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Blog log from R4 of 2020: Melbourne vs Geelong

Blog log for Melbourne vs Geelong, R4 of 2020

Dahlhaus centres from the HFF to the hotspot where Fort marks over Hibberd for the first goal. (Q1 3:16)
Ratugolea beats Lever to mark 20m out in the pocket but misses. (Q1 7:23)
Pickett plays on to advantage from a free at half forward, reaches traffic at the hotspot and hits the post. (Q1 17:18)
Dangerfield gets a 50m penalty on Melksham to bring him from wing to half forward, he passes inboard to Duncan 45m out in the corridor who kicks a big goal. (Q1 20:35)
Hawkins has a snap from half forward touched on the line. (Q2 1:38)
Fritsch marks 20m out in the pocket and steers through the first goal for Melbourne. (Q2 2:49)
Duncan gives outside of a stoppage on the HFF to Tuohy who kicks OOTF from 50m. (Q2 12:51)
Pickett gives outside to Viney who snaps on his right from 40m, it’s fumbled over the behind line by Fritsch. (Q2 14:51)
Gawn passes from the HFF to the pocket where Fritsch marks 20m out and punches a low set shot across the face. (Q2 17:45)
Duncan punches instead of intercept marking in defence, McDonald roves and gives to Brayshaw who goals off the left from the hotspot. (Q2 19:20)
Menegola passes to the lead of Ratugolea 50m out on a slight angle, his set shot falls on the line but no one’s there to touch it, goal to Esava! (Q3 3:15)
Hawkins passes short to Dahlhaus 45m out on a slight angle, he gives off to Dangerfield who slots the goal. (Q3 6:00)
Guthrie goes long to a pack in the pocket, Parfitt is on the outside for the give and snap for the goal from 20m. (Q3 13:52)
Petracca roves a Pickett fly at the hotspot and snaps truly off his left boot. (Q3 15:46)
Dangerfield shakes off a Hibberd challenge on the wing and hit the lead of Hawkins 40m out on the flank, who misses. (Q3 20:46)
Ablett pokes a kick from the pocket to the square where Guthrie marks and goals. (Q3 21:46)
Parfitt catches a dithering Lockhart HTB 40m out on the flank and shoos as the 3QT siren sounds, but doesn’t make the distance. (3 Qtr Time)
Melksham crumbs his own contest in the square to a Pickett kick but can only screw the snap across the face from near the behind post. (Q4 1:32)
Duncan is pinged for deliberate OOB deep in the pocket, Hunt takes the free 15m out and screws through the goal! (Q4 4:03)
Miers passes to the lead of Hawkins 45m out on a slight angle who just misses to the left. (Q4 6:27)
Duncan passes short to Hawkins 40m out on the flank after the Cats win a ground battle on the wing. The Tomahawk kicks ugly but straight. (Q4 11:33)
McDonald flies high in front of two Cats to clunk a long ball to 20m out on a slight angle. This kick is essential for Melbourne… TMac slices it through for a goal. (Q4 15:03)
5:41 left and the Demons are still in touch, but Geelong have had their measure all day. (Q4 15:33)
Oliver feeds Brayshaw who goals on the run from 20m on the flank, Demons are back within a kick with 2:06 to play! (Q4 20:16)
A kick clanger by O’Connor set up that goal. (Q4 21:37)
O’Connor encroaches to give away 50m to bring Salem from wing to half forward, a minnute to go, he goes to the pocket, Blicavs volleys it but straight to Tomlinson! (Q4 22:58)
Tomlinson shoots quickly from 50m on the flank, it starts left and stays left, 31 seconds left, still a kick in it! (Q4 22:58)
Tomlinson tumbles a repeat inside 50 from the kick in but Blicavs intercepts! That’s it, Geelong wins! (Q4 23:59)

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