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Blog log from R13 of 2020: Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn, R13 of 2020

After three Hawks goals to kick us off from Wingard, O’Brien and Burgoyne, Powell-Pepper has a snap from the HFF rushed by Hartley. (Q1 16:12)
Jonas spoils an Impey pass to O’Brien deep in defence and Port rebounds around the outer wing, Gray feeds Ebert to run into the open goal. (Q1 24:51)
Dixon converts a downfield free from 40m on the flank. (Q1 25:13)
Hartlett bumps Shiels in the head to concede a free at the hotspot, Shiels goes off so McEvoy takes the free and kicks truly. (Q1 25:50)
Butters catches Jiath HTB 30m out on the flank after a Dixon contest to a Lienert inside 50 kick. His set shot starts left then swings straight through. (Q2 1:08)
Hardwick roves at the Port hotspot and bounces a handball to the pocket but straight to Gray who screws through a fabulous finish from 20m. (Q2 4:23)
Georgiades gets a HTB free on Frost in the pocket 25m out but misses badly. (Q2 6:36)
Amon snaps a lovely goal from the HFF off the left after roving a Westhoff contest 40m out. (Q2 14:00)
Breust marks 20m out in front for the first Hawthorn goal of the quarter, in red time. (Q2 15:22)
Woodcock marks a centring ball 20m out on a slight angle, a melee forms in the pocket but Stiffy rams it home for another one for Port. (Q2 17:10)
Boak misses from a stoppage in the pocket. (Q2 20:26)
O’Brien gets a blocking free at a stoppage near the boundary 35m out but misses the lot. (Q2 22:25)
Georgiades worries Frost off a defensive mark then receives from Ebert for a snap from 20m which he sprays, disapointingly. (Q3 1:36)
Lycett marks over Worpel 45m out in the corridor, his set shot falls on the behind line where Dixon gets a holding free on Hardwick and goals. (Q3 2:49)
After the goal another melee forms and Georgiades gets a free on Frost for a sling to ground, he misses from 20m in the pocket. (Q3 4:10)
Hanrahan roves a centring ball by Shiels to 20m in front and snaps truly. (Q3 7:50)
Butters snaps wide after some broken play at half forward for Port. (Q3 13:16)
Hanrahan centres from the pocket to Wingard on his own at the hotspot who makes no mistake with the set shot. (Q3 14:15)
Worpel snaps wide after a stoppage in the pocket. (Q3 18:24)
Hanrahan goes long to the square but it’s off Patton’s hands for a behind. (Q3 18:56)
Ebert gets a contact free on Stratton 35m out on the flank but sprays it OOTF. (Q3 21:16)
Breust weaves through traffic on the wing and switches to midfield where Hanrahan finds Impey 40m out on a slight angle for a goal to level the scores! (Q3 22:51)
Lycett snaps wide from traffic 35m out on a slight angle. (Q4 0:30)
Powell-Pepper roves at pace at the hotspot, hurdles clear but snap wide off the left. (Q4 2:14)
Gray gives to Ebert who snaps wide from 40m on a slight angle under not much pressure. (Q4 2:49)
Ebert roves a long McKenzie ball to the pocket and gives inside to Georgiades for the goal from 20m. It was coming, Port dominating ball and ground in Q4. (Q4 6:52)
Day catches Mayes high 45m out on the flank who misses. (Q4 12:49)
Howe gives to Burgoyne who runs to the edge of the centre square, assesses options in a crowded forward line and kicks over everyone’s heads for a big goal from 55m! (Q4 14:59)
Jiath tries to play around Gray on the mark on the HBF but Gray mows him down, the set shot from 45m is wide and short for no direct score. (Q4 19:29)
Butters shoots through the stoppage 20m out like a knife through butter to kick the sealing goal! (Q4 20:14)

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