Blog log from R4 of 2020: Brisbane vs Adelaide

Lyons toepokes out of a pack in the pocket towards the behind post, McLuggage gathers and runs into the open goal for the first of the afternoon. (Q1 5:16)
McStay gives wide of a pack to Hipwood who tries his luck off the left from 20m on the boundary but misses. (Q1 8:48)
Himmelberg gets a ruck free 30m out on a slight angle, lopes in and kicks ugly but straight. (Q1 12:06)
Steady rain falling at the Gabba. (Q1 14:03)
McCarthy takes a big pack mark over Kelly 15m out in the pocket, plays on and screws through a nice set shot. (Q1 14:10)
Smith gets the next centre clearance himself and it’s Hipwood who marks 45m out in front and misses. (Q1 16:26)
Lyons soccers a loose ball from a stoppage on the HFF down the line, Hipwood marks over Doedee 30m out and has McStay in the square for an easy goal. (Q1 18:17)
Cameron passes to Ah Chee just inside 50m on a slight angle on the QT siren. CAC misses. (Q1 25:35)
Zorko marks at half forward, wheels and goes short to Cameron 40m out in the corridor who misses. (Half Time)
McCluggage kicks high from a stoppage on the HFF, McCarthy runs back with the flight into the danger zone and hangs on to a fantastic mark 10m out, and goals! (Q2 3:44)
Jarrod Berry centres to Cameron 40m out on a slight angle who gets that set shot on target. Brisbane in control. (Q2 6:27)
Ah Chee shanks a snap at half forward but Robinson flies over Crocker to mark it 40m out on a slight angle. IQ misses. (Q2 8:42)
McHenry turns the ball over by hand deep in defence but Rayner lets him off with a behind from the hotspot. (Q2 11:43)
Jones picks up a slippery loose ball in a pack 20m out and kicks a classic goalsneak goal. (Q2 13:57)
Ellis-Yolmen feeds McCluggage for a running snap from 45m on the flank that skids across the face. (Q2 16:23)
Sloane is pinged for a hold on Hipwood as they wait for a Robinson ball 45m out in the corridor. Hipwood kicks his first goal. Lions dominating. (Q2 17:41)
Smith in the centre down to Neale to Rayner to Cameron, snap goal from 40m on a slight angle. Simple game, footy! (Q2 19:13)
Doedee fumbles a loose ball at the hotspot after another Brisbane centre clearance, McCarthy gets a boot to it but it grubbers wide. (Q2 20:41)
Neale marks a Jarrod Berry pass in front of Keays 20m out on the flank, but misses. (Q2 21:33)
Ellis-Yolmen passes to McCluggage who hits the post from 30m wide on the flank. (Q3 1:01)
Lynch runs to half forward and passes to the pocket where Walker is behind the Lion defence to mark and goal from 15m. (Q3 1:44)
Gardiner clatters into Walker to give away a free 40m out on a slight angle who boots his second goal in a minute. (Q3 4:22)
McAdam marks 40m out near the boundary and misses his first set shot in senior footy. (Q3 7:44)
Gardiner falls over to allow Walker to mark, turn and sprint away to the HFF, his long ball to the square results in a mark and goal to Frampton. (Q3 9:58)
McCluggage snaps wide from half forward. (Q3 11:16)
Walker stands up in a Gardiner tackle in the pocket and misses a low percentage snap. (Q3 12:17)
Berry hits the top of the square from the HFF, Brown roves but Cameron catches him HTB 20m out and… hits the post! (Q3 14:31)
Neale roves a Doedee dump kick to the Lions HFF, he snaps quickly from 45m but Talia touches it through on the line. (Q3 16:31)
Walker roves a pack on the HFF and gives to Crocker who snaps across the body from 40m to an empty square… bounces up and through! (Q3 17:22)
Neale marks 45m out near the boundary, his set shot falls on the behind line where McInerney marks, but his set shot is skewed OOTF. (Q3 23:44)
McStay feeds Neale for a running snap from 45m on a slight angle, that one bounces wide. (Q3 24:47)
Bailey kicks the first goal of Q4 from 40m on the flank after a gather and give by Berry. (Q4 1:03)
Rich starts the party with a trademark finish from outside 50m, the Lions were challenged in Q3 but have come out firing after the last break. (Q4 2:33)
A series of misses by the Lions, the momentum has swung all their way since 3QT. (Q4 8:17)
Poholke marks in a pack at the hotspot and gets some junk. (Q4 14:18)
Ellis-Yolmen marks in the pocket 20m out and restarts the celebrations with some garbage. (Q4 16:38)
Neale misses another couple of snaps, making it 0.6 for him in addition to McCluggage’s 1.5. (Q4 22:58)

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