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Blog log from R10 of 2019: Melbourne vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Melbourne vs Western Sydney, R10 of 2019

Shaw passes to Cameron 50m out on the flank, his set shot drops and doesn’t score. (Q1 1:34)
Perryman passes short to Taranto 45m out in the corridor, who misses. (Q1 3:19)
Brayshaw dithers near CHB and is monstered by Hopper, the inside 50 pass eventually goes to Finlayson 20m out on a slight angle but he misses badly. (Q1 6:34)
Kelly roves a stoppage on the wing and passes to Finlayson just inside 50m on the flank, who shoots OOTF. (Q1 10:49)
Petracca wins a hard footy in midfield but then coughs it up by hand, Kelly roves, baulks and passes to Cameron near the hotspot who boots a behind, as he has been doing lately. (Q1 14:19)
Deledio catches Smith HTB on the HFF, his kick is straight but short and rebounded. (Q1 16:32)
Perryman marks 50m out on a slight angle and also misses. (Q1 17:02)
Taylor marks the kick in to the HFF, Spargo is pinged for encroachment to gift him the first goal of the afternoon and the first of his senior career. (Q1 18:19)
Oliver drops Greene after kicking inside 50 to no one, Cameron takes the downfield free 45m out on a slight angle, Jezza finally shoots on line and long enough! (Q1 22:01)
Jones gives to Baker who snaps from 50m on a slight angle, ball bounces next to the contest in the square, does it get touched on the line by Shaw? Yes, behind. (Q1 23:59)
Tom McDonald passes to the lead of Hunt 40m out in front who steers through the first Melbourne goal. (Q1 25:50)
Harmes passes to Tom McDonald 40m out on a slight angle who kicks straight but short, touched on the line for a point. (Q2 1:02)
Himmelberg misses a set shot from the HFF. (Q2 2:29)
Finlayson finally gets a set shot on line from near CHF. (Q2 3:18)
de Boer roves on the wing, speeds away from the pack and passes to Whitfield just outside the hotspot who converts as well. (Q2 7:17)
Kelly kicks high from the HFF to the square, Taranto roves and misses. (Q2 13:47)
Long ball to the GWS pocket bounces wickedly past Petty to Cameron who gives Himmelberg a very lucky Joe the Goose special. (Q2 15:33)
Cameron bounces a snap wide from the HFF on the end of a fast rebound around the outer wing. (Q2 20:56)
Lockhart roves on the HFF and centres to Viney 30m out with an intelligent kick. Viney misses badly. (Q2 24:18)
Himmelberg doesn’t even try to mark a Greene pass to 30m, he taps it down to Cameron feeding back to run into the open goal. (Q2 25:25)
Fritsch passes from CHF to a hard lead by Hunt to 40m in front, who misses. (Q3 2:02)
Tom McDonald roves in the pocket and pokes a left-foot kick to the corridor 20m out, Hunt marks over Reid but sprays it horribly for a behind. (Q3 6:28)
Himmelberg bounces a pass to Finlayson at the hotspot on a fast break around members wing, he gives to Whitfield who snaps his second goal. (Q3 8:21)
Two Demons fly to spoil a long Taranto ball to Cameron at the hotspot, Himmelberg gleefully accepts the crumb and snaps another one. (Q3 10:24)
GWS streams through midfield in a convoy, Kelly goes long to Himmelberg who crumbs his own contest with Fritsch and goals from 20m. (Q3 13:17)
Cameron marks on the HFF within range but chooses to pass to Coniglio 40m out near the boundary, good decision because Cogs puts it straight behind the goal umpire’s peaked cap. (Q3 15:31)
Hunt roves at the hotspot, gets tackled by Davis but pokes a kick to Garlett in the square who turns and goals. Demon faithful give a belated roar. (Q3 17:18)
Another flowing move through midfield by the Giants ends with Himmelberg marking untouched 45m out in the corridor and booting his fourth goal. (Q3 17:18)
Gawn marks at CHF and kicks to the pocket for Baker who doesn’t mark but bounces off a Kennedy challenge and grubbers home from 5m. (Q3 17:18)
Daniels feeds Kelly running through half forward for an easy goal from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 17:18)
Lockhart passes to Brayshaw 40m out near the boundary, who misses. (Q3 17:18)
Petracca marks 40m out on a slight angle and converts, crowd gives polite applause but it’s junk time. (Q4 1:26)
Himmelberg has Hore draped all over him like a cheap… suit but marks anyway 20m out on a slight angle and boots his fifth major. (Q4 3:26)
Harmes kicks towards Baker at the hotspot, Baker gathers and baulks clear for a nice snap for some garbage. (Q4 5:26)
Tom McDonald gets two bits of junk for himself, not that it matters at this stage. (Q4 10:31)
Cameron gets his third goal to add to the pile of refuse. (Q4 19:42)
Lockhart and Stretch score some meaningless six-pointers. (Q4 24:57)
Spargo gets another to put some undeserved respectability on the scoreboard for the Demons. (Q4 30:12)

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