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Blog log from R4 of 2019: North Melbourne vs Adelaide

Blog log for North Melbourne vs Adelaide, R4 of 2019

Murphy sidesteps his opponent on the HFF and is able to find Sloane in space with the short pass. For the first score of the day, Rory hits the post. (Q1 1:42)
Walker is penalised for a high fend-off on the wing. Goldstein takes it and links up with Higgins who kicks to a strong-marking Mason Wood. His attempt from 40 misses. (Q1 3:56)
Ellis-Yolmen and Mackay combine to find Riley Knight within scoring distance. His set shot from 45 is knuckled over the line for a minor score. (Q1 7:57)
Josh Jenkins should have kicked the first goal of the day from 25 without any significant angle. It seems that he tried to kick it too hard, launching it straight into the post. (Q1 8:48)
Eddie Betts does what Eddie Betts does best, and that’s with some flair and creativity. The goalsneak kicks the first major of the day with a mid-air soccer kick in the pocket. (Q1 10:12)
Polec’s kick is high, but it’s accurate nonetheless, falling into the lap of Higgins in the pocket. Faced with a tough angle, he kicks the goal from 40! (Q1 11:57)
Thomas lays a great tackle which allows Ahern to pounce, spin on a dime, and then shoot. His attempt from 40 is offline. (Q1 14:11)
Hartigan’s attempt to clear the defensive 50 is poor, allowing Mason Wood to cut it off with ease. His set shot from 45m on a 45-degree angle starts right and stays right. (Q1 16:57)
Turner goes low and hard at the footy, earning a free kick for high contact against Keath. He elects to pass to McDonald on a tougher angle. It’s off hands for a minor score. (Q1 18:31)
Cunnington was able to sneak a quick shot at goal away, however it was just on the wrong side of the post. North hasn’t capitalised on the scoreboard despite dominating play. (Q1 22:12)
Walker kicks it inside 50, resulting in a mark and then goal number two for Eddie Betts. This time with a right foot snap from the pocket. (Q1 23:45)
It’s a minute to forget for North as Simpkin misses a shot on goal, then McDonald gives away a 50m penalty for late contact. But Chayce Jones can’t keep his shot on target. (Qtr Time)
Knight hands it off to Jenkins who launches the footy goalward from 55. His kick was never online, through for a minor score. (Q2 1:38)
The Adelaide pressure on McDonald was hot, forcing the spillage out to Jenkins in a dangerous are. The big man fed it over the top to Brad Crouch who kicked the scrappy snap goal. (Q2 4:49)
Tarryn Thomas almost wildly bends the outside-of-the-boot banana, but the post gets it the way. LDU wasn’t too happy about the lack of the handball either… (Q2 6:22)
Anderson picks up a loose ball and throws it on the boot inside 50. Ziebell finds himself in the best spot and is first to react, clutching the mark. His shot hits the post. (Q2 7:41)
Roles are reversed as Simpkin dishes off to a running Goldstein on his outer. Todd strides in and shoots from 35m near the boundary, but it’s across the face. (Q2 8:59)
Walker shows great footy smarts to deliver the underground handball to the advantage of Jenkins, running into an open goal. Jenkins almost makes a meal of it… Goal to the Crows. (Q2 11:06)
Simpkin kicks from the boundary to the hot spot where Brown is paid a free kick for being held. After his notoriously long run-up, Ben kicks a relatively easy goal. (Q2 16:35)
Hall’s kick is smothered on the wing which kickstarts a rapid Adelaide counter attack. Betts marks the Poholke kick deep in the pocket and snaps a brilliant goal! (Q2 18:35)
Walker marks just outside the 50, lowers his eyes and hits Poholke on the lead. Myles’ shot from 45 on a slight angle hits the inside of the post. (Q2 20:02)
The Crows battle the footy forward with intent and courage. Eventually Sloane gets the one-two with Poholke, kicking the running goal from 20. (Q2 27:35)
Ziebell is paid a free kick for a Talia block some distance from the drop of the ball. He kicks a much-needed captain’s goal from 25, directly in front. (Q2 29:00)
Polec gets the clearance with only seconds on the clock, hitting up Ben Brown on the lead. After the siren, his set shot from 30m is wide. (Q2 30:30)
Keath is too slow to release the footy and Higgins’ forward pressure is rewarded. Shaun’s kick from 35 on a moderate angle is always offline. (Q3 2:30)
Pittard and Polec combine, with the latter launching a shot from outside 50. It sprays off hands on the line and results in a minor score. (Q3 3:35)
It’s consecutive snaps and consecutive misses from opposite Adelaide forward pockets. Betts with the first, Murphy with the second, then third time lucky as Milera kicks truly! (Q3 9:06)
O’Brien is controversially penalised for a block against Brown in the ruck. Ben lines up from 20m out without significant angle, kicking an easy goal in the end. (Q3 10:51)
Lynch picks up a loose ball in a contest and tries to steer a dribbler toward the goal. It bounces wide and barely makes it through for a point. (Q3 12:48)
Atley shrugs off both Sloane and Murphy, sprints away, and hits up Brown on the lead inside 50. Brown’s set shot from 45 scrapes through for a goal! (Q3 15:19)
North Melbourne are on the charge thanks to some bruisey work from Brown, Wood and Zurhaar. Ziebell makes it count with a nice pickup and snap in the goalsquare. (Q3 17:37)
Talia is penalised for holding Brown’s jumper. He tries to plead his case to no avail. Brown makes it four in a row for the Roos as North hit the lead! (Q3 20:51)
Ziebell and Turner combine in the pocket, with the latter showing poise to laterally find Brown on the lead. To make it five consecutive goals, Brown’s 35m shot is offline. (Q3 22:06)
O’Brien is way too slow in his attempt to release from defence. Turner makes him pay, catching the big man HTB. His shot from 45 on a slight angle misses right. (Q3 27:52)
Ziebell links with Goldstein who connects with a running Hall. His kick to the hot spot is clunked by Cunnington who has no trouble slotting the goal from close range. (Q4 5:22)
It’s back to back goals for North, this time through Zurhaar. The footy cleared a pack of players, Cam ran onto it, and he kicked a relatively simple goal. (Q4 6:22)
North waste another couple of opportunities in quick succession, first via a Goldstein snap, then a Polec grubber. Both shots were close but only registered minor scores. (Q4 8:23)
Jenkins marks a long kick on the line, then somehow misses from point-blank range… (Q4 10:52)
A holding free kick is paid to Taylor Walker. The big Texan has no trouble kicking it through the big sticks from 35. (Q4 15:38)
Ziebell is hemmed up on the boundary within scoring range. He elects to run around with the right-foot banana. It’s just across the face for a minor score. (Q4 19:07)
Betts marks in front of McDonald at about 40, but he can’t align his shot the way he would have liked. It’s wide for a minor score. (Q4 24:52)

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