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Blog log from EF of 2018: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, EF of 2018

Aliir intercepts on the last line but kicks to a contest on the HBF, Giants swarm and Shiel passes to Kelly deep in the pocket… but the set shot is OOTF.
The Swans sweep forward on the rebound, Hannebery marks in front of Shiels 35m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q1 4:26)
The Giants take their turn to go coast to coast, Greene bumps Jones out to mark a long Whitfield ball in the pocket, plays on but hits the post from near the behind line. (Q1 5:13)
Papley roves a McCartin contest and snaps around the corner from 40m in front… into the post. (Q1 9:18)
Jack has a man on him but toepokes a loose ball from near CHF to the hotspot for Ronke to mark and kick the first goal of the afternoon. (Q1 10:13)
Coniglio wins a HTB free on Hannebery after a stoppage one the HFF. Cogs lines up from 45m and squeezes through the first goal for the orange horde. (Q1 13:09)
Greene bullocks his way to the crumb from a stoppage 20m out and rides a tackle to get a snap off in a phonebox, that is a champion’s goal! (Q1 15:21)
Greene rises in front of Jones to clunk a Cameron pass to the pocket 35m out, but that one goes OOTF to the jeers of the mostly pro-Swans crowd. (Q1 20:43)
Cameron and Rampe one out for a long ball by Tomlins to the hotspot, Rampe spoils, Jezza gathers and gets a pressured snap off… bounces wide. (Q1 21:59)
Coniglio slips over in midfield, Heeney was a few steps behind but pilfers the footy from him and shoots quickly from 60m in front… skids well wide. (Q1 23:49)
Cameron roves a Giles-Langdon contest at the hotspot but his left foot snap dribbles harmlessly across the face. (Q1 25:43)
Hayward picks up a loose footy on the wing and zooms away, his kick to half forward is a mongrel but Papley snaffles it and gets a wobbly left foot snap off from 40m… skids in! (Q2 7:17)
Taranto releases Whitfield from a stoppage to checkside a snap from the boundary 20m out… rams into the post. (Q2 11:13)
de Boer snaps a big goal from a stoppage 40m out on the flank. (Q2 12:47)
Rain now falling at the SCG. (Q2 20:46)
Himmelberg gives to Greene who tries a skidding snap from near the boundary 35m out but it’s well wide. (Q2 23:50)
Williams intercepts at half forward and goes to Himmelberg, it’s a skidder but Aliir hurdles Himmelberg instead of tackling and the Giant is able to get up and snap truly from 30m. (Q2 26:03)
Himmelberg gathers a loose footy 35m out on a slight angle, waggles the hips then snaps over his left shoulder with a screwing snap… Aliir can’t get to it, fine goal! (Q3 7:03)
Papley snaps wide from 25m on the flank after a rather chaotic Sydney attack. (Q3 11:49)
Shiel passes short from the wing to Greene 50m out on the flank who roosts a massive set shot with a wet ball for his second! Giants forwards now putting their stamp on the game. (Q3 13:04)
Hopper ducks under a tackle on the boundary 30m out but checksides wide off a few steps. (Q3 15:35)
Ward misses a running snap from the HFF. (Q3 17:34)
Deledio gets a set shot from much the same spot but it falls on the line for Sinclair to rush. (Q3 18:49)
Franklin marks just inside 50m on the flank but misses, much to the vocal delight of the small number of GWS fans in the house. (Q3 20:36)
Hopper shaves the outside of the goalpost with a set shot from the other HFF. (Q3 22:35)
Long ball to the GWS hotspot as the Swans just can’t clear their lines, Cameron is paid the big pack mark in front and sails through another Giant goal. (Q3 23:28)
Greene leaps in front of the hapless Jones to mark a centring ball by Coniglio from the pocket to the top of the square for his third goal. This game is over. (Q4 2:48)
Himmelberg hits the post with a set shot from 20m on a slight angle after marking a Deledio kick. (Q4 5:19)
Himmelberg marks again at the same sort of spot on the other side as Sydney fail yet again to rebound, but he misses this one as well. (Q4 6:06)
Ward, who has had a quiet night, brings the entire team to him with a snap goal from half forward, it’s one-way traffic out there by now. (Q4 7:28)
Cameron snaps into the post from the pocket after sharking a Rampe handball. (Q4 10:46)
Cameron draws a holding free on Rampe going for a Shiel pass to 15m on a slight angle, he converts for his second. (Q4 12:04)
Hopper hits the post on the run from the hotspot on the end of a flowing series of handballs up the guts. (Q4 15:05)
Whitfield misses around the corner from the hotspot after a stoppage. (Q4 20:54)
Greene sticks a leg out to give a soft karate kick on Newman then mark 30m out on the flank, ump pays it, crowd boos lustily, Greene misses. (Q4 22:34)
The Swans get some junk with a snap from Parker from CHF, but his reaction is about as disgusted as the most irate Swans fan in the crowd. (Q4 23:19)
Shiel soccers from the wing to Ward 45m out on a slight angle who misses. (Q4 24:19)
Davis drops an intercept mark at CHB, Papley roves and goals with a minute to go. (Q4 26:01)

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