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Blog log from R8 of 2020: West Coast vs Collingwood

Blog log for West Coast vs Collingwood, R8 of 2020

Hoskin-Elliott marks 30m out on the flank for the first goal of the game. (Q1 0:52)
Kelly is pinged for encroachment to bring Cameron from wing to 20m out on a slight angle, the ex-Swan kicks truly. (Q1 4:13)
Hoskin-Elliott passes to Mihocek who tries his luck with a grubber from 55m on the flank… skids well wide. (Q1 8:44)
The Eagles rebound coast to coast around the outer wing, Gaff marks 40m out on a slight angle, his set shot falls near the behind line for no score. (Q1 9:58)
From the resultant throw in, Yeo gets a repeat inside 50 and the ball falls for Naitanui who snaps the goal from 30m on a slight angle. (Q1 10:53)
Elliott marks in front of Rotham 45m out on a slight angle, his set shot is rightish but just straight and long enough. (Q1 14:56)
Cameron marks 45m out on the flank, takes all his allotted time over the set shot and delivers a peach for his second goal! (Q1 19:44)
Kennedy keeps his feet after a contest in a pack at the hotspot, the crumb falls over the pack and he wins a fight with Roughead to get to the fall and goal from 15m. (Q1 20:46)
Mihocek takes a strong contested mark in front of Rotham 45m out on a slight angle, but his set shot falls short and is rebounded. (Q1 22:59)
Maynard is pinged for front on contact on Darling, Allen plays on to advantage for the goal. (Q2 1:13)
Darling drops a sitter 20m out from Ryan, terrible clanger under only inferred pressure, mad scramble afterwards and Gaff soccers a point from the behind line. (Q2 3:31)
Kennedy converts a set shot from 20m on the flank, Pies got the jump but now West Coast have nearly levelled it up. (Q2 7:15)
Kennedy takes a contested grab in front of Roughead 40m out on a slight angle, he goals again to put the Eagles in the lead. (Q2 9:33)
Hoskin-Elliott is over the back for a Stephenson ball to the square, four Eagles rush at him and Duggan is pinged for front-on contact to concede the free and goal. (Q2 15:43)
Naitanui misses a long snap from the HFF. (Q2 17:49)
Shuey glides through midfield, does a one-two with Cripps and passes to the lead of Kennedy 45m out on a slight angle, four goals for JJK! (Q2 20:04)
Darling gathers in the pocket and centres to Gaff 20m out on a slight angle. Gaff goals as the HT siren sounds. (Q2 26:04)
Ryan roves a Kennedy contest in the pocket and snaps but the ball lands on the behind line, it sits up for Allen to gather and goal from the square. Eagles kicking away now. (Q3 2:36)
Daicos turns the ball over by foot on the HBF, Kelly passes to Cripps in the pocket 30m out, the set shot is a Sheed-style special for another one! (Q3 5:36)
Crisp bounces a snap wide from a pack on the HFF. (Q3 7:33)
Mihocek snaps from a stoppage near CHF, it bounces in the square and through but was it touched off the boot? Video review say yes, behind ruled. (Q3 10:16)
Kelly runs centrally from a stoppage on the wing and hits the lead of Waterman 35m out in front, whose set shot starts right but hooks left and in for another one. (Q3 13:27)
Shuey passes to Allen 35m out on a slight angle after pickpocketing Treloar at the next centre bounce, Allen boots goal number three. (Q3 16:16)
Mayne is pinged for a hold on Waterman in the pocket 20m out, he boots a second goal. (Q3 17:48)
Grundy roves a Cameron contest at the top of the square but kicks OOTF, he’s having a mare. (Q3 24:13)
Kennedy marks 40m out near the boundary and threads the needle. JJK is back! (Q3 25:17)
Ryan marks a Kennedy snap that lands in the square for some garbage. (Q4 0:59)
Gaff has a set shot from the boundary 40m out, it falls on the line and Darling takes a speccy on the back of Cameron for his first goal, very smelly it is though. (Q4 4:45)
Kennedy gets a contact free on Moore near the hotspot and boots his sixth. (Q4 8:35)
Kennedy screws through his seventh goal from a set shot from 35m on the boundary. (Q4 13:06)
Shuey runs around the ring at half forward and passes short to Redden 40m out in the corridor, his set shot is a shank which Sheed roves and misses. (Q4 15:37)
Elliott marks in the pocket, plays on and misses badly from 25m. (Q4 16:36)
Brown passes to Moore 45m out on a slight angle, his set shot is short and rushed. (Q4 17:45)
Phillips snaps across the face from deep in the pocket 25m out. (Q4 19:00)
Kelly gets some charity garbage from the hotspot after a free plus 50m for late holding. (Q4 20:46)
Daicos catches Cole HTB near the hotspot for some junk. (Q4 22:36)

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