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Blog log from R16 of 2019: Adelaide vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Adelaide vs Port Adelaide, R16 of 2019

Wines, Westhoff and Burton combine by hand before Ryan smacks a shot goalbound from 49m that sails straight through the middle! (Q1 1:31)
Mackay passes to Brodie Smith who waits and then breaks away from the mark. He takes a ping from outside 50, but it’s offline. (Q1 3:31)
Milera marks the footy in the hot spot and slots the Crows’ first of the day from directly in front! (Q1 5:06)
Dougal Howard does well to bring the ball to ground in a dangerous area and after a knock-on Ebert then toes in the easiest of goals. (Q1 7:31)
From close range, Greenwood scrambles a kick toward goal mid-tackle, but the heavy pressure meant it was never online. (Q1 14:11)
Milera has an attempt for his second goal of the day, launching a set shot toward goal from distance that narrowly misses. (Q1 15:44)
Betts roves a smothered Port clearance in the pocket, runs inboard and snaps on his left, but misses to the far side. (Q1 16:09)
Greenwood emerges with the footy out of traffic and offloads by hand to Gallucci in the hot spot. Late pressure forces his outside-of-the-boot snap wide. (Q1 17:44)
Westhoff ignores Robbie Gray and pumps the Sherrin toward goal where Howard find space, taking the mark under late pressure. From 20m, Dougal nails it. (Q1 20:27)
Murphy marks on the flank and kicks over the top of the Port defenders to his teammates’ advantage. Walker eventually soccers the goal though with Milera riding shotgun. (Q1 22:57)
Westhoff’s quick clearing kick is a poor one, landing in the lap of Brad Crouch at 40m. His shot drops short and is thumped over for a minor score. (Q1 27:07)
Seconds before QT, Douglas scrambles a kick from the contest that lands with Murphy in front of the behind line. He’s penalised for overstepping the angle after the siren. No score (Qtr Time)
The Crows push it forward to start the second term. Greenwood spins out of trouble to release the clever handball before Matt Crouch snaps the goal from 30! (Q2 1:54)
Milera takes an impressive grab over a cluster of players but can’t covert his set-shot from 45. (Q2 2:27)
It’s right place, right time for Greenwood who, at the front of the pack, gets a hasty kick forward and it sails through for a goal. (Q2 4:34)
Motlop pinpoints Sam Gray in space who marks and will shoot from 40. He makes the umpire work but it’s through! (Q2 6:06)
Douglas’ hurried snap from 30m is touched as well as offline. (Q2 7:38)
Wines dishes by hand to Powell-Popper who rolls a GOTY attempt from the pocket. It’s online but rushed through. (Q2 12:38)
Amon, Harlett and then the two Grays combine in the middle of the ground before Dixon clunks the mark on the lead, 40m out. Following some scuffle, Charlie slots the goal. (Q2 18:38)
Milera dances and weaves around Bonner at true CHF before releasing to Matt Crouch whose running 50m attempt is marginally wide. (Q2 22:08)
Kelly smacks the footy goalward from downtown and it looks online until a determined Jonas flies across to punch it into the woodwork. (Q2 26:18)
Ebert lines up from 42 and splits the middle, putting the Power in front just before half time! (Q2 27:08)
It takes all of 10 seconds for Tex Walker to slot the first goal of the second half! Walker forced Clurey to ground which allowed the skipper to snap truly from 45. (Q3 1:14)
It could be two in a minute for Walker after marking the centre clearance kick in front of Clurey. His 45m set shot holds its line to the right, though for a minor score. (Q3 2:35)
Lycett says “what knee injury?” as he collects inside 50, wheels around, turns on the afterburners and kicks a great goal from 40! (Q3 3:42)
Amon chooses not to snap, choosing instead to offload by hand. Rozzee composes himself and slots the goal with a right-foot snap from the pocket. (Q3 6:29)
Westhoff finds himself on the end of a Sam Gray kick after a chain of handballs through the corridor. The Hoff nails it from 40. (Q3 9:54)
A high contact free is paid against Matt Crouch within Sam Gray’s scoring range. Sam opens up the angle with dash and slots a stellar goal on his left. (Q3 10:59)
A smart Amon kick finds Rozee on the lead inside 50. Connor nails his set-shot to continue Port’s 3rd quarter dominance. (Q3 14:59)
Ebert mongrels a kick inside 50 from the flank which causes chaos. An under-pressure Wines is able to feed it out to Howard who snaps another Port goal. (Q3 17:44)
Sam Gray dances around at CHF before having a ping on his left boot from 45 which misses. (Q3 21:29)
Dixon has a set-play attempt from 45 on a medium-degree angle but slides it out to the right-hand side. (Q3 22:43)
Byrne-Jones chips a pass to Westhoff who elects not to shoot, instead centering to the long boot of Bonner. The umpire calls him to play on, so Bonner sidesteps two then misses. (Q3 29:24)
Duursma launches a shot from the first row of the crowd that has the accuracy but not the distance, punched over centimetres before the goal line. (Q4 1:36)
Duursma powers his way through traffic and throws a snap on the boot toward goal from 45. It bounces wide. (Q4 4:28)
Amon picks up the loose ball just inside 50, sidesteps his opponent and lines up on his left boot from 45m, pulling it to the near side. (Q4 5:43)
Sam Gray pokes a short kick to Wines just outside the arc. He tries to draw an opponent to release a handball to the runner, but it doesn’t eventuate. He snaps from 45 and misses. (Q4 8:40)
Luke Brown is penalised for holding Ebert in a marking contest, allowing Brad to kick from 35m, directly in front, and put a nail in the Adelaide coffin. (Q4 16:39)
It’s Greenwood, Douglas, and then Milera who marks on the lead 35m out, smack in front. Wayne’s shot hits the post. (Q4 17:39)
Eddie Betts works it out the back to Murphy who launches a high kick toward goal that can’t quite sneak through. (Q4 21:25)
Butters collects at the intersection of the 50 and the boundary line, takes three bounces, then checksides a classy, composed goal from just outside the goalsquare. (Q4 22:24)
The Power stream forward from the centre. SPP gives the one-two with Rozee before dishing by hand to Motlop who ices the cake with a 35m running goal. (Q4 24:46)
Duursma shoots on the run from long range and misses. A deliberate OOB gives him another chance, but from the tight angle, he can’t convert. (Q4 26:12)

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