)
De Goey snaps a pearler of a goal from a stoppage 20m out in the pocket to silence the Eagles crowd! (Q4 14:11)
Long ball to the pocket, Mihocek takes a contested grab against McGovern! This to just about ice the game… it’s through! (Q4 16:06)
5:44 to go and three kicks in it now, Eagles will have to go one better on the late late comeback than the Bulldogs did earlier in the dcay. (Q4 16:44)
Cameron takes a relieving mark in the BP but the Magpies turn it over in the other pocket through Maynard, Ryan centres to Kennedy at the hotspot who makes no mistake. (Q4 18:31)
Mihocek has gone loose behind the ball and he cuts off the next inside 50 kick by the Eagles. He starts some tempo. (Q4 22:32)
Cox marks on the wing as the clock ticks under 2:00, two kicks still in it. (Q4 23:05)
Waterman sends a high ball to a pack at the hotspot, Darling chases the crumb and gets caught high by Crisp, he kicks truly, point in it, 1:17 left! (Q4 24:15)
McGovern mops up a Treloar snap from 40m that falls short and the Eagles rebound around the wing… but it breaks down in midfield and the Pies are home! (Q4 25:45)

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