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Blog log from R11 of 2020: West Coast vs Carlton

Blog log for West Coast vs Carlton, R11 of 2020

Gaff kicks the first goal of the game after marking a Darling sack of a kick 40m out in front. (Q1 4:46)
Fisher roves a Casboult contest at the hotspot and hoofs through the first goal for Carlton off the left boot. (Q1 7:16)
Casboult marks a long speculator to a pack 30m out on a slight angle but shanks the set shot for no score. (Q1 13:57)
Gibbons roves a pack at the hotspot and gives outside to Walsh who grubbers home from 20m. (Q1 16:16)
Darling gets a HTB free on Petrevski-Seton on the HFF and 50m penalty on Plowman to bring him to the goal line for some charity. (Q1 20:42)
Allen roves and misses from 40m on the flank. (Q1 23:30)
Waterman marks a Sheed ball in front of Plowman 20m out in the pocket just before the QT siren, he misses. (Q1 26:17)
Sheppard is the next goalscorer and his teammates swamp him with delight, he was for some reason in a pack to receive a Darling handball for a snap from 30m on the flank. (Q2 2:18)
Williamson marks just to the right of true CHF but misses. (Q2 4:48)
Jones is pinged for some very soft contact on Darling in a marking contest on the HFF, who misses. (Q2 10:48)
Barrass drops a mark in defence over Betts who mops up and gives to Fisher for the snap goal from 30m on the flank. (Q2 11:38)
Jones sends a speculator to a pack 40m out on a slight angle, Cripps performs a party trick to mark with one arm but misses. (Q2 13:59)
De Koning bombs from a stoppage on the HFF, Patrick Cripps has two on him but the ball pitches and rolls for a behind. (Q2 18:17)
Patrick Cripps keeps a ground ball alive in the FP and gives to Newnes who sends a very high ball to the flank 15m out, Gibbons gets a free for a block and goals! (Q2 19:21)
Gibbons kicks to the top of the square after the next centre bounce, Barrass drops the defensive mark, mad scramble, Betts keeps it alive for Fisher to volley home! (Q2 20:59)
First centre clearance of Q3 to Carlton, the crumb falls to the pocket for Fisher who gathers and boots his fourth goal from 20m! (Q3 0:20)
Darling passes to the lead of Kennedy 35m out on the flank whose first set shot of the day is a hooking goal. (Q3 5:36)
Duggan marks in relief in the BP but plays on too early, Betts pickpockets him and snaps wide from 20m. (Q3 9:33)
Shuey passes to the lead of Kennedy diving in front of Weitering 35m out on the flank, who misses. (Q3 13:31)
Simpson fumbles under pressure at half back and there are three Eagles around him, Waterman passes short to Josh Kennedy 20m out on the flank who goals. (Q3 16:46)
Petrevski-Seton hesitates after roving 20m out from the Eagles goals and is claimed HTB by Jamie Cripps, that one sails through and West Coast is on the march! (Q3 18:46)
Kelly bursts out of the next centre bounce and kicks low and hard up the guts for Darling to mark in front of Plowman 20m out for another one, Eagles hit the front! (Q3 20:29)
Another surge goal to the Eagles, this time by Cameron running into the open goal after catching a skewed Allen snap with some luck about it. (Q3 24:02)
Setterfield snaps the first goal of Q4 from a stoppage 50m out on a slight angle. (Q4 1:21)
Kennedy wins a hard ball on the HFF and gives to Allen who feeds Sheed on the outside to snap the goal from 40m. (Q4 7:22)
Sun is shining but also a light shower has started. (Q4 10:19)
Sheed’s finishing skills are turning this game, he snaps another goal from half forward after a Redden feed outside a stoppage. (Q4 13:37)
The inside 50s for West Coast are piling up, Waterman marks in front of a big pack 30m out on the flank and converts. That’s the sealer with 6:45 to go. (Q4 16:04)
Gibbons bounces around the outer wing and hits the lead of Casboult 40m out on the flank, whose set shot is just short and rushed. (Q4 18:38)
Waterman misses a snap on the run from half forward. (Q4 20:19)

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