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Blog log from R11 of 2020: Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs, R11 of 2020

Smith runs through midfield on a fast rebound and bombs over Gardiner to Wallis 20m out for the first goal of the evening. (Q1 3:34)
Neale roves McInerney at a stoppage in the pocket but rolls his snap from 20m wide. (Q1 5:01)
Wallis dives in front of Starcevich to mark 40m out on a slight angle, he boots goal number two! (Q1 6:17)
Zorko kicks from half forward, it pitches behind Ah Chee and rolls wide for a point. (Q1 8:49)
Birchall sails a high speculator to a pack at the hotspot, the crumb falls perfectly for Ah Chee but he burns a very good opportunity. (Q1 10:21)
Lipinski feeds Macrae for a running snap from 45m in front, that one sails through as well! Bulldogs have the jump. (Q1 11:18)
Zorko passes from midfield to Ah Chee in the pocket 25m out, this set shot is a straight one. (Q1 14:41)
McStay roves at half forward in front of English, he bounces a ball to the square where Hipwood is there to volley home! (Q1 17:14)
McInerney leaps over Liberatore to mark a Lyons ball 40m out on the flank, he gives off to Neale who hits the square where Ah Chee takes a massive screamer and goals! (Q1 20:19)
Macrae gives to Wallis who misses off a step from the HFF after the Lions turn the ball over. (Q1 22:40)
Macrae passes to the lead of Lipinski 45m out on a slight angle, who kicks into the man on the mark and the moment is lost. (Q1 24:33)
After a Williams handball clanger on the wing, Ah Chee passes to Hipwood who gets a contact free on Keath just before the HT siren. Hipwood shanks a miss from the hotspot. (Q1 26:48)
Witherden passes to Bailey on the HFF, he just misses. (Q2 3:24)
Lipinski slips over chasing a loose ball at the Lion hotspot, Berry forces the crumb for McCluggage who snaps truly off the right boot. (Q2 5:14)
Lipinski pays back the team with a snap goal from half forward after a Lloyd free on Robinson in the centre. (Q2 6:15)
Bruce roves and misses a quick snap off the left from deep in the pocket 20m out. (Q2 9:03)
Bontempelli marks over Gardiner 20m out on the flank and kicks his first goal. (Q2 9:59)
A series of stoppage in the forward line of Brisbane ends with Zorko feeding McCluggage for his second goal from the HFF. (Q2 15:30)
McStay roves a pack in the pocket and plays on to advantage with a Daicos special from 20m! (Q2 17:13)
Lyons plays on to advantage for a free after the next centre bounce, he hits Hipwood leading to 40m on the flank who steers through another one for the rampaging Lions. (Q2 19:15)
Robinson intercepts at half forward and sends a kick back down the flank where McInerney marks 30m out and misses. (Q2 22:06)
Cameron marks on the boundary 25m out but misses. (Q2 24:11)
Gardner is pinged for high contact on Hipwood waiting for yet another repeat inside 50 for the Lions, Hipwood lines up from 20m on the flank and hooks through goal number three. (Q2 25:52)
Another centre clearance to Brisbane, Lyons pokes a pass to Bailey near the hotspot for another one. Brisbane is on FIYAH! (Q2 28:01)
Cameron runs around the boundary after a stoppage, draws two defenders and gives over the top to Hipwood to goal from 20m, four for him. (Q3 3:19)
Bruce marks a Cordy pass over Witherden 20m out on a slight angle and kicks truly, reward for some territory in the past five minutes. (Q3 10:53)
The Dogs get a rebound around the outer wing set off by Vandermeer, Dale goes long to the square for Lloyd to mark and goal. (Q3 13:33)
Neale snaps from 40m out on the flank after a stoppage, the ball bounces high in the square and through with a brilliant off break! (Q3 16:20)
Rich passes to Robinson on the flank 40m out who sails through a goal to improve what has been a quiet night for him. (Q3 20:15)
Dale marks 35m out on the flank and kicks truly, but we are into junk time at this point as the Lions busted the game open across half time. (Q3 22:50)
Hipwood gets a free on Gardner for a jumper tug 30m out on a slight angle and boots goal number five. (Q3 25:35)
Naughton, who has had a quiet night, flies across a pack 20m out on a slight angle to mark and goal to kick off Q4 garbage time. (Q4 2:06)
Bontempelli passes short to Lloyd 40m out on the flank after a rebound around the outer wing. Lloyd goals again. (Q4 5:50)
Naughton gives outside to Wallis in the pocket who misses from 20m. (Q4 7:56)
Robinson feeds Bailey for some champagne from 20m. (Q4 10:36)
Wallis gets a blocking free on Gardiner going for a Vandermeer ball to 20m on a slight angle for his third goal. (Q4 13:24)
McCarthy feeds Bailey for a running snap from 45m on a slight angle that just sails wide. (Q4 17:06)

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