Blog log from R22 of 2019: Brisbane vs Geelong

Berry feeds Zorko on the HFF, he kicks towards the square, Cameron marks behind Bews near the behind line but misses. (Q1 1:25)
Kelly runs with a bounce down the wing but his kick inside 50 is a shanked grubber, Ablett picks up but shoots OOTF from 40m on the flank. (Q1 3:47)
Hawkins roves a high Dangerfield kick to the square and gives backwards to Duncan who screws through the first goal from 20m on the flank. (Q1 5:15)
Miers marks on the HFF on a rebound play and passes to the pocket for Hawkins to mark in front of Adams, but his set shot is a shank OOTF. (Q1 7:33)
Dangerfield marks in front of Neale just outside CHF and passes to Bews 45m out in the corridor. Bews kicks a lovely set shot for a rare goal. (Q1 8:29)
Rayner draws a crowd at the hotspot and gives to Gardiner whose kick to the square is marked by McCluggage despite Cat protestations that it was touched. He goals. (Q1 10:46)
Lyons gets a 50m penalty on Stewart for late contact to bring him from wing to HFF, he gives off to Hodge who misses from 45m near the boundary. (Q1 22:18)
Dangerfield passes to Ablett who marks over Rich 45m out near the boundary, but he misses. (Q1 25:33)
Berry runs up the wing towards the HFF and goes long to the pocket where Hipwood leaps over Henry to mark 25m out in the shade. Hipwood kicks just before the QT siren but misses. (Q1 27:46)
Dangerfield holds Cameron without the ball at a stoppage 40m out on the flank, Charlie sails through his first goal to give the Lions a lead. (Q2 1:35)
Hawkins turns the ball over on the HBF with a risky kick to the centre, Lions everywhere and Lyons passes to Cameron 45m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q2 9:03)
Hawkins snaps wide from 15m under Adams pressure after Dangerfield is called to play on to advantage from a free against Andrews on Miers 20m out. (Q2 11:04)
Dahlhaus intercepts the Witherden kick in 45m out on a slight angle and converts to give the Cats the goal they deserved a minute earlier. (Q2 12:18)
Answerth kicks OOTF 40m out from the Geelong goals, Atkins misses with the free kick. (Q2 13:26)
Finally a bit of finishing quality in this dour contest, it comes from Zorko with a flying snap from the HFF after a stoppage, he revs up the crowd with glee! (Q2 17:04)
Ablett gives to Kelly outside a stoppage on the HFF who hits the post. (Q2 19:20)
Hawkins handballs over Hodge from the pocket to grass near the square, Miers is first to it but is tackled immediately, he gets the ball on boot for a classic goal from 10m. (Q2 21:40)
Martin taps a thrown in to the pocket back towards the boundary where Neale is all by himself, set play results in a baulk around Kolodjashnij and fine goal! (Q2 28:27)
Parfitt roves a Narkle contest at the hotspot and gives back to him for a snap around the corner to restore the Cat lead. (Q2 29:43)
Dangerfield to Selwood to Ablett for the next centre clearance, Miers roves and breaks a Gardiner tackle to goal off his left boot from the hotspot. (Q2 31:03)
Miers is all on his own at half forward, he runs to 40m on a slight angle but hits the post. (Q2 32:22)
Ratugolea marks in front of Andrews 20m out on a slight angle and goals. The Cats have made their move. (Q2 33:50)
Downfield free for contact on Neale after disposals gives Bailey a set shot from 45m in the corridor after the HT siren, which he pushes left. (Q2 35:37)
Dahlhaus soccers from a stoppage in the centre up the guts to Tuohy who marks in front of Hodge 45m out and just misses. (Q3 0:34)
Bailey catches Henderson HTB deep in the pocket 20m out but checksides the set shot wide. (Q3 6:51)
Bailey passes to McCluggage on the boundary 45m out who hits the post. (Q3 8:32)
Cameron gets an arm chop free on Stewart 20m out on the flank, he steers through a screwing set shot for his second goal. (Q3 14:27)
Hawkins marks on the wing and sees Guthrie zoning up from defence on the fat side ahead of Cameron, hits him with a long pass and Guthrie snaps truly from 45m on a slight angle. (Q3 20:50)
Cameron beats Henderson and runs into an open goal to the raptures of the home crowd after a long period of sustained frontal pressure by Brisbane pays off. (Q3 27:50)
Kelly passes to Hawkins on the boundary 45m after the next centre bounce, who hits the post. (Q3 28:35)
Tuohy sharks a McStay handpass but misses from 40m in front across the body. (Q4 0:50)
Blicavs passes to the pocket for Ratugolea to mark in front of Andrews, who kicks truly from 20m. (Q4 2:34)
Dangerfield misses on the run from 40m on the corridor. (Q4 3:57)
Long ball to Cameron one out in the pocket, Bews drops the mark and Charlie stays down to rove, turn and boot his fourth goal from 30m. (Q4 6:32)
Dangerfield kicks from the wing, the ball bounces behind Parfitt’s contest at the hotspot and rolls through with a Hawkins shepherd for a goal from 70m! (Q4 16:28)
Lyons bounces a snap across the face from a stoppage 35m out on the flank. (Q4 19:44)
McInerney gives to Lyons for a goal from the square after the Lion forwards swarm all over Blicavs and Henderson trying to mop up on the last line. (Q4 21:23)
Lyons roves in the pocket, jinks into a tackle and kicks a wobbler across the face… Cameron marks 15m out in the opposite pocket but misses. (Q4 25:59)
Lyons feeds Hipwood for a run down the flank but Taylor catches him HTB to prevent a score. (Q4 27:43)
McCluggage blind turns out of trouble after a stoppage on the wing and goes long and quick to the pocket, Lyons roves and gives a Joe the Goose special to Cameron for number five! (Q4 28:58)
Five points in it, 3:17 to go and the Lions are charging. (Q4 29:13)
Dangerfield cuts off the next Brisbane inside 50 kick by Rich and rushes it. (Q4 29:13)
Zorko to Robinson for the next clearance from the HFF, stoppage in the Lions FP, 2:31. (Q4 30:43)
Witherden kicks blind from half forward to McCarthy who takes a massive screamer on the back of Henry 20m out! That was humongous! Does he kick the goal though… yes! (Q4 31:10)
1:24 to go and the Lions have the lead and all the momentum. (Q4 31:10)
McCarthy catches Dangerfield high after the next centre bounce, plays on and goes long to the pack at the hotspot… Ratugolea roves and misses! (Q4 31:10)
Dangerfield marks the kick in and hits the hotspot again, Atkins roves but gets swamped, ball up, 34 seconds. (Q4 31:10)
Ablett can’t get clear for a snap, secondary call up at the Geelong hot spot, 24 seconds to go, Brisbane leads by one. (Q4 31:10)
Witherden kicks clear from the stoppage after Dangerfield, Ablett and Ratugolea get smothered, then McCluggage goes long to the wing, siren, Lions win! (Q4 31:10)

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