Blog log from R7 of 2020: Carlton vs Port Adelaide

Port has all the territory in early play, Gray roves an Amon inside 50 kick and gives outside to Boak, Murphy corrals but Boak screws through a fabulous finish from 40m! (Q1 2:49)
Jones is pinged for holding Dixon without the footy 25m out on a slight angle after Port again get the clearances. Dixon kicks truly. (Q1 4:34)
Byrne-Jones soccers the next centre clearance, Butters feeds Motlop who baulks clear and snaps a wobbler from 40m on a slight angle that swerves through! Port with the jump. (Q1 6:14)
Betts takes a pack grab on the HFF from a Murphy speculator and passes to the boundary 35m out for Gibbons, who punches his set shot low and straight. (Q1 8:04)
McGovern and Betts combine to win a ground ball against two Port defenders in the pocket after a Gibbons inside 50 kick, McLovin goes to the square for Walsh to run into goal! (Q1 10:59)
McKay runs free down the flank and checksides the goal from 25m, Carlton have levelled the scores after conceding the first three! (Q1 14:10)
Martin runs free with two bounces to an open forward line, three forwards to choose from but he goes himself from 50m on a slight angle and nails it! Blues hit the front! (Q1 16:17)
Curnow snaps wide from a stoppage 40m out on a slight angle which was caused by some relentless Blue frontal pressure. (Q1 18:30)
McGovern marks at half forward, turns quickly and has Casboult on his own deep in the pocket 20m out. Levi checksides wide. (Q1 18:59)
Farrell is somehow all on his own to rove a Westhoff contest and run into the open goal. The culprit was Cripps who flew instead of defending. (Q1 23:07)
Ladhams gets a rather soft ruck free on the wing against an unlucky Pittonet, he hits the hotspot where Dixon marks over Jones just before the QT siren… and shanks a point. (Q1 27:00)
Betts sails through the first goal of Q2 from a pack 40m out on the flank after receiving from Curnow and baulking clear of Burton in classic style. (Q2 1:12)
Casboult rises high above a pack at the top of the square to clunk a long, low howitzer from Walsh from half forward. But Levi hits the post, disappointingly. (Q2 4:38)
Dixon marks on the HFF and gives off to Farrell who roosts a lovely snap from 50m for a goal! (Q2 4:59)
Kennedy turns the ball over by foot on the rebound under Houston pressure, Amon mops up and finds Dixon on his own 40m out on a slight angle, who hits the post. (Q2 8:02)
Dixon flies in front of Jones to juggle another mark 25m out in the pocket, he misses again. (Q2 9:42)
Marshall gathers the crumb from the kick in to the Port HFF and passes to a phonebox where Butters marks 35m out on a slight angle and goals. (Q2 10:53)
Ladhams centres to Boak 40m out on the flank, who tugs his set shot left. (Q2 16:58)
Byrne-Jones has four bounces around the outer wing, baulks Murphy and hits the lead of Rozee 45m out on a slight angle, who misses the lot. (Q3 3:08)
Casboult passes to McKay to mark on the boundary in front of Hartlett 30m out, he screws through a nice set shot for his second goal. Scores level once again. (Q3 6:35)
Butters mows down Williamson running out of defence, the Power works it wide, Powell-Pepper marks 40m out on the flank and misses. (Q3 9:18)
Dixon gets a holding free on Jones in a four-man pack at the hotspot, he sails through that one for his second goal. (Q3 12:02)
Rozee runs past Docherty on the HFF, props at 40m after a fumble and snaps wide. (Q3 15:37)
Jones wins a contact free on Dixon on the wing and switches inside, Martin passes to Murphy 40m out on the flank who just misses. (Q3 19:20)
Petrevski-Seton sends a low bullet of a pass to Martin leading ahead of Clurey 40m out on a slight angle. Martin misses as the 3QT siren sounds. (Q3 21:04)
Walsh roves a McGovern bomb to a pack at the hotspot and snaps the first goal of Q4 to level the scores! (Q4 0:36)
Byrne-Jones is on the goal line to rush a Walsh grubber after the Carlton champ had roved a Casboult contest in the pocket. (Q4 3:34)
Setterfield gives outside of a stoppage near the hotspot to Newnes who snaps very high, it starts right but screws left and through! (Q4 6:50)
Houston sends a speculator down the flank to a pack 25m where, predictably, Dixon clunks the mark and kicks truly for his third goal. (Q4 9:47)
Cripps roves and shoots OOTF from a stoppage 40m out on the flank. (Q4 11:45)
The Blues work the ball rather laboriously around the outer wing after a stoppage but it ends with a lovely Gibbons pass to McKay to mark over Westhoff and goal from 15m. (Q4 12:49)
Dixon breaks a tackle on the HFF and goes short and inside to Houston 50m out on a slight angle. Houston goes back for the set shot… hangs it right. (Q4 15:51)
Houston hits the top of the square on a slow play, Dixon leads ahead of Jones to clunk it yet again 20m but… misses horribly! Oh dear. (Q4 17:47)
Gray gets a contact free on Weitering in a pack 20m out on the flank, but he misses as well! (Q4 19:35)
Murphy catches Amon HTB on the wing to stop a Port attack, 2:15 to go, Blues lead by a kick. (Q4 22:05)
Cuningham snaps from 50m on a slight angle but Butters marks in relief in the square! (Q4 22:51)
Port rebounds around members wing, Boak kicks to an empty square, Gray roves and gives to Marshall who fluffs his chance from 10m! What is happening?? (Q4 24:06)
Gibbons marks the kick in on the HBF and goes to the wing, Ladhams starts the rebound… (Q4 24:06)
Mayes passes to Gray to mark in front of Weitering 35m out on the boundary with six seconds to go, kick will be after the siren… (Q4 24:37)
This for the game… Gray splits the middle! What a game, Port wins! (Q4 25:17)

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