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Blog log from R7 of 2019: Western Sydney vs St Kilda

Blog log for Western Sydney vs St Kilda, R7 of 2019

Mumford taps the ball down then gets his own clearance, kicking to a true one-on-one in the goalsquare. Cameron outmarks Joyce and kicks the first of the day. (Q1 3:10)
Long and Newnes combines on the HFF allowing Membrey a set shot at goal. His long-range shot bends back just enough to sneak in. Saints get the quick reply! (Q1 4:07)
Coniglio quickly snaps from 55 on the boundary toward a dangerous spot, yet somehow the Saints’ defence can’t get a touch on it. The Sherrin rolls through for a lucky goal. (Q1 9:41)
Daniels marks strongly on the wing to kickstart an attack. Greene and Himmelberg combine to keep the ball alive, with the latter centering to Tomlinson. He marks and goals from 20. (Q1 14:10)
Finlayson clunks an impressive pack mark and has no trouble running onto his left foot to snap the goal from 35! (Q1 15:32)
Kent marks at the intersection of the 50m arc and the boundary. He quickly wheels around and shoots for goal, but it’s to the near side for a minor score. (Q1 18:24)
It’s now 5 of the first 6 goals to GWS. Daniels kicks inside 50 to Kennedy within scoring range. Adam pops it over the top to Greene striding toward an open goal. (Q1 20:09)
The Saints transition the footy from wing to corridor through Billings and Ross. Parker finds himself in space as he marks, kicks and goals from 25. (Q1 23:25)
The footy falls off-hands into the lap of Finlayson out the back of the pack. He’s able to quickly throw it on the boot and kick the goal from directly in front, 15 metres out. (Q1 25:10)
Coniglio ghosts forward to get on the end of some excellent Giants play on the HFF. On a moderate angle, the skipper hits the post from 35. (Q1 26:39)
Daniels crumbs the pack and quickly offloads by hand to Taranto. From the pocket, his checkside snap misses. (Q1 29:44)
Reid puts tough pressure on Gresham at a stoppage, essentially taking the footy from his boot. Sam launches a great shot from 50! (Q1 31:34)
Mumford clears it out of the centre bounce, finding Cameron tracking back with the flight. Jeremy marks and kicks another goal from 25 to cap off a huge Q1 for GWS. (Q1 32:39)
Finlayson whips the footy forward to the isolated Cameron and Joyce contest. Jeremy always looked to be in the better position. Mark, kick, and goal #3 for the spearhead. (Q2 4:25)
Acres slips through a gap in the pocket and dishes off to a striding Matty Parker. The livewire rolls one through from the pocket for the Saints’ third goal of the afternoon. (Q2 8:26)
Coniglio is blindsided by Ross and pinged for HTB. Seb Ross can’t get his 40m shot online, squeezing it through for a minor score. (Q2 10:32)
Newnes marks over Kennedy and takes a wild shot from 50m but misses. Kennedy will be given a concussion test for receiving an errant Newnes knee in that contest. (Q2 12:08)
A free kick is spotted at the Giants’ forward 50 stoppage in favour of big Mumford for a block. His shot isn’t pretty and barely scrapes in for a behind. (Q2 23:38)
Hopper has a set-play opportunity but can’t keep his 50m shot on target. (Q2 24:54)
Wilkie works it down the wing and Marsh holds the chest mark in front of Williams. The former Pie can’t bend his 45m shot back enough, through for a minor score. (Q2 26:38)
Marsh has the chance to make amends with another set shot, this time from an easier position. He has no trouble! (Q2 27:48)
It’s a goal to the Saints thanks to a couple of consecutive 50m penalties from Himmelberg (late contact) and Mumford (failure to be outside of the protected zone). Marshall goals! (Q2 31:07)
Mumford and Coniglio send it out of the centre bounce straight to the leading Cameron. To start the second half, Jeremy’s 55m kick hangs out to the right. (Q3 1:23)
Marsh and Corr battle it out on the HFF, eventually resulting in a high-contact free to the Saints. Marsh passes to Kent but the ex-Demon can’t convert. (Q3 4:36)
Ross should have lowered his eyes and passed to a free Bruce within range. Instead, Seb bombs it long and it wobbles through for a behind. (Q3 7:51)
Sinclair smothers the Buntine kick in a dangerous position. Kent picks up the loose ball, snaps on his left and misses. (Q3 8:20)
Steele brilliantly steps through traffic which allows Acres a potshot at goal. His tumbler isn’t pretty but it’s through the big sticks nonetheless! (Q3 14:08)
Shaw is penalised for late contact on Parker within scoring range. The only thing between Parker’s shot and a consecutive Saints goal is the woodwork. (Q3 15:38)
A 50m penalty is paid on the HFF against Wilkie for holding Cameron after the fact. Jeremy kicks the easy goal. (Q3 16:38)
Jeremy Cameron works hard to be involved multiple times throughout the same passage. After an exceptionally courageous mark, he kicks his 5th goal of the afternoon. (Q3 24:08)
Daniels takes the advantage on the wing, linking up with Himmelberg inside 50. The big man has time to steady and then snaps truly on his right boot from 35m out. (Q3 25:37)
The footy is bulleted out of the centre circle to the leading Himmelberg who marks on his chest at 35m. Himmelberg has no trouble slotting the goal. (Q3 28:06)
Acres and Sinclair almost accidentally butcher a certain goal but Sinclair is quick enough to mop up and squeeze the footy underneath Haynes to halt the Giants’ momentum. (Q3 30:01)
Buntine is taken high on the flank and elects to play on. His kick toward goal looks good but narrowly misses. (Q3 32:41)
Hopper cleverly sidesteps his opponent on the flank, kicking long to a contest. Taranto is the crumber off the back and he goals with class from a tight angle. (Q4 3:52)
50m is paid against McKenzie for a late hit and the Giants aren’t happy about it. Lloyd kicks the easiest of goals from point blank. (Q4 5:32)
Mumford gives away his 9th free kick of the day, this time for high contact in a stoppage. Marshall works the breeze in his favour as he lines up from 45 and kicks the goal. (Q4 7:41)
Gresham’s terrible kick is powdered with luck as it falls into the hands of Kent, 25m out. Dean’s kick sails over the goal umpire’s hat. (Q4 9:08)
Sinclair strides through the corridor and hits Kent free in some space. His attempt from 45m on a 45-degree angle narrowly misses. (Q4 19:12)
Cameron marks millimetres inside the field of play. On the right side for a left-footer, his snap is OOTF. (Q4 19:54)
Coniglio and Finlayson combine under pressure. Cameron sidesteps and kicks across the body on his left from 40. It’s close to the post, but it squeezes through for a goal. (Q4 24:09)
Kent marks the Newnes kick on the flank and lines up for another goal. He has no trouble. (Q4 25:24)
Daniels marks inside 50 and dishes off to a running De Boer. The veteran splits the middle from 45. (Q4 26:59)
Bruce misses a set shot from 40m to the near side. (Q4 28:53)
A last-second free kick and goal to Greene puts the icing on the cake. GIants, sing your song. (Q4 28:53)

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