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Blog log from R16 of 2019: Western Bulldogs vs Geelong

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Geelong, R16 of 2019

The Cats keep the ball in play deep in their forward pocket. Dangerfield and Hawkins combine before Henry snaps under pressure but misses wide. (Q1 1:18)
Blicavs and Stewart work the footy through the corridor with the latter kicking to the advantaged side of Hawkins. He outmuscles Trengove but misses the easy shot. (Q1 4:15)
Henry dishes inboard to Kelly who snaps on his right boot from 40m amongst a swarm of Dogs. Tim slots the first goal of the night! (Q1 4:45)
Hawkins redeems himself with a set-play right-foot snap from the boundary after Trengove infringed in the contest. (Q1 6:48)
Trengove’s poor kick is cut off by young Clark who will line up from just inside 50. It’s close but not close enough. (Q1 8:29)
Kelly bullets a daisy-cutter inside 50 where a diving Rohan takes the mark. Gary lines up directly in front but hooks it slightly to the left. (Q1 10:15)
Duryea pumps it inside 50 from the centre of the ground and Stewart gives away the free for holding Dickson in the contest. Tory shoots from 45 but hits the post. (Q1 13:04)
Duryea sends another one forward where Naughton outmarks Kolodjashnij with strength. The 25-metre shot is flawless. (Q1 15:31)
Bontempelli hands to Johannisen who pins the ears back and sends it goalward, but it’s offline and punched through for a behind. (Q1 17:19)
Two Cats get in each other’s way deep in defence, allowing Lipinski to quickly shoot but miss. The kickout is turned over before Richards shoots on the run and also misses. (Q1 19:14)
Selwood catches Bontempelli HTB in the Dogs’ defensive 50. Joel’s attempt on goal is straight through the middle! (Q1 20:07)
Dunkley coughs up the defensive clearance straight into the lap of Selwood. From 40m, directly in front, Joel pulls it to the left. (Q1 23:11)
Blicavs marks strongly on the flank and kicks to Hawkins who marks the footy in the pocket before spraying it OOTF. (Q2 4:58)
Stewart finds himself in space and shoots on the run from 45 but it’s wide. (Q2 6:44)
Dangerfield bursts toward goal after pouncing on a loose ball, but his shot is also wide. The accuracy has been extremely poor from both teams thus far. (Q2 8:44)
The Dogs hastily work it through the corridor with Hunter finding Naughton on the lead. On a tough angle for the left-footer, Aaron nails the 45m set-shot. (Q2 12:54)
Dangerfield is taken high by Lipinski and the result is a shot at goal, 35m out, almost directly in front. Danger has no trouble. (Q2 16:59)
Kelly takes a no-look snap over his shoulder out of congestion which is offline. (Q2 18:26)
Moments before the HT siren, the Dogs work in through the corridor with haste. Lloyd nudges his opponent under the footy, takes the chest mark and slots the overtime goal from 25. (Half Time)
Stanley gets the clearance out of the middle and the Cats get the perfect start to the second half thanks to a Dangerfield snap from the hot spot. (Q3 1:46)
HTB is paid against Stanley but Bontempelli sprays the easy 30m set shot through for a behind. (Q3 2:17)
Bontempelli breaks through traffic on the forward flank before sending it to a pack 30m out. It trickles out the back where Dickson pounces and runs into an open goal. (Q3 4:57)
Duncan emerges from the wing stoppage and links with Fogarty who chips short to Rohan. Gary lines up from 45 on a slight angle, sliding it across the face. (Q3 11:48)
Lloyd centres to the hot spot where it falls off hands to Lipinski whose quick snap misses. (Q3 14:48)
Hunter kicks long to the goal line where Richards marks before falling into the post. He quickly offloads by hand to Lloyd who snaps truly on his right from the pocket. (Q3 17:33)
The Cats stream forward from the centre. Hawkins offloads to the running Tuohy who wastes his opportunity, missing from 45. (Q3 21:46)
Geelong goes through corridor again before Ablett launches a kick over the top to Rohan who boots the easiest of goals. (Q3 23:33)
Miers traps the half-volley brilliantly, turns, composes himself, and then hangs his 35m shot out to the left. (Q3 25:24)
English takes the advantage out of the centre square and thumps a long bomb toward goal that sails through for a behind. (Q4 0:47)
Harry Taylor has a chance at the other end, however, he can’t convert his 40m set shot. (Q4 2:23)
Johannisen spears it into the gloves of the leading Naughton within range. Aaron shoots from 45 but it’s no good. (Q4 5:08)
McLean links up with Lloyd who spots Naughton in a paddock of space. This time, from 35m he makes no mistake. (Q4 6:06)
Naughton’s influence is evident, provided with another opportunity at goal. This one’s a set shot that misses to the left from 45m. (Q4 9:23)
McLean emerges from congestion and kicks to the advantage of the Bont in the square. He marks, kicks the goal, and puts the Dogs in front! (Q4 12:11)
Bontempelli bombs it toward Naughton and Tuohy deep in attack. It comes to ground where Naughton is first to recover. He gathers and drills the goal! (Q4 15:09)
B.Smith, R. Smith, Lloyd and then Hunter is the last link in the handball chain. On his better side, Hunter sprays the shot through for a behind. (Q4 16:24)
It’s Bailey Smith with the front-and-centre snap that sends the Doggies out to a 16-point margin. (Q4 17:24)
McLean collects off hands and has the opportunity to put the game almost beyond doubt, but his quick shot from 40 is offline. (Q4 21:51)
Rohan marks on the leads and shoots from 45, but again it’s offline. (Q4 23:08)
Trengove turns it over to Hawkins who snaps accurately from the pocket, giving the Cats a minor sniff with just under two minutes on the clock. (Q4 26:33)
The Dogs hold out against an onslaught of last-minute Geelong pressure. Lloyd has the last kick of the match and smacks it straight through the middle. Woof woof! (Full Time)

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