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Blog log from R16 of 2019: Carlton vs Melbourne

Blog log for Carlton vs Melbourne, R16 of 2019

Tom McDonald marks in front of Marchbank on the HFF but shoots OOTF.
Oliver passes short to Neal Bullen 40m out near the boundary after Hunt spurned a shot within range. ANB passes to McDonald at the top of the square for the first goal. (Q1 7:14)
Salem misses a set shot from half forward. (Q1 9:48)
Brayshaw does the same from 45m on a slight angle. (Q1 11:23)
After a McDonald contest in the pocket draws a crowd, Lewis gives to Petracca who snaps across the body from the hotspot for a nice goal. (Q1 12:39)
Weideman gets a contact free on Weitering in a pack near the hotspot, who misses to the cheers of the chuntering Blue fans. (Q1 14:38)
Hibberd misses on the run from the HFF. (Q1 15:31)
McDonald intercepts a short kick in by Plowman near the hotspot and kicks truly. (Q1 16:25)
Kennedy hits the post with a snap from deep in the pocket 25m out with several teammates inside waving arms for a pass. (Q1 19:45)
Kennedy marks 40m out on the flank but rushes the set shot and screws it wide. (Q1 20:33)
Newman snaps wide from 35m on the flank with Walsh calling for a give in the pocket. (Q1 21:29)
Gibbons passes to Casboult leading to the boundary 35m out in front of May, Levi’s set shot is pretty as a picture for the first Carlton major. (Q1 22:28)
Neal-Bullen stands up in a tackle after a stoppage at the hotspot and gives to McDonald who snaps his second goal. (Q1 24:27)
Curnow kicks high to the pocket 20m out where May wrestles with McGovern, the Demon is pinged for contact over the shoulder, the Blue sprays it wide. (Q1 25:43)
Dow gets an arm chop free on Jones going for a short Kreuzer pass 40m out on a slight angle, he kicks truly. (Q1 27:28)
McDonald passes to Neal-Bullen 30m out on the flank, he plays on and screws wide. (Q2 2:00)
Neal-Bullen finally uses a drop punt for a goal attempt and gets that one on line from near the hotspot after a feed by Dunkley. (Q2 5:29)
Dunkley kicks to grass in the pocket for Petracca to run onto, Trac decides to try to run to the square past Jones, gets legged and goals anyway. (Q2 9:32)
Silvagni passes to Casboult 50m out on the flank, goal umpire David Rodan arches the back to watch the set shot sail over his lime cap. (Q2 12:29)
Nathan Jones catches Walsh HTB on the wing and passes to the lead of Weideman 45m out in the corridor… who shanks it OOTF in very ugly fashion. (Q2 15:14)
Dunkley is over the back of a pack on the HFF to rove and kick quickly to the square where Liam Jones has left Tom McDonald on his own to gather and goal with ease. (Q2 16:52)
Walsh kicks to the pocket where Kennedy looks like he was contacted front on by Fritsch, no free but Kennedy keeps his feet and goals. (Q2 18:24)
Silvagni roves a pack on the HFF and delivers a lovely touch pass to Kreuzer in the pocket, he gives to Fisher who rams home the goal from 20m. (Q2 21:56)
Neal-Bulen baulks for a snap near the hotspot after the next centre bounce but bounces it wide. (Q2 22:34)
Oliver gives to Neal-Bullen who snaps while falling under heavy pressure from near the hotspot, that wobbles wide. (Q2 23:42)
Petracca marks a Nathan Jones kick from the HFF to 30m out on a slight angle in front of Liam Jones, but sprays it badly for a point. (Q2 24:07)
McDonald snaps from a stoppage in the pocket 20m out, umpire calls it touched by Murphy off the boot, video review doesn’t change the call, behind. (Q2 26:45)
Oliver clears from the first centre bounce of Q3, Liam Jones is pinged for putting his studs into the back of McDonald while trying to spoil… McDonald boots goal number five. (Q3 1:00)
Hunt marks a Fritsch kick next to the square over Plowman and screws through his first goal. (Q3 3:29)
