Blog log from R9 of 2019: Port Adelaide vs Gold Coast

Miles roves on the HFF and hoofs a high ball to the hotspot, plenty of blokes there and the Suns eventually force a crumb for Fiorini to snap the first goal. (Q1 7:06)
Frampton marks a Lienert kick over Corbett 25m out on the flank for the first Port goal. (Q1 8:44)
Heavy rain falling now as forecast, after a relatively dry morning. (Q1 11:38)
Swallow misses a snap from a stoppage 25m out on the flank. (Q1 11:38)
Rockliff turns the ball over by foot in midfield, Murdoch feeds Sexton for a running snap from just outside 50m on a slight angle that sails through! (Q1 15:52)
Ainsworth falls into the back of Duursma to give away a free on the boundary 45m out, who just misses. (Q1 16:38)
Farrell roves a pack near the behind post, baulks around Murdoch and snaps truly from 15m. (Q1 18:02)
Howard marks in relief in the back pocket but shanks the switch kick straight to Sexton on the bounce, he accepts gleefully and snaps the turnover goal! (Q1 20:22)
Ainsworth gathers on the HFF and kicks off his left to the hotspot where Miles marks but misses. (Q1 21:22)
Gray gives to Amon who turns onto his left boot at the hotspot and snaps a nice goal. (Q1 23:20)
Ainsworth snaps from a pack 30m out on the flank, skids through but was touched off the boot. (Q1 24:27)
Stoppage 15m out from the Suns goals, loose ball bobbles around, Fiorini soccers, did Clurey get a finger on it? Yes he did, point. (Q1 28:57)
After an excellent kick under pressure on the wing by Holman, MacPherson gives to Martin on an open HFF, he lopes to 40m and skids the shot just inside the right goalpost! (Q1 31:07)
Rozee does a one-two with Atley on the wing, reaches the HFF then props and goes inboard to the corridor where Butters marks 45m out and roosts an impressive set shot for a goal. (Q2 1:07)
Corbett catches Lienert HTB at a stoppage 30m out on the flank but misses badly. (Q2 7:08)
Harbrow runs up the wing and passes to Sexton on the boundary 25m out, who hits the post. (Q2 13:33)
Gray passes to Butters in the pocket, Westhoff calls for it in the square but the pass isn’t on, no score. (Q2 15:07)
Ryder gets a 50m penalty to bring him from centre wing to 40m on a slight angle, he converts to give Port the lead. (Q2 15:23)
Swallow kicks very long off the ground from the HFF to the pocket, Bowes keeps his feet as Powell brings the ball to ground, he runs into the open goal! (Q2 18:33)
Gray marks 30m out on the flank and tries a set shot screwing ball, that’s good, another lead-changing goal. (Q2 21:43)
Powell sharks a handball by Houston in a pack 25m out on the flank, he shoots quickly but it’s touched off the boot. (Q2 25:55)
Duursma is pinged for deliberate OOB rebounding to the wing, Lukosius kicks down the flank to Ainsworth who marks 40m out just on the HT siren. Ainsworth kicks truly, Suns lead! (Half Time)
Frampton gets a rather soft contact free on Hombsch in a pack 40m out on the flank and kicks the first goal of Q3. (Q3 1:08)
Frampton takes a contested grab 35m out on the flank, his set shot misses to the right. (Q3 6:23)
Gold Coast gets some repeat inside 50s, eventually Fiorini soccers a ground ball to the hotspot where Wright gathers, turns and snaps truly, Suns lead again! (Q3 10:23)
Fiorini kicks long from the next centre bounce to 40m on a slight angle where Corbett marks and misses. (Q3 11:23)
Ryder marks a Westhoff kick 30m out on the flank but misses. (Q3 14:24)
Boak roves in the pocket but misses from 20m. (Q3 16:23)
Miles is pinged for deliberate OOB 40m out but Boak kicks OOTF. (Q3 22:08)
Boak gets another chance in general play from roughly the same spot and does no better. (Q3 22:41)
Repeat inside 50s for the Power, Rockliff passes to Gray 40m out on the flank who misses to level the scores. (Q3 23:39)
Motlop and then Farrell can’t get the handle on a loose and greasy ball 20m out in heavy traffic, eventually Rozee finds it but snaps wide. (Q3 24:22)
Weller is pinged for a hold on Motlop at the top of the square, he kicks truly, Port gets reward for a long period of play in attack. (Q3 25:07)
Rockliff pumps a long ball after a free against Swallow at the next centre bounce, Joyce fumbles the crumb to allow Motlop to pounce and give to Rozee for the 20m goal. (Q3 27:19)
Rozee roves and snaps under pressure from 35m on the flank but it’s OOTF. (Q3 32:10)
Collins fumbles a crumb in the pocket, Motlop pounces but misses from 20m. (Q4 0:32)
Butters goes short to Farrell 40m out on a slight angle after an excellent releasing handball by Boak behind the wing. Farrell kicks truly. (Q4 4:18)
Amon roves a pressured Swallow handball to grass at the hotspot but misses off the left. (Q4 7:32)
Yet more repeat inside 50s for Port, the ball has lived down there, Boak gives to Rozee who snaps truly across the body from 35m on the flank for a nice goal. (Q4 16:33)
Frampton plays on to advantage and goals from the top of the square, we are in junk time now. (Q4 17:31)
Credit to Westhoff for the HTB free on Hombsch to cause that goal. (Q4 17:31)
Motlop passes from the centre to Westhoff who is within range, but he goes wide to Amon 40m out… the kick sails through but the ump reverses it, free against Frampton. (Q4 19:33)
Farrell marks a Motlop pass untouched at the hotspot, goes back for the set shot and gets some junk. (Q4 23:48)

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