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Blog log from EF of 2018: West Coast vs Collingwood

Blog log for West Coast vs Collingwood, EF of 2018

Sidebottom passes short from the wing to Mihocek to mark in front of Lycett 40m out on the flank. He misses. (Q1 2:29)
LeCras roves a Goldsack fumble in the pocket but shoots across the face from 20m. (Q1 5:55)
Mayne soccers a loose footy at half forward, Mihocek mops it up and snaps on the turn from 30m on a slight angle but it’s wide. (Q1 7:56)
Vardy pushes Grundy in the back at a ball in from the pocket, ump doesn’t pay a free so Vardy grabs the ball out of ruck and snaps the first goal from 20m. (Q1 10:08)
Ryan intercepts a Crisp kick in 30m out near the boundary, but shanks it OOTF. (Q1 13:09)
Rioli mows down Thomas to prevent a Collingwood score from half forward. (Q1 14:27)
Ryan marks 40m out on the flank, runs in rightish but kicks dead straight to bring the crowd to their feet! (Q1 16:40)
Vardy crumbs his own contest 40m out on the flank and gives to Darling who feeds Ryan to snap his second goal. (Q1 20:14)
Varcoe gets a chance running around the boundary, reaches 45m and decides to go himself… and nails a beautiful goal! What a week for him and his family. (Q1 23:44)
Varcoe passes to De Goey to mark in front of Cole 40m out on a slight angle, but the set shot is very disappointing, barely a behind. (Q1 26:28)
Yeo snaps high and wide from 40m on the flank. (Q1 27:52)
Aish dumps a dumb kick from the last line to the HBF but straight to Darling 45m out. But the Eagle misses. (Q2 3:52)
Thomas runs through the middle and goes to Mihocek who uses the body nicely to beat Duggan 40m out in front and boot his first goal. (Q2 5:12)
Collingwood attacks up the guts, it’s chaotic and untidy but that’s the way the Pies like it, eventually Adams roves a stubbed kick by Sier and snaps truly from 20m! (Q2 7:32)
Sidebottom, who has run free all game, passes to Varcoe 40m out near the boundary. Varcoe doesn’t score. (Q2 9:12)
Mayne marks at half forward, he gets to his mark and shapes to kick quickly, Rioli thinks he’s playing on but the ump hadn’t called it, 50m penalty and easy goal Mayne! Pies lead. (Q2 10:36)
Rioli ducks into a Pendlebury tackle and gets a high contact free, luckily. He lines up from just inside 50m on a slight angle, his set shot is off Darling’s hands for a point. (Q2 13:30)
Sier grubbers a terrible kick from the BP to the HBF straight to Cripps who snaps off a step from 45m… that one is through! (Q2 16:18)
Adams catches SHuey HTB after the next centre bounce and gives off to Crisp who goes long and straight… De Goey draws a holding free on Cole 20m out and goals. (Q2 17:43)
Treloar is pinged for deliberate OOB 30m out, Sheed takes the free and threads the needle! (Q2 20:30)
Mihocek performs the same trick up the other end for a goal from the behind line after a free and advantage from half back causing a fast break. (Q2 22:46)
Redden gives to LeCras at a stoppage 20m out in the pocket but the Frenchman is under great pressure and snaps wide. (Q2 23:29)
Darling feeds Rioli on the end of a lose man play to goal from the square despite desperate lunges by a string of outpositioned Pie defenders. (Q2 27:05)
Another centre clearance win to Collingwood, Stephenson marks just inside 50m to the left of the corridor but misses. (Q2 28:37)
McGovern loses his feet and gives a handball from his belly out to Stephenson whose quick snap from 35m on a slight angle falls in for another lead-changing goal! (Q2 30:52)
Cripps passes to Kennedy leading to the boundary 50m out, predictably his set shot is wide. (Q3 2:29)
Goldsack goes to Rioli and leave Kennedy all alone to gather Rioli’s kick to space on the HFF, but he misses from 30m. (Q3 4:05)
Hoskin-Elliott marks a Mihocek pass on the HFF, kicks quickly and hits the post. (Q3 6:13)