Silvagni roves the next centre clearance by Lang to the hotspot, baulks clear and checksides a nice goal. (Q3 5:47)
Oliver mows down Jones in the centre to win a HTB free, Salem plays on to advantage with a pass to Harmes 45m out on a slight angle… Weideman marks the set shot and goals. (Q3 8:33)
Silvagni marks a Fisher kick behind a pack at the hotspot, turns to play on and has Salem on his hammer… runs to the top of the square to goal, just. (Q3 10:17)
Hunt gets another set shot from 45m on a slight angle after marking a very short pass by Harmes, he goals again. (Q3 12:12)
McDonald hits the post with a set shot from near the hotspot. (Q3 14:47)
Kennedy marks a Curnow kick in front of Nathan Jones at the hotspot for his second goal. (Q3 18:33)
Harmes converts a set shot from half forward. It’s goal for goal, Carlton not making enough inroads. (Q3 21:47)
McDonald taps a loose ball at the hotspot to Petracca for his third goal from 15m. (Q3 23:53)
Curnow passes to Casboult 45m out on a slight angle who levers through another lovely long set shot for his third goal. (Q3 25:33)
Oliver baulks clear running towards CHF and goes long to the square where McDonald marks over Liam Jones for goal number six. (Q3 27:19)
Lang kicks from the HFF down the line to Setterfield 25m out, he kicks truly. (Q3 28:21)
Setterfield roves at the hotspot but hurries a snap and rolls it well wide. (Q3 30:19)
Setterfield misses another snap from half forward. (Q3 30:33)
Silvagni marks a Lang kick from the wing to the hotspot over Fritsch with good body work, he kicks truly. (Q4 5:20)
Curnow passes to O’Brien in the pocket 30m out, Frost gets there late to smash him in the back, the Blue fans roar and the ump pays 50m, easy goal from the line. A pulse! (Q4 8:31)
Murphy catches Brayshaw HTB at the next centre bounce and gives off to Marchbank who passes to Silvagni near true CHF, his set shot is off hands into the goalpost. (Q4 10:06)
Walsh intercepts a Hunt handball clanger on the wing and starts a switch play that ends with Dow passing to Gibbons in the pocket 25m out, he checksides a huge goal! (Q4 12:56)
Setterfield wins a HTB free on Viney at a stoppage at the hotspot, he punches that one through, suddenly Carlton is back within a kick halfway through Q4! (Q4 17:26)
Hunt roves on the HFF, has an open goal to run at but tries to give off and eventually the cavalry closes in to force a hurried Harmes snap wide form 10m. (Q4 20:16)
Brayshaw runs free to near CHF and goes to the square where Jones spoils Weideman to rush a behind. (Q4 23:02)
Simpson passes to Kennedy on the HFF who misses. (Q4 23:58)
5:00 left and a goal the difference. (Q4 24:37)
Setterfield gets a free on Frost in a pack at the top of the square going for a ball that Casboult had marked anyway, he goals to level the scores! (Q4 25:31)
Kennedy snaps across the body from 45m on a slight angle, pack forms but it bounces next to them… and wide. Carlton leads by that point. (Q4 27:06)
Petrevski-Seton dumps a kick to the HBF but straight to Oliver who uses excellent vision to find Hunt 45m out in the corridor. The clock ticks under 2:00 as he lines up… (Q4 29:14)
Hunt kicks truly, Melbourne back in front! 1:39 left to play. (Q4 29:49)
A series of stoppages in the centre. (Q4 30:50)
Oliver eventually clears but Hannan is pinged for contact, Carlton starts a switch rebound… (Q4 31:18)
Preuss kicks high in the centre, Hannan gets a lucky bounce and kicks to the square… the ball stops and is rushed! (Q4 31:51)
Carlton attacks around outer wing, McGovern gets a chance from near the behind post but hits the goal post with a soccer kick! (Q4 32:21)
May marks the kick in, that’s the ball game. (Q4 32:21)

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