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Blog log from R14 of 2020: Melbourne vs St Kilda

Blog log for Melbourne vs St Kilda, R14 of 2020

Butler burns off Rivers on a sprint up members wing, he does a one-two with Kent and hits Membrey at the hotspot for the first set shot of the night, which is a post. (Q1 2:41)
Petracca gets a holding free on Ross at a stoppage 50m out on the flank, saunters in rightish and kicks the first goal inside the right goalpost with a powerful roost. (Q1 9:11)
Marshall marks in front of McDonald at the hotspot but sprays the set shot, disappointingly. (Q1 11:51)
Phillips runs up the guts and hits the lead of King 45m out on a slight angle who kicks his first goal. (Q1 16:43)
Petracca is in front of the pack to mark a Viney ball down the flank to 20m, he repeats the dose for his second. (Q1 17:51)
Gawn marks easily over Ross at the hotspot after the next centre bounce, his set shot is rightish but straight enough. (Q1 19:59)
Melksham marks on the wing, turns and passes delicately over Howard to Weideman 40m out on a slight angle for his first goal. (Q1 23:34)
Battle roves a King contest and snaps very high from 20m in the pocket, the ball lands on the line and is punched through. (Q2 1:36)
Melksham feeds Weideman for a snap from half forward that flies wide right. (Q2 2:30)
Salem passes to Brown 40m out near the boundary who bangs through a lovely set shot for his first goal, the Demons are kicking them from everywhere! (Q2 7:14)
Phillips gets a contact free on Viney in a marking contest at the hotspot and makes no mistake with the set shot. (Q2 14:29)
Tomlinson encroaches to bring Membrey from wing to 30m on a slight angle, who misses. (Q2 18:16)
Nathan Jones kicks across the backline but straight to Steele 20m out on the pocket who makes him pay with the goal. (Q2 20:14)
Sinclair bursts from the next centre bounce and goes long to the pack at the hotspot, crumb falls for Marshall who grubbers the goal with six seconds left to HT! (Q2 21:59)
Battle snaps a goal from close range from a stoppage with a goal assist tap from King. (Q3 2:57)
Billings snaps wide from 20m in a pack. (Q3 6:45)
Howard handballs blindly from the last line to a dangerous spot under not as much pressure as he thought, Dees pounce with Petracca providing the finish from 20m. (Q3 9:32)
Long ball to the Saint hotspot, the ball pitches and rolls to the square and it’s Ryder who is first to the fall to gather and goal. (Q3 10:31)
Melbourne gets a quick rebound going up the guts, Weideman is behind Geary to gather a long kick to grass and goal from 20m. (Q3 18:13)
May intercepts on the wing and passes quickly to Petracca 50m out on a slight angle, who just misses left. (Q3 21:33)
Zero goalmouth action so far in Q4, both half back lines able to intercept at will but unable to get decent attacks going. (Q4 11:19)
Petracca is spoiled 35m out, gets tackled, wins his own crumb and gets a snap off that rolls tantalisingly… did Howard get a finger on it on the line? Umpire’s call: goal! (Q4 12:58)
That kick was heading for the behinds but took a wicked off break, almost Angus Monfries areas, for a huge score! (Q4 13:53)
Sinclair finds Membrey on the lead 40m out on a slight angle, a rare attack through the centre in this extremely conservative quarter. Membrey kicks the goal. (Q4 16:18)
Maybe we will see some more dare in the last five minutes, about time because the previous 20 were rather dire. (Q4 16:43)
Marshall sticks out the left arm and marks in a wrestle with May 50m out on the flank, his set shot goes wide. (Q4 19:30)
Tomlinson cuts off a Hill inside 50 to stop a Saint attack. (Q4 20:59)
Stoppage on the wing, 1:18 to go. (Q4 20:59)
Zak Jones sets Hill off for the clearance win, Long goes high to the hotspot but no one can mark and the Dees clear. (Q4 22:00)
Free against Melksham to Howard on the HBF, mark Kent on the wing, switches to midfield… siren! Demons win. (Q4 22:40)

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