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Blog log from R22 of 2019: Carlton vs St Kilda

Blog log for Carlton vs St Kilda, R22 of 2019

Lonie pokes it inside 50 into the path of the leading Membrey. Tim clunks it at 40 but can’t make the most of it. (Q1 1:44)
Newman hands off to McGovern who sends a dinky pass from the flank into the 50 that lands with Kennedy. From 40 on no real angle, he kicks the first of the day! (Q1 3:44)
Hind collects just inside the boundary line in the pocket, dribbling an almost-miracle goal which hits the post. (Q1 6:13)
Kreuzer hacks a soccer kick out the contest and McKay is the one who reads the flight best. His shot from 45 is offline. (Q1 7:57)
Kennedy’s hands out of congestion are slick, allowing Silvagni to snap the goal from 20 in an instant. A review doesn’t change anything and the goal stands. (Q1 11:25)
Hind puts on the jets, taking four bounces from the wing all the way to deep in attack, slotting the running goal from 25 with ease. (Q1 16:27)
McGovern goes for a specky on the goal line but can’t hold the mark, effectively neutralising Simpson’s goal from 45. The result is merely a minor score. (Q1 19:10)
Plowman keeps his entry kick low and hard, hitting Lang in a couple of metres of space. From about 40, the shot’s offline. (Q1 20:58)
Casboult’s handball is intercepted deep in defence. Sinclair collects and centres unselfishly to Billings who is called to play on but is good enough to grubber it home from 20. (Q1 23:42)
Hannebery crumbs and snaps in an instant from 35, nailing the quick shot. (Q1 24:23)
Newnes drops the mark deep in defence but Deluca can’t make the most of it, missing the snap from 15m on his left. (Q1 25:41)
The Saints mess up a should’ve-been goal with a 3 on 2, but a lack of awareness welcomes a couple of Carlton tackles and Bruce eventually snaps the behind. (Q1 29:58)
Hind collects in the corridor, allowing Lonie, Billings and then Dunstan to combine. The latter’s set shot from 50 drops short but Hind crumbs and snaps the goal! (Q2 2:12)
A last-second bump from Murphy on Acres forces the Saint’s easy shot wide, through for a minor score. (Q2 4:55)
Ross sends it from the wing into the 50 to the advantage of Membrey and it was always his ball to lose. The set shot from 35 is flawless, making it 5 in a row for St Kilda. (Q2 7:57)
Hannebery throws it on the boot out of congestion, falling to Membrey in the square, playing in front. Tim quickly wheels around and snaps the goal. (Q2 9:57)
A Silvagni slap-down is clever into the path of Gibbons, but he can’t finish on the run, missing badly to the near side. (Q2 11:43)
Fisher dishes to a running Walsh who pops a little pass over to the top to Lang who marks in the pocket and snaps it with class. (Q2 13:25)
Simpson, O’Brien, Kennedy and then McGovern are involved to work it by foot from half-back into scoring range. From 40, Mitch slots the goal. (Q2 16:43)
A strong Cripps releases to Curnow who gets a quick, wobbly kick toward goal that narrowly avoids hands and bounces through! (Q2 18:58)
Ross sends a handball over to Long who has a paddock ahead of him. After collecting at 60, he takes a bounce, runs to 40, and curls it home within the last minute of the half. (Q2 30:53)
Bruce releases wide to Billings who has plenty of time to align his sights but sprays the kick well wide from 40. (Q3 3:43)
Silvagni gets the one-two with Murphy on the wing before delivering to McGovern who marks in the pocket. He wheels around and snaps on his right but it’s offline. (Q3 4:56)
Kreuzer slings Dunstan 360 and is rewarded with a HTB decision. From 35 on a slight angle, his kick is a poor one. (Q3 7:38)
Silvagni sends it toward Deluca at the hot spot who pleads his case for being tunnelled but receives no justice. The footy sails over his head and bounces over the behind line. (Q3 10:23)
Membrey remarkably clunks the Long kick at the hot spot with just the one hand, then goes back and butchers the shot. (Q3 13:26)
The Blues go cleanly from end to end through McKay who takes a strong contested mark at half back before releasing to Murphy who kicks to a running McGovern, slotting the goal. (Q3 15:26)
Fisher gives to Murphy at the 40, who elects for the checkside banana on the run which he hits flawlessly! (Q3 17:50)
Dunston hacks it forward soccer-style from the centre where Hind collects and pokes a pass to Sinclair in space. From 40m, he tugs it to the right. (Q3 19:26)
Billings sends it to a dangerous area where Long crumbs the Bruce contest but rushes his shot, barely scraping in for a behind. (Q3 20:25)
A not-15 call on Ross forces him to step around a pair of oncoming Blues before poking a little pass to Newnes who marks and splits the middle from 45. (Q3 24:00)
Cripps collects on the flank and uses his speed to find some space, giving it over to Kreuzer who can’t convert from 40 on the run. (Q3 25:45)
Cripps and McKay combine to work it forward to Silvagni. He marks milliseconds after the siren. One umpire calls the mark, the other says the siren sounded first. 3QT, no shot. (3 Qtr Time)
Lang spins on a dime before spotting up McKay on the lead in the pocket to start the final term. His shot is never a chance, scraping in for a behind. (Q4 1:24)
Bruce runs himself into trouble in the worst possible spot. McGovern pounces, soccering the goal from just outside the square, giving the Blues the lead. (Q4 3:43)
Silvagni picks up the footy on the bounce, releasing backward to O’Brien who sets up Dow for the goal off a couple of steps from 35. (Q4 7:52)
Billings goes long to the Carlisle and Casboult contest but the Blue is out of position, giving away a free for front-on contact. Jake makes no mistake with the simple set shot. (Q4 11:40)
All within the attacking 50, Lonie pokes a chipped pass to Bruce who does the same to Membrey, playing on and snapping it truly from 15m. Saints take the lead! (Q4 15:10)
Simpson intercepts at the HBF and streams forward, taking a couple of bounces through the corridor before popping it to Deluca. From 48, directly in front, he nails it! (Q4 20:55)
Murphy spears a kick toward Cripps on the 50 which comes off hands into the gloves of McKay. He collects cleanly and snaps a stellar goal from 45m on the run! (Q4 25:55)
Murphy pulls his entry kick to Kreuzer but the big man leaves it for a steaming Harry McKay. He marks uncontested but misses from 45. (Q4 27:55)

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