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Blog log from R7 of 2020: Richmond vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Richmond vs North Melbourne, R7 of 2020

Hayden kicks across the half back line but Aarts intercepts 40mout in front… then misses. (Q1 1:14)
Pickett feeds Bolton for a left foot snap off a step from 45m on a slight angle which just misses. (Q1 4:00)
Pickett roves a stoppage and snaps across the body from 45m on a slight angle, it’s high and flirts with the right goalpost before falling in for the first goal. (Q1 7:24)
Martin gets a free plus 50m penalty for a hold by Polec after disposal on the wing, he goals from near the hotspot. (Q1 11:14)
Chol marks in front of McKay 25m out on the flank and steers the set shot inside the right goalpost for his first. (Q1 17:10)
Bolton runs away from Goldstein after the next centre bounce and goes long to the square but Chol falls over and McKay rushes. (Q1 18:47)
Lynch has time and space over the ball in the pocket but chooses to pass to Riewoldt, who goals from the behind line. (Q1 20:55)
Walker marks in front of Vlastuin 40m out on the flank, he tries a screwing set shot but it’s short and rushed. (Q2 0:20)
Aarts somehow marks uncontested from a very high speculator from the HFF to the hotspot in the middle of a big pack. Aarts sprays it like a Pollock painting. (Q2 6:21)
Higgins marks within range but passes off to Short who misses from 40m in front. (Q2 9:09)
Goldstein is first to a toepoke by Chol from the pocket to the square but dithers and falls over, Castagna takes the gift to volley home. (Q2 11:22)
Walker snaps wide from 35m after a stoppage on the HFF. (Q2 13:01)
Bolton passes to Lynch 40m out on a slight angle, who sails through another one for the Tigers, who are in full control. (Q2 14:42)
Hall wins a ground footy on the HFF and passes short to Brown 35m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q2 16:22)
North applies some frontal pressure after a stoppage, Higgins feeds Dumont who snaps the first goal for the Kangaroos from the hotspot, belatedly. (Q2 18:52)
Walker takes a contested grab over Balta at the hotspot and converts. (Q2 22:48)
Balta misses a target by hand in the centre, McDonald marks 45m out on the flank, his set shot is short, wide and rushed. (Q3 2:46)
Soldo toepokes a crumb in the pocket to Castagna who just misses from 20m. (Q3 3:21)
A lull as Hayden is stretchered off. (Q3 6:32)
Higgins is pinged for a rather obvious hold on Martin next to the hotspot, Dusty converts with no problem. (Q3 9:47)
Short misses a long snap from the HFF. (Q3 14:03)
Rioli roves a long ball to a pack 20m out and boots his first goal for a long while. (Q3 14:33)
Hall has a snap from the HFF, it’s a terrible shank but luckily falls in the arms of Brown 30m out on a slight angle… who misses. (Q3 22:48)
Lambert has Chol over the back of the North defence on a fast break to waltz into goal. (Q3 24:18)
Rioli passes to Aarts 20m out in the pocket who misses. (Q4 4:17)
Repeat inside 50 for the Tigers, Aarts roves and goals from 25m on the flank. (Q4 4:46)
Simpkin rolls an attempt at a Daicos special wide from 20m on the boundary. (Q4 5:55)
Mahony misses a set shot from 45m on a slight angle. (Q4 8:10)
Brown marks a Wood pass deep in the pocket 20m out and misses again. (Q4 10:55)
Simpkin passes to Polec 40m out wide on the flank, his set shot is short, wide and rushed. (Q4 12:38)
Lambert passes to Lynch at the hotspot for a miss. (Q4 17:38)
Aarts gets some garbage. (Q4 18:11)
Riewoldt marks a Bolton pass 45mn out in the corridor just before the final siren but misses. (Q4 20:29)

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