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Blog log from R20 of 2018: St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs, R20 of 2018

The Bulldogs win a free at the opening bounce and move long through the boot of Macrae. Roughead loses Carlisle on the lead and takes the grab. He misses the snap from the pocket. (Q1 1:42)
Bontempelli takes the mark within range after finding space on the transition. Marcus lines up the set shot from 40 on the flank, missing to the far side. (Q1 4:30)
Carlisle is caught by second gamer Greene and the decision is duly paid. Fergus kicks from 35 on the flank, but pulls his shot to the near side. (Q1 5:16)
Gresham dabs the pass to Hickey and the former Sun gathers on the bounce. He immediately sets sights on goal. Lonie leaves the ball, but it cannons into the post. Minor score. (Q1 6:33)
McLean is caught like a deer in headlights, Billings duly receiving the free kick for catching Toby unawares. Jack shoots from 40 on the flank, missing to the far side. (Q1 10:16)
Lonie kicks to the hot spot and numbers converge on the ball. Clark and Ross combine by hand and Seb hooks it truly. After review, the goal is confirmed. (Q1 11:01)
The Saints send the ball to the top of the square through Lonie. Newnes roves at ground level with Crozier trailing in behind. Jack duly hooks it through from close range! (Q1 14:01)
Ross and Armitage combine at half forward by hand. David surveys the options and finds Lonie on the lead. Kicking for his eighth of the season, Jack converts the banana from 25! (Q1 17:11)
Make that another for the rampant Saints! Lynch kicks it out of congestion directly into the path of the oncoming Membrey. Tim gathers and goals from 25! (Q1 20:01)
Johannisen gathers at half forward and moves it inside the arc to the unmarked Roughead. Jordan dabs further afield to Richards. Ed marks, 35 out, but is unable to convert truly. (Q1 23:31)
Sinclair is caught with ball in hand and his haphazard kick falls to Schache. Josh settles on the simple shot from 25, but incredibly hits the post. Another chance goes begging. (Q1 27:47)
Gresham paces to the drop zone and takes the grab ahead of the desperate trailing Daniel. Jade lines up from 40 on the slight angle and misses to the right hand side. (Q2 1:15)
Ross receives on the arc of fifty as the Saints go searching to extend their lead. Seb thumps it the distance and manages to split the middle for his second! (Q2 3:16)
Greene takes the lead up grab after Trengove darted the pass to the youngster. Having missed a shot from a similar range in the first term, Fergus makes no mistake this time! (Q2 4:47)
Morris is forced to turn the ball over by hand under tackle pressure. Acres gathers the loose pill and flicks wide to Lonie. Jack finishes with ease from 20 for his second! (Q2 8:02)
Lipinski runs hard into the attacking arc and takes the grab at full flight. Patrick dabs further afield to the better placed Jong. Lin shoots from 35 on the slight and goals! (Q2 15:17)
Make that two in a row for the Dogs! Pressure on Coffield forces the turnover and Johannisen gathers the loose pill. He flicks to the speeding Macrae, Jack finishing truly from 50! (Q2 17:47)
Add another for the boys from Footscray. Schache gathers at the hot spot, evades the traffic and hammers it through from close range! Terrific evasive skills from the youngster. (Q2 19:01)
Greene sends Wallis out the back and the race is on between Mitch and Webster. The Bulldog gathers and receives a free for in the back. He misses the set shot from 35 on the flank. (Q2 20:28)
Dunstan finds Billings out the back and Jack has an acre of space to run into. He settles on the dribble shot from 45, but sends his effort into the post. (Q2 21:34)
Ross gets to the drop zone of the Naughton hit out in trademark fashion.He spins on a dime and hammers through his third of the day, remarkably all three he has kicked this season! (Q2 24:59)
Daniel, Roughead and Hunter link by foot as Jordan finds Lachie in scoring range, 45 out from goal on the flank. Lachie marks and converts truly from the set shot! (Q2 26:49)
Johannisen bounds off the half back line and found Macrae by foot. Jack and Daniel link before Caleb chips to the unmarked Dickson. Tory nails the set shot from 40 on the flank! (Q2 29:14)
Freeman and Lipinski battle in the one on one and Nathan gifts the free for holding. Patrick shoots from 40 out, directly in front and sends the Bulldogs in front! (Q3 1:37)
The Saints launch long through Hickey to the isolated contest between Steven and Johannisen. Jack pushes off Jason and takes the mark. Incredibly, he misses from 15. (Q3 5:24)
Newnes darts the pass to the leading Ross and Seb takes the grab in scoring range. The midfielder come goalscorer lines up from 45 on the flank, missing to the far side. (Q3 8:25)
The Saints are forced into an error in defence and Richards is the first to pounce on the loose ball. Ed immediately sets sights for goal, missing to the right hand side from 40. (Q3 11:38)
Lipinski launches long to the hot spot. Bontempelli is the only man in the four strong pack not to fly. He gathers at ground level out the back and goals! (Q3 13:15)
Greene and Hunter combine on the wing before Lachie finds Lynch on the lead. The youngster spending a rare stint forward, kicks from 40 on the flank. He misses to the right. (Q3 17:25)
Carlisle makes the handball error in defence and the Bulldogs pounce. Wallis receives from McLean and streams toward goal. He settles on the shot and nails it from 45 on the flank! (Q3 18:37)
Johannisen and Bontempelli link up across the half forward flank after the Saints butcher another ball in defence. Marcus swings onto his left boot and goals from 45! (Q3 20:09)
Crozier darts the pass and finds Schache unopposed within the arc. The former Lion kicks from 30 on the flank and hammers home his second! (Q3 21:10)
Jong, McLean and Wallis link by hand as the Bulldogs press for another. Mitch runs his measure and loads up from 45. However, his shot is wayward, recording a minor score. (Q3 24:25)
Dunkley wins the pill in the cliches and dishes out wide to the eager Bontempelli. Marcus receives, swings onto his left boot and hammers it home for his third! (Q3 26:35)
Make that a fourth in the term for the rampant Bontempelli! Marcus pushes off Ross, runs to the drop zone and thumps it through from 25 off the left peg! (Q3 29:05)
The Dogs have three in a minute and a half, this time through the long Crozier bomb. Hayden was released by a handball chain down the wing, the former Docker finishing from 55! (Q3 30:10)
An odd goal occurs, and not just because it was scored by the besieged Saints. It appears to hit Geary on the back of the leg, and after a review it is deemed to be a boot to ball. (Q4 4:54)
The ball deflects off the boot of Naughton and Billings is the recipient of the on the full free. Jack lines up from deep in the pocket, missing to the near side. (Q4 8:22)
Roughead receives the free after being held by Newnes without the ball. Jordan lines up from close range on the slight angle, but miraculously manages to miss. (Q4 11:23)
Gresham gets out the back and bounds away. He strokes for home from a step inside the arc, but pulls the shot under chase pressure. (Q4 12:22)
Newnes is out the back after the Saints chain through the middle by hand, Billings eventually finding Jack by foot. Newnes settles unopposed and goals from 35! (Q4 19:40)
Greene drops his set shot short, allowing Schache to fly. Josh launches at the ball and pulls down a strong contested grab. The former Lion finishes truly from close range! (Q4 21:20)

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