Blog log from R14 of 2020: Carlton vs Collingwood

Madgen beats De Koning and plays on to advantage up the guts for a pass to Thomas 45m out for the first set shot of the game, a miss. (Q1 1:34)
The Pies break up the shanked Docherty kick in to the flank, Phillips mops it up and slots the first goal with a snap from 40m. (Q1 3:33)
Betts and Quaynor go for a bouncing kick towards the hotspot by Setterfield, the Pie runs underneath it to allow Betts to outjudge him and snap his first goal. (Q1 10:18)
Centre clearance to Carlton, Betts gathers and has a moment at the hotspot but his snap lands in the square for Moore to cut off and rebound. (Q1 11:19)
Quaynor roves on the HFF and bangs the ball back down the line to 20m, Thomas is front and square for the Cameron contest and snaps the regulation goal. (Q1 13:06)
Hoskin-Elliott passes to the lead of Thomas in front of Williamson deep in the pocket 25m out, he misses. (Q1 15:18)
Pendlebury snaps OOTF off his left from 40m in the corridor, Hoskin-Elliott respectfully asks the question why he didn’t get a pass instead. (Q1 18:36)
Repeat inside 50s for Carlton eventually tell as Hoskin-Elliott scrubs a clanger kick from the BP straight to Walsh, who has time to steady off a step from 30m and goal. (Q1 20:23)
Thomas roves a Cox contest at the top of the square and kicks quickly but the ball rolls wide. (Q2 0:46)
The Blues go coast to coast from the kick in, McKay marks in the pocket 15m out and screws through the go ahead goal. (Q2 1:22)
Crips loses the footy on a scamper through midfield but there are enough Pies in the vicinity to keep the attack going, eventually Thomas goals on the run from 45m in front. (Q2 6:00)
Jones is all over big Cox to concede a holding free 45m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q2 8:00)
Stephenson marks on the lead 35m out on the flank and steers through his first goal. (Q2 9:17)
Betts gives to Fisher in the pocket 25m out, he has only a moment and has to snap off the right boot but makes it work for his first goal. (Q2 11:52)
Betts hits the post from a free kick against Quaynor 45m out near the boundary. (Q2 14:14)
Gibbons snaps across the face from one pocket to the other, Betts is there to dive and mark 20m out for his second goal. (Q2 18:18)
Curnow marks 40m out on the flank and steers another one inside the right goalpost. (Q2 20:25)
Collingwood gets the next centre clearance, Stephenson marks and misses from the HFF. (Q2 22:01)
Stephenson drops a Daicos ball to the hotspot with the sun in his eyes but Mihocek is there to rove and goal anyway. (Q2 24:45)
Newnes sails through a snap from half forward after receiving from Cripps outside a pack. (Q2 27:11)
Quaynor encroaches to bring Betts from wing to 40m out on a slight angle, his kick falls in the square and Pittonet snaps into the goalpost. (Q3 8:12)
Fisher feeds Gibbons who snaps off a step from 20m on the boundary, just narrow. (Q3 8:38)
Elliott misses on the run from half forward. (Q3 13:27)
Thomas roves in the pocket and gives to Stephenson who hits the top of the square where Jones loses touch with Cox to allow the big American to mark and goal with ease. (Q3 15:13)
Stephenson plays on after a mark in the pocket and misses. (Q3 18:13)
Sipmson intercepts at half forward and hits the lead of Martin 45m out on a slight angle… who decides to pass and misses the target, moment lost. (Q3 21:27)
Phillips gets the first scoring attempt of Q4 away, a missed snap from half forward. (Q4 0:24)
Hoskin-Elliott levels the scores with another missed snap from half forward. (Q4 1:35)
Another repeat inside 50 for Collingwood, Mihocek passes to Stephenson 40m out on a slight angle, his set shot is touched through by Jones on the goal line. (Q4 2:19)
Hoskin-Elliott taps a loose ball to Stephenson who runs around Plowman like he’s not there and grubbers through a big goal from 10m! (Q4 6:19)
Stephenson gets a contact free on Plowman at half forward and hits the hotspot, Daicos roves in traditional Daicos style and snaps the goal off the left boot! (Q4 12:57)
Mihocek makes sure of the win with a set shot from 50m on a slight angle. (Q4 16:15)
Cripps misses a set shot from the hotspot, disappointingly. (Q4 19:10)
Curnow snaps OOTF from the HFF. (Q4 19:10)
Curnow goes long to the square from a stoppage on the HFF, the ball pitches beside two contests and rolls wide for a behind. (Q4 20:36)
Stephenson snaps wide from 20m after a Thomas dash and stumble. (Q4 23:11)
Cox gets some junk from 20m out in front. (Q4 24:20)

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