Mayne strips McGovern in a tackle at the hotspot, Hoskin-Elliott roves and hits the post with a wobbling snap across the body. (Q3 10:54)
Kennedy marks 55m out on the flank, waits then goes himself… wide. (Q3 14:21)
Mihocek feeds Adams to run through CHF on a fast break after another stoppage win and skid through a huge goal from 40m! (Q3 17:30)
Venables passes short to Kennedy near the boundary 25m out. JJK screws through his first goal of the evening after three misses. (Q3 19:39)
Shuey passes short to Venables at much the same spot as Kennedy’s last shot, but his shot is wide. (Q3 21:30)
Pendlebury roves Grundy at a stoppage and shoots around the corner off the left from 40m on a slight angle… screws wide. (Q3 22:45)
Varcoe mows Shuey down in midfield to stop another Eagle attack. (Q3 23:17)
Thomas gets a free for being tunnelled by Hastings 20m out in the pocket going for a Crisp bullet from the wing. He kicks truly. (Q3 24:30)
Another centre clearance to the Magpies, Thomas feeds Mihocek for a running snap at the hotspot but that’s wide. (Q3 25:50)
Kennedy leaps over Goldsack to clunk a Yeo pass to 45m near the boundary. Yet another tough set shot… JJK threads it, crowd goes ape droppings! (Q4 2:54)
LeCras roves a Kennedy contest and goes long to the square, Vardy fights with Howe, Howe spoils and falls over, Vardy gathers on the line and kicks into the goal umpire… (Q4 5:24)
Goal umpire calls it a behind as he was standing in front of the goal post, ruling that it would have hit the post if he hadn’t been in the way, confirmed on video review. (Q4 5:54)
Pendlebury kicks from half back but it’s to Mayne’s toes and he can’t gather, eventually Darling catches a smothered LeCras kick at the hotspot and puts the Eagles in front! (Q4 7:25)
Howe beats Darling to mark a Rioli kick on the last line to prevent a score to West Coast. (Q4 10:54)
Kennedy dives and is paid a mark from a ball that definitely hit the ground on replay. He lines up from 45m on the flank but misses, footy gods smile. (Q4 12:38)
Sidebottom wins a loose footy on the wing, eventually Maynard passes nicely to De Goey just outside the hotspot. He goals, Pies lead again. (Q4 16:55)
Phillips snaps after a stoppage from the hotspot but it’s spoiled for a behind to make it two points the lead to Collingwood, 6:30 left. (Q4 21:55)
A lull as Rioli is helped off bleeding from the head following a headclash with Greenwood. (Q4 23:10)
ADams gathers at half back but his handball towards CHB is intercepted by Jetta who baulks clear for a snap across the body for yet another lead-changing goal! (Q4 24:31)
5:18 left at the next bounce, this one has plenty of twists left in it yet! Crowd at fever pitch. (Q4 24:55)
Darling marks a pressured LeCras kick down the flank to 30m as two Pies run into each other, he goals to give the Eagles a big ten point lead with 3:40 to play! (Q4 27:04)
Redden clears from the next centre bounce, Darling marks 50m out on a slight angle and immediately points to the goalface in Babe Ruth style. He kicks into the man on the mark! (Q4 28:25)
Darling gets a push free and pumps it back in but a stoppage results after Sidebottom shanks a handball into the behind post. (Q4 29:24)
Free to Aish, 2:10 left as he starts the rebound from teh last line, Mayne connects on the wing, Treloar kicks to half forward, McGovern is paid a HTB free against De Goey, 1:30. (Q4 30:26)
Eagles play some tempo to wind the clock down, crowd starts roaring their approval, eventually a ball in on the wing, 1:00 left, still two kicks in it. (Q4 31:08)
Hutchings roves and kicks down the line, Kennedy marks in front of Goldsack and pumps it in, Aish dumps a kick to defensive hotspot but straight to Redden, siren and goal! (Q4 32:20)

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