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Blog log from R8 of 2020: Melbourne vs Brisbane

Blog log for Melbourne vs Brisbane, R8 of 2020

Zorko kicks from a stoppage at half forward to the square, Hibberd spoils but Cameron butters up and snaps… touched off the boot. (Q1 2:03)
Neale passes short to Rayner 40m out on a slight angle who boots the first goal of the evening. (Q1 2:31)
Weideman gets an arm chop free on Jarrod Berry but kicks OOTF from 30m on the flank. (Q1 5:22)
Melksham roves and soccers the first goal for the Demons after Fritsch forces a handball clanger by Lester in the BP. (Q1 7:01)
Bailey is front and centre for a McStay contest 40m out on the flank, fumbles and regathers then snaps a goal on the run. (Q1 8:24)
Hannan flies over Birchall but doesn’t mark a Petracca long ball down the flank to 20m, the crumb falls to the square and sits up for Fritsch to soccer home. (Q1 15:31)
Weideman gets behind Andrews to mark a Melksham pass on a fast break. He lines up from 40m on a slight angle but misses. (Q1 21:23)
Fritsch marks a Gawn pass on the lead 40m out in the corridor in front of Birchall, his set shot just creeps inside the left goalpost. (Q2 1:20)
Neale gives a red hot inside ball to McLuggage at a stoppage, he feeds Zorko who snaps from 40m on the flank for a goal. (Q2 6:10)
McStay marks 45m out on the flank but misses badly to the left. (Q2 7:11)
McStay strips Langdon in a tackle at the hotspot, Zorko roves and snaps across the body, into the post. (Q2 8:16)
Repeat inside 50s tell for the Lions, McLuggage gives to Hipwood who snaps high off the left foot across the body from the hotspot, that one sails through for a goal. (Q2 9:55)
Langdon marks an Oliver pass 40m out in the corridor, the crowd hoots and he misses. (Q2 15:41)
McStay shanks a kick from a pack near the goalsquare, it flies out luckily to Robinson 25m out on a slight angle who misses. (Q2 19:56)
Langdon is pinged for high contact on McCarthy at a stoppage 35m out on a slight angle, McCarthy just avoids the right goalpost for his first of the night. (Q2 22:36)
Weideman marks o the HFF and gives inside to Bennell flashing past, but Rich tackles him and forces the snap OOTF from 40m. (Q3 3:25)
Jetta is pinged for deliberate OOB next to the behind post, Cameron takes the free and screws it home for his first goal. (Q3 8:10)
Fritsch wins a ground ball at the hotspot and gives to Pickett who shrugs a tackle and blazes wide with Langdon waiting for the give. (Q3 11:40)
Melskham runs to receive from Hannan after a mark at half forward, he turns and shoots from 40m on a slight angle for a much-needed Melbourne goal. (Q3 13:55)
Oliver roves on the HFF and gives outside to Bennell who runs to 25m and misses, disappointingly. (Q3 18:24)
After McInerney plays volleyball on the wing, Cameron speeds up the wing and down the flank to 30m for a running goal. (Q3 19:57)
Rayner turns the ball over by foot at half forward and the Dees rebound at pace, Melksham passes to Weideman who misses from 40m on the flank. (Q3 22:37)
McCarthy is pinged for a hold on Harmes after the Demon fumbles a ground ball 40m out in front of the Melbourne goalface. Harmes tugs it way left. (Q4 2:24)
Jackson roves his own contest 20m out in the pocket after Starcevich fumbles and gives inside to Viney who does the rest off the left boot. (Q4 3:50)
The Lions apply frontal pressure at half forward and eventually a gang tackle on McDonald 40m out in front wins the HTB free. Starcevich takes it, and hits the post. (Q4 8:25)
Hipwood marks in front of May 50m out near the boundary. He takes the responsibility of the set shot… lands in the square and rushed. (Q4 10:40)
McCluggage has a chance in space after a chain of handballs from a pack in the pocket, he shoots from 20m but Lockhart touches it off the boot for a point! (Q4 11:42)
A 50m penalty against Zorko for timewasting brings Jones from central midfield to the hotspot, the old bloke converts to keep Demon flames flickering. (Q4 12:25)
6:19 to go, two kicks in it, could go either way. (Q4 13:50)
Jackson marks a Petracca kick at half forward and passes short to Melksham who plays on and bounces through a big goal from 50m on a slight angle. Demons are coming! (Q4 16:05)
Hipwood takes a pack mark using all his height 30m out on the boundary from a high Lyons speculator. His set shot is across the face and rushed. (Q4 19:25)
2:40 at the kick in, anyone’s game. (Q4 19:25)
Rayner roves the May kick in to CHB and gives wide to Neale who shoots from 45m on a slight angle… marked by Lever on the behind line. 2:19 to go. (Q4 20:40)
Lever kicks to the HBF, out for a throw in, 2:13. (Q4 21:10)
Gawn down to Viney but Jarrod Berry tackles, ball up on the Dees HBF, stoppage. They win the next stoppage but break down on the wing, Hannan kicks inside 50… (Q4 22:09)
Fritsch marks it but it’s judged OOTF, then Fritsch wastes time to concede a 50m to Bailey, crossfield kick to Robinson, tempo at 1:15… (Q4 22:38)
Lions share it around the centre line to waste seconds, clock under a minute as Gardiner marks on the wing… (Q4 23:08)
Gardiner kicks to the HFF, Hipwood kicks down the flank to 30m where McStay takes a crucial contested grab in front of McDonald to ice the game. (Q4 23:42)
It’s a point, siren sounds, Brisbane wins! (Q4 23:42)

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