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Blog log from R16 of 2019: North Melbourne vs St Kilda

Blog log for North Melbourne vs St Kilda, R16 of 2019

The Roos open the scoring inside the first minute of play! Simpkin roves the five strong pack, settles from 35 and slots the major with ease! (Q1 1:58)
Ziebell kicks the most unlikely of goals. The Roos leader throws boot to ball with a scrambled effort from 60 out of the pack. It tumbles through! (Q1 7:09)
Simpkin and Davies-Uniacke link up through the middle before Luke finds Zurhaar on the lead. Goalless in three of his last four, Cam splits the middle from beyond the arc! (Q1 8:06)
Bruce gets the step on Durdin and takes the leading grab. Josh lines up from 30 on the flank and has no trouble for the Saints first! (Q1 10:14)
The Roos skip out the back through Zurhaar, pacing away via the space gaining fend off. He settles for goal, but the young forward misses from 40 to the left hand side. (Q1 14:27)
Zurhaar gets the step on Paton and has no trouble taking advantage with the leading chest mark. Pressed up on the boundary, Cam has no trouble with the snap from 40! (Q1 16:28)
Carlisle abuses the umpire post goal and Zurhaar receives another shot at goal, this time from directly in front. Cam makes no mistake for his third of the term! (Q1 16:58)
Long takes the leading grab as the Saints look for the quick reply. Shooting from a step outside the arc, the youngster sends his effort thudding into the post. (Q1 18:57)
North stream down the opposite end of the ground and Thomas is the one to gain the pill within the attacking arc. Tarryn finds Cunnington unattended, but Ben misses the set shot. (Q1 20:14)
Thomas gathers the pill off the deck, his reaction speed ahead of the rest. He shoots with a grounded snap, the ball snaking to the far side for a minor. (Q1 22:33)
Goldstein thumps the pill deep in the attacking arc and Larkey takes the strong grab opposed to Carlisle. Nick makes no mistake from 30 on the flank! (Q1 23:16)
The Roos search long through Goldstein and Coffield gives Larkey the free for holding. Nick lines up directly in front and goals for his second from 25! (Q1 29:07)
A somewhat pedestrian entry by the Roos still proves to difficult for the Saints, this time Ross gifting a free to Larkey. Nick goes back and kicks his third from 20! (Q2 2:21)
The Saints stream forward from the resulting stoppage and Bruce takes the big clunk opposed to Thompson. Josh lines up from 40 out, directly in front and nails his second! (Q2 3:46)
Make that two in a row for the red, white and black. Bruce receives a down the field free kick and converts for his third from the paint of the arc! (Q2 9:06)
Newnes dabs the pass inside the arc and Acres stands strong to pull down the grab. Blake lines up from 45 on the slight, missing to the near side. (Q2 10:21)
Add another to the Saints score. This time the mercurial Hind receives the pill out the back. He receives and dribbles it through from the tight angle! (Q2 16:06)
Williams slips at the inopportune moment, sparking memories of the infamous Gerard slip. The Saints take full advantage through Membrey, for their fourth in a row! (Q2 19:21)
Eleven of the thirteen goals to the Saints end. Not windy, but their appears to be a distinct scoring end. (Q2 21:22)
Paton makes the monumental error, attempting to switch the play and allowing Polec to intercept. Jared settles on the running shot, missing to the right from 50. (Q2 22:52)
Ziebell towels Acres up in the tackle and the free is duly awarded. The Roos number seven splits the middle from 25 on the flank, Jack’s second of the afternoon! (Q2 26:32)
Bruce takes the grab 45 out on the flank ahead of Thompson and lines up the set shot. Kicking for his third of the term, Josh makes no mistake! (Q2 30:19)
Five seconds prior to the half time siren and Brown receives a free against Wilkie for holding in the marking contest. The siren sounds as Ben goals from 40! (Q2 33:03)
Marshall gets the Saints off to a flyer post the long break. Rowan grabs the pill out of the ruck contest, throws Goldstein out the way and goals from 40! (Q3 1:04)
Make that two in under two minutes of playing time for the fast starting Saints! Gresham reads it off the pack, gathers the crumb and swings it through from 35! (Q3 4:04)
Ahern marks in the middle of the ground and Parker runs through the mark, gifting the former Giant a 50 metre penalty. Paul finishes truly from 30! (Q3 6:49)
Sinclair gathers the pill pressed up on the boundary line. Jack snaps for goal, his dribbling effort rolling through for a minor to the far side. (Q3 9:52)
Zurhaar makes it back to back majors for the Roos. Cam takes the grab running back to goal and converts for his fourth from 20 on the slight! (Q3 11:17)
The Saints charge out the back with the ball in Hind’s arms. He runs his full measure, but misses to the right hand side from 45. (Q3 13:21)
Coffield gives the free away after a desperate attempt to spoil Brown. Ben makes no mistake from 25, sending the Roos back out to a five goal lead! (Q3 15:35)
Cunnington darts the pass to the lead of Brown, Ben taking the mark unopposed. Lining up for his 37th of the season, the North star pulls it from 45. (Q4 5:16)
Make that a fifth for the mercurial Zurhaar. Cam takes the lead up mark boundary side, 35 metres from goal. He finishes truly with the banana! (Q4 7:31)
Thompson intercepts the pill through the middle and sends it to Brown. Brown gathers off the deck, turns with ease and snaps home from 20! (Q4 10:31)
Coffield turns it over in the heart of the defence, his errant picked off by Zurhaar. Cam settles but is unable to send through his sixth, missing from 45. (Q4 13:16)
The Saints pace down the other end and Ross finds Membrey with the short inside 50 dab pass. The former Swan makes no mistake, converting from 40 on the slight! (Q4 14:45)
Make that five straight for the dead eye Bruce. The Saints get out the back through Parker, who flicks to Josh. He finishes from close range! (Q4 19:17)
Wood chips the pass and finds Larkey on the lead, as the Roos look to finish strongly. Nick lines up from 35 on the slight angle and has no trouble splitting the middle! (Q4 21:02)
Newnes paces down the wing and dabs the pass to Bruce. Josh moves Tarrant away from the drop zone and clunks the grab. He finishes another for his sixth straight! (Q4 23:28)
Ziebell’s long distance shot falls short and Larkey is on the scene to take a towering grab at point blank range. Nick goes back and kicks his fifth! (Q4 27:42)

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