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Blog log from R20 of 2018: Carlton vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Carlton vs Western Sydney, R20 of 2018

Giles-Langdon marks a long Ward kick from the HFF behind an outpositioned Marchbank on a quick play and boots the first goal from the top of the square. (Q1 1:03)
de Boer hits the post with a snap from CHF. (Q1 3:18)
Whitfield passes from the wing to Cameron 40m out in the corridor, who misses. (Q1 3:30)
Himmelberg marks 25m out on the flank and kicks his first goal to near-absolute silence. (Q1 3:30)
McKay rises majestically in front of a pack 35m out on a slight angle and clunks a long Murphy kick from the centre in classic style. Then misses badly. (Q1 3:30)
Lobb sticks out one hand and marks running back with the flight 45m out on the flank, that was a circus catch. But he misses. (Q1 3:30)
Charlie Curnow marks 15m out in front but somehow misses a soda. (Q1 3:30)
Deledio misses the lot with a snap from the pocket. (Q1 17:29)
Ward passes across half forward to Adam Kennedy 55m out but Polson gives away a 50m penalty for encroachment to make it a simple goal. (Q1 19:22)
de Boer roves a Hopper inside 50 kick to Giles-Langdon but misses with a snap across the body from the hotspot. (Q1 21:02)
Kelly intercepts on the wing, has a lope and a bounce, then hits Bonar 40m out on a slight angle who doesn’t score. (Q1 22:16)
Ward hits the post from exactly the same spot after a mark. (Q1 24:10)
Simson kicks OOTF from the kick in, Giles-Langdon takes the free 35m out but his centring ball doesn’t work, Marchbank starts the rebound. (Q1 24:58)
Marchbank mows down Cameron on the wing to start a fast break, O’Shea kicks to Charlie Curnow’s bootlaces but Taylor fumbles it straight to McKay who snaps the goal from 40m! (Q1 28:34)
Himmelberg spins out of trouble after roving at the top of the square but then gets smashed by O’Shea from behind, not before he feeds Tomlinson who snaps truly from 15m. (Q1 30:00)
Adam Kennedy pokes a very short pass to the bootlaces of Coniglio then runs to receive for a snap across the body from 35m on a slight angle… that’s good. (Q1 30:59)
Greene marks at CHF but doesn’t score with his set shot after the QT siren. (Qtr Time)
Kelly roves on the wing and passes in ugly but effective fashion to Coniglio to mark in front of Marchbank 40m out on a slight angle for the first goal of Q2. (Q2 0:37)
Polson roves on the wing, hurdles clear of two Giants and hits McKay with a nice left foot pass to 40m on a slight angle, who gets that set shot on target. (Q2 6:23)
McKay gets a free for a push in the back by Davis 45m out on the flank and bangs through another impressive set shot! (Q2 10:50)
Adam Kennedy gives to Hopper who snaps across his body under pressure from 40m on the flank, that one sails through. (Q2 13:54)
Charlie Curnow marks a pass from Pickett to 40m out on a slight angle in front of Taylor and strokes through his first goal of the afternoon. (Q2 16:06)
Cameron converts from the top of the square after getting behind Rowe to mark a long Hopper ball on a fast break, good work at half forward by Bonar too. (Q2 21:06)
Tomlinson marks a de Boer high ball from the HFF to the corridor 20m out, way too tall for O’Brien, easy goal. (Q2 23:56)
Coniglio to Kelly for the next centre clearance, long ball to Cameron at the hotspot, goal. Good footy is simple footy. (Q2 25:07)
McKay takes another big pack mark near the hotspot but misses, disappointingly. (Q2 26:32)
Byrne sprints to CHF and shoots OOTF. Not quite Zach Tuohy areas just yet. (Q2 27:40)
Kelly runs free up the wing yet again, this time he hits Himmelberg in front of O’Shea 35m out on a slight angle, another GWS goal. (Q2 30:28)
Cameron roves a pack at the top of the square and snaps the goal a second or two before the HT siren. (Half Time)
Polson marks in front of a pack 35m out on the flank but his kick is short and doesn’t score. (Q3 0:33)
Petrevski-Seton strips Shaw in a tackle at the Blue hotspot, no free but Wright roves and tries to poke a pass to Lamb on his own but it bounces harmlessly for a point. (Q3 2:18)
Dow roves and snaps a nice goal from in front of a pack 35m out on a slight angle, after Pickett mows down Ward to win a HTB free on the wing to start an attack. (Q3 4:18)
Whitfield receives from Hopper and runs free up the guts to CHF for a snap, Greene shepherds it through in the square. (Q3 6:00)
de Boer wins a HTB free on Ed Curnow just outside the hotspot and converts with typical professionalism. (Q3 8:03)
Lobb marks in front of O’Shea deep in the pocket 25m out, he screws the set shot wide. (Q3 10:48)
Himmelberg gives to Ward who baulks away from O’Brien for a snap around the corner from the hotspot, but misses. (Q3 11:45)
Himmelberg feeds Tomlinson who steadies for a snap from 50m on a slight angle, the ball pitches in the square and Daniels volleys it home with exquisite timing! (Q3 15:34)
Bonar snaps his first senior goal under a tackle from a pack at the hotspot. (Q3 20:09)
Murphy passes across CHF to Wright 45m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q3 22:19)
Thomas snaps wide from a pack at half forward. (Q3 24:34)
Wright soccers a goal from a pack in the square. (Q3 28:53)
Hopper marks 45m out on a slight angle and hits the post after the 3QT siren. (Q3 30:34)
Himmelberg roves the Lobb centre clearance and gives to Daniels who scoots clear of Simpson to goal from the hotspot. (Q4 0:20)
Kelly passes to Himmelberg 30m out on the flank, he steers through another one for the Giants. (Q4 1:36)
Petrevski-Seton passes to Wright 35m out on the flank who converts. (Q4 7:16)
Coniglio sails through a snap from half forward to an empty square. No rotations, no worries. (Q4 8:51)
Bonar snaps another one from the HFF, it’s a bit of a procession. (Q4 9:51)
Himmelberg gives a Joe the Goose special to Tomlinson for another one. (Q4 13:19)
Marchbank leaves his man to challenge Daniels but fails to impact, Daniels gives to Himmelberg who feeds Cameron with another Joe the Goose special. (Q4 15:52)
Whitfield misses a long set shot from half forward. (Q4 23:07)
Coniglio runs free as a bird through half forward and chooses the short pass to de Boer at the hotspot for another goal. (Q4 25:06)

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