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Blog log from R20 of 2018: Melbourne vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Melbourne vs Gold Coast, R20 of 2018

Neal-Bullen kicks to Gawn at the top of the square and it gets out the back to Jones who runs into an open goal for the first goal of the day. (Q1 5:03)
Forward 50 stoppage for Melbourne and it falls to Oliver who snaps quickly on his left and it’s through for a goal. (Q1 7:03)
Gawn wins a free in the middle, spirals it to 30m from goal and it hits McDonald on the chest! McDonald, directly in front, misses to the right. (Q1 8:00)
Tyson gathers 45m from goal, hands backwards to Salem who has time and space to launch from 50m and kick the Demons’ third goal. (Q1 11:33)
Neal-Bullen gathers 40m from goal, throws the ball on his boot and it’s through for a goal! Impressive, instinctive goal from Neal-Bullen. (Q1 18:17)
Oliver marks 60m from goal, wheels onto his right, kicks to the goal square and Spargo, running back with the flight, doesn’t have to break stride! Simple goal, great assist. (Q1 20:49)
Hogan marks 55m from goal, kicks inside 50 and hits Oliver on a hard lead. Oliver’s set shot misses to the right. (Q1 22:18)
Melbourne with another inside 50, this one via Salem, and Petracca marks above his head 30m out, directly in front. Goal. (Q1 22:48)
Another one for the Dees, with Petracca involved again. He handballs across to Spargo, 20m from goal, and Spargo finishes under minimal pressure. (Q1 26:03)
Petracca involved yet again, he wins the ball in the forward pocket and kicks backwards cleverly to Oliver who marks 40m out directly in front. Goal. (Q1 28:33)
Another goal from Melbourne, this time Ah Chee gets into the back of Neal-Bullen, who goals from the free kick in the pocket. (Q1 31:17)
Vandenberg stands up in a tackle in the pocket and hands to Harmes who snaps another goal. (Q2 6:53)
Garlett marks 50m from goal, moves quickly onto his left and hits Hogan 30m out almost directly in front. Hogan goals. (Q2 8:38)
Harmes sharks Leslie’s ruck tap and somehow is allowed to run to 30m from goal and kick truly under almost no pressure. (Q2 19:27)
Oliver snaps at goal and Brayshaw marks on the goal line. He goes back and kicks their 14th goal for the half. (Q2 21:11)
Sexton pumps a ball forward from the wing, it bounces 20m from goal and just keeps going through for a goal! A bit of good fortune for the Suns. (Q2 22:27)
Leslie kicks inside 50 and Powell jumps high and marks over Vince 20m out on a slight angle. Powell misses to the left. (Q3 4:33)
Tyson 60m out kicks precisely into the pocket for Hogan on the lead. Hogan goes back and kicks his 2nd goal. (Q3 9:48)
Weller marks 40m from goal, plays on quickly and finds Sexton 15m from goal. Sexton kicks his fourth. (Q3 13:04)
Brayshaw kicks long and Hogan marks uncontested and hands to Garlett who runs into an open goal. (Q3 23:05)
Ah Chee kicks towards goal, it dribbles across goal and Sexton gathers and snaps his fifth goal! He has five of GC’s six. (Q4 1:20)
Hogan chases down Bowes, exchanges handballs with Harmes and sets Harms up for a simple snap at goal. Great unselfish footy from Hogan. (Q4 3:19)
Neal-Bullen kicks from 50m, it falls 5m short and Hogan manages to mark above his head. He goes back and kicks his third for the day. (Q4 4:18)
Lewis wrapped up by Fiorini and is pinged for holding the ball. Fiorini from 35m out on a slight angle, misses to the left. (Q4 10:04)
Jones kicks low inside 50 and Oliver takes a diving mark 35m from goal on a slight angle. He misses to the left. (Q4 15:04)
Kennedy-Harris kicks high inside 50 to Hogan who easily outmarks Spencer 20m from goal. He goes back and kicks truly for his fourth. (Q4 16:33)
Kolodjashnij coming out of defence is run down by Garlett 40m from goal. Garlett’s set shot is a goal. (Q4 20:44)
Poor kick out of defence lands with Jones who pumps it back inside to Petracca who marks and goals from the top of the goal square. (Q4 23:04)
Hanley forces a turnover inside forward 50, he hands to Powell who releases Rischitelli to snap a goal from 30m out. (Q4 26:05)
Spargo kicks inside to Fritsch, 40m from goal on a slight angle. The siren goes, Fritsch lines up but misses to the left. (Q4 30:42)

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