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Blog log from R9 of 2019: North Melbourne vs Sydney

Blog log for North Melbourne vs Sydney, R9 of 2019

Blakey will have the first attempt of the day after earning a free for a Pittard hold. From 35 without great angle, Nick misses. (Q1 1:54)
Ziebell goes direct from the centre circle, landing in the lap of Kayne Turner in a plethora of space. From 35 on a slight angle, he kicks the first major of the day. (Q1 4:52)
Williams dashes away from congestion on the wing, kicking high to the hot spot. Roaming the pack off hands is Turner who snaps his second! (Q1 7:52)
The ball bobbles around in Sydney’s hot spot following a stoppage. Dawson is the first to grab it cleanly but his hasty shot is wide. (Q1 14:53)
Jones gives to Thurlow who bombs it inside 50 where Heeney flies but can’t hold the mark. It falls into Dawson’s lap who snaps the goal from 20m out! (Q1 15:52)
Simpkin’s kick is centimetre-perfect to Brown who marks with Rampe hot on his heels. Ben’s attempt from 45m on a 45-degree angle is struck perfectly. (Q1 17:37)
Heeney slides in to mark the footy just within the field of play. His shot is a difficult one, going through for a minor score. (Q1 22:07)
Zurhaar fails to track back to the mark, giving away a 50m penalty. Florent fakes a shot, instead dashing around the man on the mark, but at full speed his 50m shot is wide. (Q1 26:36)
Tarryn Thomas picks up a loose ball deep in the pocket. He throws it quickly on the boot but with pressure aplenty, it’s never online. (Q1 27:31)
Parker sets up Papley who has a ping from long range toward a vacant goalsquare. The footy bounces favourably and the Swans start the second quarter in good fashion. (Q2 2:24)
Hewett stays strong in the tackle, shrugs off Zurhaar, and chips inside 50 to Rowbottom. The youngster sprays it right. (Q2 3:18)
Isaac Heeney runs and jumps, clutching the mark above the pack. From 40m on a slight angle, he kicks the goal as the Swans take the lead. (Q2 9:20)
Reid’s disciplined, centring kick is marked by the big man, Sinclair. His shot from 25, however, let’s him down. (Q2 10:22)
Tarrant is caught HTB by Blakey. The ball spills out at half forward and the Swans take the advantage. Florent makes the Roos pay, slotting the goal from 50. (Q2 12:37)
Despite heavy mid-air body contact, McCartin holds the mark. He lines up his shot and splits the middle from 40. (Q2 14:24)
Papley skirts along the boundary line, outrunning a handful of Roos in a fantastic effort to keep it in the field of play. Eventually, he soccers it in from point-blank range. (Q2 19:38)
Blakey picks up the loose footy at the stoppage and finds a way to step through the bodies. He snaps on his left from 20m and the Swans are on a roll! (Q2 21:06)
Brown kicks into the wide space between the Wood/Melican matchup and the goals. Wood wins the footrace, the ball sits up for him and he goals from the square. (Q2 25:09)
Anderson and Cunnington combine in the pocket with the latter spotting up Ziebell in the middle. Ziebell’s set shot from 35 on a moderate angle is marginally wide. (Q2 26:07)
After Sinclair is pinged for deliberate OOB on the flank, Dumont sends it inside 50 where Cunnington marks strongly above his head. The 35m set shot is online. (Q2 27:21)
Brown’s flick-on into Garner’s path is creative but Garner’s 25m snap has a little too much bend on it. (Q2 29:52)
Dawson’s inside-50 kick is scrappy and Papley can’t pick it up. Lloyd can and he snaps on his right, chalking up a rare goal for the defender! (Q2 33:38)
Florent bombs out a clearance from the wing. Papley roves the contest and looks goalward. His snap starts offline but a couple of favourable bounces sees it through for a goal! (Q3 3:19)
Thomas has a quick opportunity for redemption at the other end but his hasty shot is wayward. (Q3 4:33)
A hold is paid against Thompson for a hold on McCartin miles away from the footy. From 45, directly in front, he hits the post. (Q3 10:19)
Zurhaar sends a short, low bullet inside 50 to hit up Garner in space. It doesn’t make the distance and is punched through for a behind. (Q3 12:43)
Reid marks just inside 50 and passes short to Florent on the lead. An off-the-ball free kick for a whack on Papley makes it a dead certain goal for Florent. (Q3 18:17)
Reid, Hewett and Parker combine to crumb a huge pack in Swans’ pocket. The latter’s quick left-foot snap hits the post. (Q3 22:05)
9 out of 10 Roos’ entries are sky high, making it incredibly tough for their forwards to get involved. (Q3 24:18)
Thompson is penalised for holding in the marking contest. Dawson takes the shot from 45 which is off hands for a minor score. (Q3 25:18)
A 50m penalty for encroachment brings Larkey within range. His 45m set shot splits the middle and the Roos finally bite back. (Q3 26:28)
Thanks to another soft free against Thompson, McCartin lines up for goal. From just inside the 50, he pulls it left (Q3 27:33)
A horrendous deliberate OOB decision is paid against Williams in the Swans’ attacking pocket. No complaints for Papley though, as the lively Swan snaps his fourth! (Q4 3:06)
After a couple of panicky moments from Rampe, Aliir walks the ball over his own line for a rushed behind. (Q4 4:35)
Higgins pops it over the top to a running Zurhaar who marks 45m out. His shot from a difficult angle is a good one, kicking a much-needed North Melbourne goal. (Q4 7:07)
The Roos get a quick centre clearance. Simpkin beats Aliir to the ball at half forward, weaves in and out and then kicks the impressive running goal from 40. (Q4 9:04)
O’Riordan is involved a couple times in the rebounding play before Papley collects, wheels around and hits up Hayward. His 45m set shot is close but not close enough. (Q4 11:21)
A potential mark to Larkey is called play on. The ball spills out and eventually, Tarrant is the one who finds space. He launches a snap from 40 which sails through for a goal. (Q4 14:18)
The Swans are fumbly across half back, allowing Turner to release to a running Simpkin. Jy elects to dribble his 15m shot. It’s wide… (Q4 15:51)
Simpkin has a chance to redeem himself with a 50m shot from out wide. He steps around his man on the mark, but a little stumble puts him off balance and hampers his shot. (Q4 18:31)
A clearing fist is picked up by Atley who launches a quick shot from outside 50 but it bounces wide. (Q4 19:51)
Higgins gets a kick away out of congestion which sails through for a goal. However, it’s called touched, and confirmed touched after the review with an Umpire’s Call result. (Q4 28:32)
Polec kicks an almost impossible goal from 50m on the boundary, giving the Roos a serious sniff with 90 seconds on the clock. (Q4 30:47)
Stoppage on the Roos’ forward pocket with 21 seconds on the clock. (Q4 32:18)
The Swans clear it out but the Roos send it straight back in. The siren sounds with the ball in the air. Sydney claim the victory in a thrilling finish! (Full Time)

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